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The New Look Weekly Review

Many productivity experts talk about the importance of a weekly review and I agree, I do one myself. But most of these reviews consist of looking at a long list of areas you may need to work on, or a “triggers list.” You take this list and run through it to make sure you don’t miss anything. 1,111 more words


Increasing Emotional Awareness

When I choose my word for the year to be Joy, I wanted to be happier every day. Transitions are hard, and I wanted to intentionally manage the roller coaster of feelings this huge change of entering retirement was creating in my life. 415 more words

Me vs Superme: tuning in to my beginner's mind

Despite an improbable diet of coffee and cake, she’s lean and strong and fit for anything. She makes great decisions; never procrastinates, and is always having perfectly fabulous adventures. 620 more words

Estate Planning 101 - Free Estate & Life Education for San Diego!

You don’t want to miss this FREE, NO SALES estate & life planning event full of education from the best San Diego professionals sponsored by KPBS, SDSU, Salvation Army, and Cal State San Marcos! 8 more words

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The One Skill New Grads Will Use Most

My English teacher told me in high school that I probably would not make a living at all as a poet, though pithy words on paper sprang like a primal spring  out of me. 476 more words


Feast or Famine

After 2 years into retirement, it seems like my weeks are either full of (self-chosen) activities or completely empty.  Full and happy, this-is-great weeks.  Or boring, am-I-failing-at-this-retirement-thing weeks.   445 more words

The iPhone Ellipsis of Death

I hate the iPhone ellipsis. You know what I’m talking about when your texting someone and they pause in the middle of their text and you see that silly ellipsis sitting there. 758 more words