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The game that made me want to pursue a career in game design

Every gamer has those games that make them go “wow..”; those games that stick with you, those that make you feel a bit lost when you’ve completed them, or leave you desperate for more. 778 more words

Life Planning

Comparing video games and music, and why I'm choosing a career in game design

So, before I get into what this blog is about, a little about myself.

Born and raised in a small city in the north of Wales/UK, I spent 18 years there, where there was little to do, so I took up video games. 575 more words

Life Planning

My journey from square one...

It’s such an important question when getting to know someone, to the point where it’s almost reflexive; ‘what do you do?’
People sometimes love to talk about their career, their projects in the office, their antics, anictdotes and the like.. 230 more words


How to set Goals you will ACTUALLY ACHIEVE

Goal setting: seems intimidating. Seems like a type-A personality only activity. Seems like it might be a waste of time.

If you are not open to making changes and seeing progress in your life, goal setting is not for you. 538 more words


What happens when.....

Just imagine this. One day you get a call and the caller is someone in the hospital or someone at your door is a police officer telling you that your loved one has suddenly passed away. 492 more words

Out Of Your Hand

Let me preface this with two scriptures.
Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV  “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 819 more words

Spirit, Soul & Body

Learning to Live

I have had a lot to learn about daily living as part of retirement transition.   I was a workaholic; my work defined my daily and weekly living. 468 more words