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One week into Summer vacation and I wonder what I'm doing with my life...

It’s that time again.

You know, that time when you go “WTH am I doing?”  One week into vacation and, well, at least all the reading for last semester is done (I finished the Art History readings earlier tonight), but it’s not quite the same without the community, and without assignments. 1,080 more words


What's Next............

So here we are, basically at the end of May, ready to roll into June.  In this second quarter of the year…..I ask myself, “What’s Next?”  Life has so many distractions, work, school, family, and even church!  224 more words


Do you have any core values, or anything that you stand for?

 One of the questions that I was asked in marketing class last night was about my core values.  In business core values can help a company to determine if it is on  the right path to fulfilling their goals.  178 more words


5.22.2015 ~ Life, Unexpected...

This weekend has come upon me like a rolling Missouri thunderstorm.

If you had told me a year ago, Memorial Day weekend, that I would be on my way to Africa right now, I would have told you, “You’re crazy!”  No, there’s no way that the girl, driving with her best friend in a Prius across the country, with nothing more than her car, her clothes, and a little bit of cash, could have even dreamed of this being possible. 321 more words

Curves 101

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck from the Professional Organizer

We love nothing more than working with clients to help them create the spaces they want to live in and/or have time to live their priorities.   274 more words


This Time It's Gotta Be Right

I always thought I should earn an advanced degree.
I always wanted to write.
I always wanted to travel extensively.
I should have majored in photography. 434 more words