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Life Morphs

A picture of a path isn’t a very original or creative illustration for an article about life planning. I’ve been guilty of being unoriginal in my life plan, but now I’m stretching my creative wings to plan a retirement that is anything but ordinary. 469 more words


The ABCs of Working Sesquiquadrate Aspects – Planning Life Moves

It may be tough to get a few goals going around the 20th but close to this date within 3 days either direction expect huge turnarounds in luck, fortune, and positive energy reserves. 1,057 more words


YOLO stages

Please note: this post will unfortunately not be of much value to buddhists (due to their belief in reincarnation) or cats (commonly known to possess 9 lives) 480 more words

This Is How I See It

Planning: Yes how?

Every morning when we wake up we plan. Whether it’s a conscious – what am I going to do for the day? Or a an unconscious – how do I get myself to work/school/next appointment. 800 more words

Daily Planning Skills

Filofax Friday Week 27!

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! (Well in a few days anyway!) This week’s spread looks quite a bit different than other spreads I’ve done, at least I think it does. 313 more words


Life Plans Are Challenging

Balance is an important element of life planning.  Perhaps understanding balance would make it a little easier to achieve success.

The word “Balance” has many meanings, but for the purpose of life planning two matter the most: 476 more words

Don Shaughnessy

The Top 10 Good Financial Goals That Everyone Should Have

Even if you love your job, creating multiple income streams is a form of income insurance. For that reason alone, it needs to be on your list of good financial goals. 112 more words

Life Happens