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Cart Before the Horse: Trying to Get My S*** Together

It can be difficult to keep following your plans when you meet negativity and adversity along the way. When it feels like you’re the only one that thinks your plan is a good idea, or only a few other people support you, and you are confronted with negativity; it can  652 more words


Newsletter 620 - Shaping Our Own Futures

This week I joined probably thousands of others in filling out a questionnaire as part of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Survey 2015. The survey is being distributed in 9 languages and you are invited to complete one of the questionnaires by going to… 355 more words


Quirky Momma's Easy 3 Step Goal Setting Guide - Step Two

It was Transformer week in our house because the 3-year-old is obsessed. Which means that I watched nothing but Transformers, every toy is a Transformer and half my container of baby wipes was used as nets to catch the Transformers. 561 more words


Probably, the aesthetics of the natural (or, more-natural) world did it...

I’m back!  :)

I was talking about this dilemma over dinner — the feeling that I could be doing more with my mind than I’m doing now, and than I will be doing if I turn out to be a Clerk for my main steady employment. 1,026 more words


Interest in biology piqued...?

Today was fun.  I’m glad that I didn’t shy away from going out.  (Yesterday, I wanted to bail on today’s plans, but ended up not doing so.)  I’ve found that I actually need some kind of stimulating mental activity or my mind’s processing capacity has nothing to work with.  654 more words


Quirky Momma's Easy 3 Step Goal Setting Guide - Step One

Ok, so something I think is important when setting out to accomplish something is knowing what you actually want to accomplish. If you have no direction, then things can go from great to gong show in a short period of time. 536 more words


thinking on a signature style...

Alright, so I’m getting a bit further into the beading, though I haven’t been able to work on my current project for a couple of days.  940 more words