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Change "I Should" to "I Will"

Change “I Should” to “I Will”

It’s time to talk about the “I should” strategy versus the “I will” strategy.(Take the I WANT challenge)

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Be Purposeful

As you set goals and decide to incorporate newer and better habits into your daily routine, it is important that you be purposeful. Questions to ask yourself what this new habit will give you or help you know, what this new habit might help prevent, and how this new habit will help you both short-term and long-term. 1,654 more words


Episode 5: Ashley Burdeshaw's Story: Disappointment

Ashley Burdeshaw shares her journey of frustration and disappointment as she has sought out her purpose in life and that is to fight human-trafficking. The path that Ashley has traveled looks nothing like the one she would have chosen for herself but as a result she has gained insight on how God operates in the middle of us planning out our lives. 16 more words


Who You Are and Who You Were CAN Be Different

Who You Are and Who You Were CAN Be Different

You are not being hypocritical for being different. You are a human becoming and sometimes that means you will change. 10 more words

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Proving That a Transfer Was Not Made in Order to Qualify for Medicaid

Medicaid law imposes a penalty period if you transferred assets within five years of applying, but what if the transfers had nothing to do with Medicaid? 430 more words

Estate Planning

Diagnosed with a debilitating disease? Next steps…

If you or a family member have recently been diagnosed with a debilitating disease like Alzheimer’s, now is the perfect time to start estate planning or update an existing plan. 389 more words

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