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The clouds have known earth and sky,
Rain to reach the grounded tree.
Many births witnessed and so many lives;
There, life draws illusion of parallels….
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The Cycle Of Life

morning comes bringing forth the bearing of eyes

miserable sight spares no thought to the blind

seems to be embraced only by the mad and wise… 280 more words

Is The Answer To The Reason Of Life To Break It


Miles and miles lay the road
And either side the stretch of land;
Cloudy sky raced along endlessly.

Sheep and horses graced oblivious while
The motorists aware of speed limits monitored; 248 more words



Weighed lives.
A few cycles of sun and moon.
Wind tickled nerves
And the dance,
A few tourists acknowledged;
Till the leaf sailed along
And fell on the way… 19 more words


Life is the toughest of all

People say love is the toughest of all

Don’t believe them, life is the toughest of all

More you see smiles, the more doubts arise… 121 more words


Chances Are.

We get all of these chances.

So many tries, so many triumphs, so many trials.

We make mistakes. Nope. No excuses, all of us do. 103 more words

Poetry Journal


Let your conviction rise… from my pink polished toes … to my knees… and up to my thighs.

I turn around, bend over, get a good look… over my shoulder at you reaching out. 231 more words

Poetry Journal