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There's A Cone

There Is A Cone Who Lost Himself

He lost his friends. He is far away from home.
No one picks him up. No one answers the phone. 234 more words

Life Poem

Things Aren't Lost

Life is a big machine that we’re all busy following it. We wake up, eat our breakfasts, go out, and explore the world. Sometimes, it is so tedious as we are kept in a loop. 228 more words

Life Poem

Self Identity: The Higher Self

More Than

A spirit
in bones and flesh
tendons and muscles.A complex network
of breathing cells
sinews and veins.
A vessel.Yet, I am more than… 1,049 more words

Reflection On Language

Words of Wisdom 2017

Void Wisdom

This age of knowledge

in Earth’s twilight lacks wisdom.

This age of knowledge taken soullessly

void of responsibility lacks wisdom.

Like harlots, knowledge lie wasted… 1,504 more words

Reflection On Language

We may not be delighted with whatever we achieve today..

or may not be delighted with whatever we have…

considering it as the most optimum thing we can have…

132 more words

Darkness is Everywhere... Let There Be Light, God is Light, Life, Goodness and Love.

In the Stillness of the Night


July 2017

In the Stillness

In the stillness of the night Light ceases

In the still night darkness wakes… 1,445 more words

Reflection On Language

Kingdom Verses

God Talk


Prayerful Inspirational Poetic


I Must Tell Him

Melva P. Davids

July 2017


Taking God off the pages of Holy Books and putting him in our hearts, thoughts and actions in these perilous times through songs, social media, poems, reflections, video logs and blogs present plethora of ways to seek and rest in God’s presence in 2017 and onwards. 4,964 more words

Reflection On Language