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Rumi Monday -- Special May Edition, Poetry Lovers!

Spring is how the soul renews and refreshes
itself, fields damp and sprouting. Roses

glowing, birds learning to talk. Morning
wind animating everything: cypress to iris, 297 more words



The string snapped;

Beads scattered

And rolled around.

The released tension,


A humble string,


And a single bead,


Before I could hold… 17 more words

View Point

The last night

Probably it was the last night,
when stars were in sight.
the moon was full,
And did shine bright.

Since then begun a tale of fright, 60 more words

Life Poems

The height of surprise


p style=”text-align:center;”>Its the height,
What a hurting plight.
Though born to live,
But just merely survive.

To say its life,
But owner possess no rights. 46 more words

Life Poems

Everlasting craving to write


p style=”text-align:center;”>There will be an evermore craving to write,
Cause life will never transform its addiction to cast surprise,
I have attained a prolonged quest in disguise, 102 more words

Life Poems

Trifling hopes


p style=”text-align:center;”>In trifling hopes of bright tomorrows,
Accomplished life spans.
On the paths some wide and narrow,
goodness lost its chance.

In the whoops of joys shallow, 37 more words

Life Poems

Haiku Friday! Yup, a special edition!

As May commences, we can still celebrate the wonder and joy of poetry. With…Haiku Friday! Today, we present some of our favorites from the inimitable Issa, master of the miniature and the overlooked. 78 more words