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Everything has to be just right.
No miss guided step towards end
No stopping until it meets you qualifications.

You work until yours hands are sore… 71 more words

Current Poetry

Wind Life

When life is as short as a breath in the wind,

And your days float by like a breeze,

Is it easier just to give into the pull? 62 more words

Caroline Reinhart

The Raccoon Keeps Returning

The raccoon keeps returning
to rummage garage bins.
A truck comes takes garage away.

More always arrive shortly after:
tossing boxes and bags over
he looks for leftovers we discard. 55 more words

Current Poetry

Stay Near Me

Stay near me do not depart
I need your company for a start
My days are short yours are long
For you my dear are very young… 43 more words

Current Poetry

Paper Boat

The day I fly,

I fly the wind,

I wind the way and

I way the life –

The life of adventure;

Adventure momentary – 63 more words


Window Dressing

Window Dressing


They spent days preparing the windows,

taking pains with the panes,

arranging the shrubs and skyline just so,

that the ivy might rustle… 60 more words


The Things in My Heart

I have a thousand things I want to ask

Whenever I look at you,

Whenever we talk,

Whenever I feel like I can relax

With you. 216 more words