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Who knew

Him and I had 16 cheese sticks
before shopping.
Four days before Christmas.

He bought his fiancé diamond earrings,
his son a remote control car, 183 more words


I never thought...

I’d live past the age eighteen,
Due to an irrational fear of driving.
I now drive every day,
I’m 22 years young.

I’d love to read again… 153 more words


THE POET: Struggles of life


Struggles are part and parcel of the lives of all races, creeds, peoples and individuals . It comes in the form of challenges, trials, tribulations, hardships, oppression, victimization, prejudice and I am sure you could put in additional forms of struggles both personal and general. 972 more words

Dandelions sway for a reason

There’s something in wind that tells me it’s okay

As it made the dandelions’ fields dance and sway

That even beneath the storms, comes a weather break… 69 more words



Rising up early

To the slow spread –

Colours undefined;

A single ball of miracle.

Even the birds fade away….

Copyright (c) 2016, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


THE POET: Slice of life

Slice of life

Many a times we spend so much time worrying about life, we do not have the time to live it. Much time is also spent preparing for tomorrow and today passes us by, unnoticed. 1,052 more words

Into the wilderness

The storm shook apart
The thunder struck hard
I knew I was heading
Into the wilderness

The smell was burnt
The smoke was up
I knew I was heading… 99 more words