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Sixth Sense

When we old girl friends meet, separated by space, miles and time,
We sense our demons and our gods, just by one gaze sublime…

The battles we’ve fought alone and won, and the wars we’ve intentionally lost, 139 more words


The Beautiful Poem

Now I know no ones life os smoothie smoothie. Every where we will face issues. Its upto you whether need to overcome or not. We shoud be the author of our life poem. 23 more words

Weird Writings


She brushed the dust off

their portrait from 1987.

Side by side they stood

smiling on their wedding day.

They brought three children

into the world wrapped in care. 40 more words


Water dew

Dew on a white noon with shining light.

The sky so foggy.

Dry leaves getting green.

Buildings, roads and cars,

all appear so wetly.

With Sun not giving a glimpse, 196 more words


What Do We Write Upon the Soul of Others? a poem

Do you bother
to ask yourself
what you write upon
the soul of others,
or is it just another day
at the office
another moment quickly spent… 69 more words


(just) ascloseasthis

squeeze in tight
and fight the urge
to hustle-bustle
on outta here. hold
my hand, my heart,
my time. stay.sigh.

Prompted by Poetic Asides

Poetic Asides Poems


In the face of death the old ones speak,

like a young poet beneath the tree

where memories echo in the wind.

Each bargaining death for more time, 52 more words