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The Sun Sets

The rising sun always sets,
Only those take birth are dead,
Those we pray only deny,
And whosoever loves, cry.

For just falling we climbed at, 62 more words

Life Poems

Silver Joy

I let my thoughts

loose to the winds.

They brought

word back.

You were gone.

Sailing with gulls

on the early tide.

Author’s Notes: I thought of calling this piece ‘Silver Joy’. 30 more words

Life Poems

Like A Ray Of Light

Just like a speckled ray of light, Life too has a sparkled site.
Besides the force it has to fright,
In the seasons of dark stormy nights. 59 more words

Life Poems

I've Come So Far

I’ve come so far ,
So deep so lone by heart,
Where voices don’t reach,
And reaches no ray or spark.

Here smile plays no part, 40 more words

Life Poems

When My Life Gets Crazy

When my world gets crazy and I just can’t cope,
I throw my arms around me and give me hope,
One day the life will be bright and rain of love will pour, 77 more words

Life Poems

This Life Made Me Wise

I sometimes not understand,
how to describe,
how to reveal,
the miseries deep I hide.

I once thought world is swayed by love,
And childishly kept self disguised, 82 more words

Life Poems

Walk with us

The road we travel is often unpredictable,
Sometimes it is very smooth,
Sometimes it is full of pot holes,
Always in the search,
A yearning for love deep inside us, 28 more words