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Before the moment of death
the memories escape
shattering the life I had.

I rejoice each moment of triumph
as I whisper away
my life’s story. 30 more words


poet's corner: youth and calm by Matthew Arnold (english poet,cuitural critic 1882-1888)

‘Tis death! and peace, indeed, is here,

And ease from shame, and rest from fear.

There’s nothing can dismarble now

The smoothness of that limpid brow. 157 more words

Love Questions

Do you see me in your future

Or would I be left in your past?

Would we crumble at the sight of hardship

Or would we make this love thing last? 27 more words


Grad. School

New clothes
drape the same body.

This year will be different.

Old professors,
New classes,
same people.

Here we gather to gain
knowledge for our future. 12 more words

Life Poems


Sink or swim is what it’s down to

Already in the pond so if you swim what do you swim to?

Maybe to the empty hands that you think is waiting for you… 88 more words



The apple tree and me.

The two of us:

me, beneath the tree but not in the shade;

the tree, beneath the sun but not in the light. 70 more words


is the end important

The control of the self

Is a mastery of science

To flay is normal

To sit straight requires strength

And in your presence I flay… 110 more words

Joti Heir