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Come my way in my dream,

Come my way in my dream,
And let me show you the way,
How I do what I do,
Because I feel good about it all, 67 more words


Break Free

Dark forests deep at every turn
Surrounded pressed in like a box
I lay in center trying break free.
Wall of pine needles prick me… 47 more words

Current Poetry

Memories, Not enough!

I cannot paint you my love
What colors would I begin and end with?
What hue would do you justice, truly there is none to compare… 165 more words


The Morning Drive

Every morning my father would drive me to school.

The sun would leak in through the glass panels of our metal confinements-

As a sheet of silence blanketed the air around us… 238 more words

To catch the fish of success

Before I start, let me remind you,

This work demands patience coming from you.

You’re more likely to lose hope and give up,

but remember the reason why you came that far. 154 more words




I enter and inhale the shadows

coated with the invading dust

of everslow construction.


Amidst the swirling haze

lingering about my tennis shoes

I see a half-buried can of coke… 106 more words



Not much to say

Nor a look

Just silence.

Mind unconvinced

Empathy shared

Just silence.

A loss irreplaceable

For the soul-mate

Just silence.

I hear her speak… 7 more words

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