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My Journey

Now that I let the words out of the cage
Let them flow freely on this page
The sun is setting
And it’s getting dark… 336 more words


Petals shed from the vase
Layer of bright and grey.
Fresh jasmine garlands on the deity
Perfumed the pale and stale.
A whiff of hot coffee lingered in the air. 20 more words


Beyond a Star

If I can soar beyond a star
and find my way into your dreams,
indeed then bright they surely are;
as often good a man is mean. 26 more words


And Death

Should it be given dominion on the Earth?
Has death not taken freely what it wants
All people and animals come into it grasp.
Light fades from their eyes as death takes them… 104 more words

Current Poetry

Steal A Few Moments...

I wish I could steal a few moments from lifeā€¦

Never having seen a delicate life so close to hold;

Green, fresh as the rain washed leaf; 76 more words


Low Life

I reached into my side pocket to spare a couple dimes;
an habitual reflex I’d unleash a hundred times.
While in a rush, without a thought, refused to understand, 680 more words