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diamond dust : blessings in the air

if ever i saw

blessings in the air

i see it now in this

still early day,

where lemon-green

the vaporous

morning drips

wet sunlight on… 13 more words

Who am I

Who am I
I am the sun that rises and sets
Who am I
I am the moon and the river and the wind that blows through your hair… 116 more words

A Thought...


Matchsticks scattered around

At an untimely moment,

 Having spilled out

Off the carelessly opened box.

Fingers plied aimlessly

Gathering into a pile

The little wood with coloured head… 26 more words

Life Poems

I Wish I Could...

I wish I could make the world
A better place for you to live;
Another home for you to shine
Where joys abound and sorrows cease. 114 more words

Children's Poem

Ghost echo

You are:




real unreal.

Dusk and

full shadow,

seen unseen.

A suddenly



The ghost


my head.

#until when tutaimba the same song

Nakaa chini natry kukachora
Najaribu kuwaza Na kuwazua
Ni which language ntatumia
Ndo atleast mse anielewe
Until wen tutaimba the same song
Ndo atleast tuchange society yetu… 181 more words