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Ghost echo

You are:




real unreal.

Dusk and

full shadow,

seen unseen.

A suddenly



The ghost


my head.

#until when tutaimba the same song

Nakaa chini natry kukachora
Najaribu kuwaza Na kuwazua
Ni which language ntatumia
Ndo atleast mse anielewe
Until wen tutaimba the same song
Ndo atleast tuchange society yetu… 181 more words


At odds

Feeling like I just became someone else
Stuck in limbo; at odds with me and myself
This feelings overtaking me and who I am… 156 more words

Strong Poems

Worlds apart

When the words are consumed by the silence and we choke on the voices in our throats,
Swallowing our questions and fears, but deep down inside the truth we see and know; 145 more words

Emotional Poems

Slowly becoming

Gracefully fallen here as I am

Fallen from grace with no defense

Unguarded with no shield to protect

I’m left unguided with no map to direct… 96 more words

Love Poetry

At Last

I found at last the peacefully sleep
From many years of travel and wandering
Abroad the world I have found fulfillment
Instead of a life living shackled to a home… 62 more words

Current Poetry

The Hermit

With parched lips,and tired eyes,
He looks from his window.
Petrichor fills his soul,the sound of rain,
Took him to memories,where he was not him of today. 310 more words