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Grown up Vs Being a kid

It felt nice being a kid

No responsibility

No big worries

No relationships

No hatred

Life was just life

Full of love

Full of kindness… 334 more words


Painted With Words | Poetry Inspired

Some people say, pictures are worth a thousand words
But that’s not totally correct, depending on which ones you’ve heard
What’s a memory, without description… 47 more words


Silence Says No Words

Silence says no words
Sound is mute to nothing
No rustling noises to be heard
Only silence sounds out
Sweet, unnerving for one
To soak it up; 11 more words

Current Poetry

suspended animation

one click to pause.
every blink, every breath,
every thought, every moment.

one click to pause.
the smile that knows joy unbound,
the breath so fresh and free. 39 more words


Rabbits and Wolves

The rabbits leap after success
Compiling all their energy and letting it out
Firing it off in one burst, one desperate press
Seeing success as the room at the top, penthouse… 497 more words



I think a lot but I don’t say too much

Feel a lot and don’t express enough

Don’t sleep a lot I know that’s not good… 39 more words



We rise and fall like waves.

Waves we thought would be here forever can crash at any moment.

So can you.

So cherish this wavey life while it rolls. 7 more words