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It was not a day to get sentimental
Yet they rushed in, like any other day
What can you do in such moments?
Well, it’s always better to go with it… 72 more words


Annoyed But Flattered

Why is it everything I read reminds me of you?

Reading this love poem and it’s something you would do

Looking deep into my eyes with such curiosity… 116 more words

Life Poems


What do I call as mine

Of love and life?

And realise the moments

Of infinite love and finite life.

Copyright © 2016, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


Never Consistent

I’m never consistent

Although I start out that way

I never end that way

Always doing something else

Nothing like the other day

I’m my biggest persuader… 80 more words

Life Poems

Tell Me How You Feel

Tell me how you feel

Are you for real?

You always play games

So it’s hard to tell.


Life Poems

Loving You Is Easy

Loving you

Is oh so easy

I couldn’t help but fall

I have no balance at all

Even though i’m short

You make me feel as though i’m tall… 42 more words

Life Poems

If Only You Knew

If only you knew

That I like you too

And that I write

Crazy love poems about you.

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Life Poems