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Before he tells a lie

Smothering kisses

little orange candle lights

I awake

right before he tells a lie.

Comment Prompt:What causes us to ignore visible signs of lies and deceit? 9 more words

Life Poems

The wait

How long will it be before nightfall
so you and I can gather
around fire’s boom
watching bottom lit flies
and listening to cold winds… 39 more words

Life Poems

The woman you made of me

Stay where you are
Oh please stay where you are
I can’t—I cannot relive
the twenty fourth grim year

This black shadow
—the one you cast, it’s dark… 36 more words

Life Poems

New Beginnings

Go on

and say goodbye

Sometimes tall

bricks walls

only become

the beginning

of fascinating

new plots.

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Life Poems

Dreams and Mistakes

Sometimes I wonder, just where I am
How did I end up here?
I thought my eyes, open, along the way,
As I journeyed through more, than the half of my years… 182 more words


Me Myself & I

They say I’ve become fearless but they know not the basis why,
May be cause when miseries downpour I don’t cry.
If men feel its audacious I urge they must not try, 100 more words

Life Poems

RIP by Suli Breaks

To all the victims of the gun crime and the knife crime,
To them I say R.I.P.
But when I say R.I.P.
I dont just mean rest in peace, 180 more words

Life Poems