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Darken Street At Night

Darken street at night beckons me to join
I slip out hidden under their dark cloak
No one can see me under the veil of night… 51 more words

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​What If I'm Lame?

What if I’m lame?

What would you call my name?

Will you still treat me the same?

Even with all the shame
What if I’m lame? 107 more words

One Micaiah

All Three

All Three


He’s parleying at the ice cream parlor.

A truth, a truce, a tune.

She’s sidling down the silo steps.

A might, a night, a June. 29 more words


princess and frog

If you want a prince
Kiss a slimy frog like this
The story book said



The blank spaces

spoke louder than

the written words.

With each pause,

a tear was shed.

With each smear,

a life trembled.

The words yearned… 7 more words




When heartbeats

cease to make


when eyes turn to


when hands

only count

as abaci,

and when minds act

as balances

weighing heavy things… 95 more words


With Just Their Eyes

They make fun with just their eyes
No words do they speak
As they walk down the hallway.
Silence, to make one uncomfortable
No words, just the eyes taunt… 28 more words

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