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Dear Child

There’s no guarantee
that you’ll succeed.
But the mountains
will keep growing.
Don’t give up
failing is apart of life.

Sometimes you’ll scrape your knee, 135 more words


Has It...

Has it become a ritual

Of wishes, and blessings

On festive and date of birth?

A call away

Of little something,

More rejoinders, wished?

Life a way to each – 19 more words


Faded, In a Way...

She painted her nails in a shade of red,

Trusting the powers of colour;

And faded her pains to a new-found joy,

When minutes paused in a way…. 40 more words


Waiting By Phone

I wait by phone
Even though I won’t receive a call
No one is around to dial
They are out busily going through their life… 41 more words

Current Poetry

Oak Tree

Here we are gathered
in one giant oak tree.
I can’t see who you
are at the top.

I glance round,
recognizing faces
smiling down at me. 46 more words


What If

I’m always thinking ahead of time

Lots of things on my mind

When will I do this

When will I do that

What if I do this… 171 more words

Life Poems