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Bliss in Blue

Ignorance is bliss, some say

Open your Eyes if you may

Reality bites, sometimes really hard,

Unexpectedly giving out the red card.

You hurt, you bleed, you  disbelieve… 70 more words


I Refuse...

I refuse to be fed…
On tribal soups of jeers….. spiced with bitter herbs of sneers….
I refuse!

I refuse to be seduced…
By black lights of ethnic casinos…dancing to sarcastic songs of innuendos… 268 more words


Where Is Dawn?

Once tickled as a naturalist holding a crustacean…
Now paralyzed as twigs in ruins of Caesarean!
…Just where is dawn ?!

Once sneering at the Sea as stone buildings in Jerusalem… 152 more words


Who Would Tell?

Born deaf to pleading voices of reason…
Virtues roasted in sooty smokes each season…
Rusty pride and arrogance of deadbeat dads…
Swallowed by illusions coated as erotic ads… 140 more words



all the worst things are

right there inside you, you are

made of water and oil

Layers of Reality

The infinite sky stretching above

Might just be the lid of a box, a glove

Containing life in its layers of reality.

I try to remove, but the layers are many. 78 more words


Poem: Understand

The sun set over her head,

she looked to the sky

and wondered if there was

any other people on

planets beyond,

she looked at the people… 88 more words