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Her Ruby Pendant

Her ruby pendant was a celebration

Of loved and lost lives of the unknown hands

That had exchanged it, wonder how many times,

In a quest of money over relations. 164 more words


She Went Out Into Her Sleep

She went out in her sleep.
Eye lids closed forever.
Her head tilted in peaceful way.
Bandana of turkeys hung around her neck.
Her purple hardness a top her, 112 more words

Current Poetry

Kya Tujhe Mai Bata Du?

Sochta hu jo dil me hai,
Aaj usshe panno pe utar du.
Kya tujhe mai bata du?

Yeh dil mera ek khuli kitab hai,
Tu nhi toh kya isska hissab hai? 63 more words


Going To Shelter

I walk down aisles

Barking is ever where

Some eyes look out sad

I look at each cage

Hoping one would be the one

I jot down cage numbers… 116 more words

Current Poetry

What To Do Now That You're Gone

What to do now that you’re gone?
You gave me support by being here.
Your fur as I petted; comforted me when I was down. 65 more words

Current Poetry

Re-posting For A Sad Day For Me

Today is a sad day. My dog, Chelsey, who is the one to inspire me to write poetry and was my best friend has passed over the doggie rainbow bridge. 169 more words

Current Poetry

I'm Still Learning

I’ve learnt that you can be the kindest most decent person ever and still get trampled, still get used, abused and mishandled.

I’ve learnt that the worst pity is self-pity, not saying you can’t feel bad for yourself but staying down so long you’ve placed your life on a shelf. 157 more words