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Their she stood

No words left to grasp.

As she said farewell,
to the unexpected.

Time moves forward,
as the wound heals.

Bare with me folks, as I begin my road to recovery.



Not every answer can be found at home

Some lessons may hurt you but they’ll also help you grow

Wanting to find your place, your time will soon come… 99 more words


Flamboyant Minds

As a righteous man,

you dare to dwell this land.

Castle’s built from sand.

People feed on rants.

But they yearn for a rescue. But rescue might come later. 148 more words


Feather Falling From Sky

Falling from the sky as light as can be
I see white feather hovering in breeze.
Falling silently; gently down from sky
Hovering it is not; glides back and forth, 102 more words

Current Poetry

You Don’t Understand

You don’t understand oppression if the only jokes made about your people are about how bland your food is.

You don’t understand oppression until you’ve been told, “you’re really pretty for a . 216 more words

Life Poems

Dreams Disappear Only To Come Back Later

Dreams disappear in cloud of smoke
Particles only remain in dust
Of lost dreams that are gone
Never to come true they have parted the mind… 20 more words

Current Poetry