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The "happy" hue

Yellow is never a happy color,
At least for me it is not.
It looks too pretentious
As if it’s trying so hard not to be blue. 72 more words

Bedtime Reads


“My greens turn yellow

As some of my family

We fall and get carried away

somewhere in the garden

We are there…”

Tenacious little petiole… 52 more words


Paper Boat

The day I fly,

I fly the wind,

I wind the way and

I way the life –

The life of adventure;

Adventure momentary – 66 more words


Assumption of Fear

Everyone does it all the time

I am no different, also my crime.

I make assumptions,

About you, about your life,

About them, about their strife, 104 more words


Poems & Narcissism

Poets and poetry, self and soliloquy,

All about feelings, solid or willowy.

A great deal of delight and exhilaration

Can built only a tower of verse, in comparision… 117 more words


Thinning Things

Things thinning in my life,

Their number used to be rife,

My broken toys and my moan,

My sweet tooth and gluttony,

My fear of the new and unknown, 83 more words


Poem #34 - Something More

Do you wish for something more?
Departed from those
You live to abhor

Do you ask yourself why?
You are cut adrift
Without no rope to hold… 61 more words