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Your agony, not mine

Yet, I bleed without pain;

Your grief, not mine

Yet, I cry without reason.

Tears run unushered,

I don’t know them… 30 more words


Home Away

The many mortals who

leave home, forever,

away from home,

hope and despair.

Sun and moon

rise, shine and set

habitually, away from home

Even if it’s lone soul struggle.

Copyright © 2017, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


Little One

Little one, your life has just begun

And though the world can be cold

Let your light warm the life of someone

Don’t let your heart be hardened by what may you see… 49 more words


Triptych for a Rainy Day

I. Morning

Rewind the grey dots on the pavement.
Drop them up into the sky,
Higher, higher to their pinprick
pockets in the clouds.

Pockets where, for a brief moment, 227 more words


A Puppet On Strings

Push and pull of strings within
Direction seems to disappear
No one clear way to cut the cords
Which attach around me in all ways… 14 more words

Current Poetry


Before the moment of death
the memories escape
shattering the life I had.

I rejoice each moment of triumph
as I whisper away
my life’s story. 30 more words


poet's corner: youth and calm by Matthew Arnold (english poet,cuitural critic 1882-1888)

‘Tis death! and peace, indeed, is here,

And ease from shame, and rest from fear.

There’s nothing can dismarble now

The smoothness of that limpid brow. 157 more words