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when life goes blue

If hell was true ,
on flowers spread hue,
If life goes blue,
lose dreams lost view,
skies would throw tears ,
instead of dew.

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crummy life

Wishes were so many ,
fulfilled not any,
filled heart with sadness,
Life forever crummy !!

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you are my smile


If you are my tear, you are my smile too!

If you kill me cruel,

you make me revive too!

If you throw me in deep down… 19 more words

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A journey on fire

My life is a journey on fire,
i had to crush under feet each desire,
hopes lied to me and i became a liar,
strange is this journey like running on a wire, 10 more words

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Ode to My Suit

Every morning you wait
on a chair, suit,
for my vanity, my love,
my hope, my body
to fill you.
I have hardly
emerged from sleep, 226 more words


world is mysterious

World is mysterious,

though tragidies of human life are serious.

Life given by god was free,

so were we people and so were the trees. 64 more words

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Darkness of a heart

No light has such spark,

That can remove darkness of a heart !!

No view is so bright ,

That can substitute a lover’s sight !!

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