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No Ways To Smile

Dont tell me any ways to smile

i’ve seen every path of life,

i hate it, just hate i wish it to stay out of my sight, … 24 more words

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Hopes In An Eye

Of all the hopes those shine in an eye,
and all the dreams of sights those cross by,
Of all the glittering drops those block our view of sky, 87 more words

Life Poems


Its not that we get
all we desire,
life is tough ,
and we’re the umpire.
what storm is life,
or a journey on fire, 9 more words

Life Poems

When I Look Back

And now when I look back,
I see that darkest path,
I smile at myself ,
Though want to laugh hard !!
how foolish can be hopes, 63 more words

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Little Stars

To all those little stars,
Shining who forget,
and sparkling gloomy drops,
In the eyes turning red !!!!
To each ray of sun ,
That burns the earth’s chest, 46 more words

Life Poems

Some Questions

I’ve some questions to raise,
To whole human race,
Which is believed to be great,
Though more than half are fake !!

I want to know why human are born hypocrites? 90 more words

Life Poems

Lets move to heights

Lets move to heights,
Dominate our every fright.
Lets try to touch the skies,
And prove we are alive.

Lets leave our beliefs besides,
Discover self delight, 54 more words

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