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my graduation speech

i think in spanish
i write in english

i want to go back to puerto rico,
but i wonder if my kink could live
in ponce, mayagüez and carolina… 128 more words



The pain lies too deep and yet so visceral,

Like the words so cold yet so loud;

The fears too shallow and yet so perennial, 74 more words

Life Poems


Inundated with compliments

Conducive to sporadic appearance

Images enshrined….

Beauty or life, a situation

Judging not the existence

I leave out the last line….

Copyright (c) 2016, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


Our Life's Gain

Life is beautiful but its fragility is real,

Only God knows our beginnings and ends,

And every breath is stamped with His love seal,

How long do we have, it depends.. 35 more words


Cutting Greens

curling them around

i hold their bodies in obscene embrace

thinking of everything but kinship.

collards and kale

strain against each strange other

away from my kissmaking hand and… 50 more words


Spring Equinox Full Moon

I breathe to you
love in the south of the many
months of spring
hibiscus in dark hair water
at the source
shadows glistening to hips… 150 more words


Night in Nigeria

Women of Nigeria,

Help me. It is night

And my love comes.

Quickly, bring bowls of bitter wine

Bring yam and pepper soup

Bring oil and strings of beads to tie around my waist… 112 more words