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Super Nova

And out of the dense concentrations of her face, from that which he thought were her eyes, came a light so bright it must have been from the most radiant stars in the midnight sky. 62 more words

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Close Your Eyes

You do not need to see all of these bad things… all of the hurt in this world.

Do not watch the sadness unfold, forget the negative, be absent from the nightmarish scenes. 58 more words

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Not Dreaming, Not Awake.

I was not asleep but I could not have been awake.

I dragged my feet in a field of wet grass that stretched as far as the eye could see. 76 more words

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Here's Looking at You...

Such a broad view from the common mindset to you.

My preference is your presence and frame of reference.

My only overview is anything that is you. 178 more words

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I Know That I Must Fade

         As each day dissolves into the past, I see my mortality present itself more clearly.  Like every autumn leaf that crumbles to the barren soil, I too must be taken within the brisk winds of this earth and fall into that ever looming eternal slumber.   148 more words




Carry the world, Atlas.

Carry the world.

Jude was warned not to take it,

Hey Jude?

Michael offered to carry it upon his shoulders, 35 more words


In a world


A world full of illusion and uncertainty,

A world full of despair and swiftness,

A world full of hypocrisy and criticism,

A world full of hate and judgment, 64 more words