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She’s been seeing him every other night
And now it’s becoming an addiction
Every time she promises herself it’s the last time she’s doing this… 564 more words


On Road To Nowhere

I travel the road to nowhere
No destination in my sight
Open fields to rocky slopes
I travel to where I do not know
I let my inner beacon guide me… 16 more words

Current Poetry

poet's corner: Ah! Yet consider it again! by Arthur Hugh Clough (english poet,educationalist 1819-1861)

Old things need not be therefore true,

O brother men, nor yet the new,

Ah! still awhile the old thought retain,

And yet consider it again! 86 more words

It is a sad thing to see-
Fast walkers take little steps,

Time-conscious people purposefully delay,

Easily lost ones wander,

Quiet souls plunge into loud sounds & sharp lights… 26 more words


Call Center

Ring, Ring, Ring
for three hours
that’s what I hear.

Others murmur about their days,
or gossip about one another
while they wait for a ‘Hello.’ 28 more words



My focus is at the peak of a mountain,
of which I cannot see
I can only imagine what it’s like.

As I climb upwards, 65 more words



Perched on the mirror that reflected lives

Through its many journeys undertaken,

Sparrow chirped to its companion

In their world where I was non-existent.

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