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Pain Yet Life

I wrote this poem over six months ago, and then came across it again after I had almost forgotten it even existed. As I read my own words I found it hard to believe I wrote this, as it almost felt that someone else was speaking to me. 145 more words


I grab the cloud

that has taken many a passion

void of silver that should be pulsing through its veins.

With a touch I give it its life back… 65 more words


A Long-shot

Sipping on her latte on a bench

he’s been waiting a long while.

It had been 9th grade since he last saw her smile.

He’s come a long way since then, 80 more words


Simple Times Gone

Where have the simple times gone;
The walking through dust cover dirt roads
Where skies are clear of smog
And only noise are animals and birds singing their song… 34 more words

Current Poetry

What Will You Write Poet

What will you write poet?
I write with weaving lines that alternate between rhythms;
With measured beats that will cascade to order cadence
Like drums upon a long ago battlefield, 215 more words

Current Poetry

You Are Silent

You are silent

As you slip away from my grasp.

Your frame shrinks before my eyes.

I am helpless as I watch.

You don’t tell me what is wrong. 28 more words

Current Poetry

Teary eyes

I pass by the streets of Nairobi
Its around 1830hrs
A little bit dark
Its been raining a lot offlate
Then its rash hour
A lot of people in the streets… 267 more words