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Unknown Woman

I met her eyes that said nothing.

Waving the withered piece of cloth

A seeker, she managed to find in me.

Her gaze still fixed… 53 more words

View Point


Loving life in myriad colours,

Healing unconditionally…

Life when in doldrums

Serves the unanswered –

Mediate with whom?

Soul or life?

Yet, manipulate not

Birth and death the unanswered…. 15 more words


Down The Road

What’s down the road distant in my dim eyes
Foliage curled and snake like a closed door
Guard an unknown entrance of uncertainty
In front I hear it beckons my name… 21 more words

Current Poetry


I want to laugh out loud freely without the world judging me

To walk about thinking thoughts freely

Allow me to be free and be me! 42 more words


Sitting on the Couch with Friends

Sitting on the Couch with Friends


What is to stop me

from planting my feet

on the wall and walking

straight into the sky?

I can walk from the couch… 107 more words



Everything has to be just right.
No miss guided step towards end
No stopping until it meets you qualifications.

You work until yours hands are sore… 71 more words

Current Poetry

Wind Life

When life is as short as a breath in the wind,

And your days float by like a breeze,

Is it easier just to give into the pull? 62 more words

Caroline Reinhart