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Remember Me

Will you remember me when I leave you
For I will leave you for some distant place
Far off I will be gone in outer space… 87 more words

Current Poetry


Sometimes, said

Not for the ears;

Responds still.

The kitten followed me home.


Copyright © 2016, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar

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Life Happens

Out of the blue

One finds unexpected colours

Wavering lengths of flashing pigments

Awaiting their place in the sky

I speak the truth

Such things do exist… 74 more words


Whose was it…

Travelling with a pair of shoes –

A pristine white canvas;

Relentless climbs

And lone journey on rugged path.

Just when someone mentioned her – 65 more words

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Shed myself into the moment

My wax melted and froze

I glowed in my own light

Luminous radiance filled around;

The life I lived some time ago… 38 more words


Am I?

Attuned to Nature

I metamorphosed

And my Self morphed

Differently to situations

Dressed to occasion

A fashion parade –

I equate life.

Critics and verdicts… 22 more words

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Hard To Say Goodbye

Its hard to say goodbye
You leave a peace of your soul in a moment of time
Never to be whole again
A little more cracked… 27 more words