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I was going to wait it out for a month and see if the views went away. They didn’t. I’m a little pissed about it. I wont lie. 233 more words

Life Problems

Sinking of the soul

The first jump can be exhilarating. Plunging into the unknown and shocking your soul awake so that we can be open to experiencing something new. Life is full of diving boards that wobble and shake as we move closer towards the edge, peering down into the deep murky waters below. 406 more words


acne antics

hi everyone!

i need to complain about something right now. this is practically one of the MOST terrifying and fastest spreading plagues in the world right now. 178 more words

What a week!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well.  I/we have had a crazy week here in the wilds, thus the delayed posting this week.  I started writing on Friday and evidently while I was waiting for a few pictures to go from my phone to my computer, I got sidetracked.  449 more words


10 Simple Ways to Overcome Stress

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10 simple ways to overcome stress

1. One thing at a time. This is the simplest and best way to start reducing your stress, and you can start today. 692 more words

Best Article

The most dramatic excuse for wanting to watch Netflix while you should be doing something important other then watching Netflix

There is a collapse of free loaders, and this isn’t a joke.

Mainly the people who are isolated in work/school daydream and have a tendency to keep to them selves. 303 more words

At A Disadvantage

I feel like I’m losing all my outlets.

This blog was meant to be a secret for myself to keep my mind at ease but I feel very limited at this moment. 82 more words

Life Problems