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I Don't Feel Good

My insides are playing that scene from alien while I mostly sit here and cry.

Everyone’s been very unchatty today too. I don’t really want to bother anyone so I’ll just tiptoe to the side and clutch my aides and hope that creature doesn’t manage to bust it’s way out from my stomach. 6 more words

Life Problems

The Education System

From the time I began school up until now when I am about to begin my postsecondary education, testing and unreasonable expectations are all that have been placed in front of me.  233 more words

Little by little

Colors of sadness.

Only time heal the wounds. Or at least that’s what people say. They’re right, right? Dunno.

I don’t like emptiness that’s down in my soul. 140 more words


Typical Sunday mood.

I started writing the following passage when I was going through a very bad phase in my life during last winters, I felt like life has come to a stand-still and that nothing good is going to happen, that life is a misery. 765 more words

Mr. Lin and me

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Even bad things in our life – no matter how accidentally it happens – have purpose. Our mistakes can slap us in the face. 152 more words


Chapter 1..

hello everyone my name is Lucy.. I guess this is my first ever blog post and I would just like to say it is actually real funny I’m writing this as I’m terrible at English and have dyslexia but hay hoe that’s not going to stop me! 275 more words