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Short story which can apprise, you on life troubles..!!

Once upon a time a daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn’t know how she was going to make it. 339 more words


Disappeared :(

Though I know, none of you would’ve noticed it, but I went disappeared from writing here from sometime. It’s like that I didn’t get any thoughts to ponder or felt that craving for my love – writing! 473 more words

From Negativity to Positivity ... and Consequences.

Once I was a very negative person, didn’t like myself, my life, my way of living … I felt depressed and unhappy or unsatisfied. I used to see the negative side of things including myself. 464 more words

90 Day Challenge: Day 62 - Don't Run From Your Problems

In order to get to the next level, we have to pass the test. The test is the problem and we are also part of the problem. 352 more words


Hope Hurts

It’s the secret no one tells you.

Everyone says ‘be hopeful’. And ‘have faith’.

But you know what?

They are all full of shit.

Having hope is a painful thing. 775 more words

Growing Up

Delusional Daydream

I’m at a party. It’s night and we’re in a field. A big one, in the middle of nowhere. It’s cold and still but there’s a fire that makes everyone uncomfortably warm, there’s jackets on the ground and bags piled up at a safe distance creating a sort of circle around the firey …fireness. 239 more words

Life Problems

Yesterday was lame

So it was a good day.. in the begining.
Brothers friend came over. Other people were meant to come over.
We went to the shop and bought lots of beer (24 cans) a bottle of Malibu and mixer drinks. 104 more words

Life Problems