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The Savior

We are always waiting for a savior, a savior who would come and solve all of our problems. We know these problems very well but are afraid to take the first step towards the solution of that problem. 161 more words


Spending What I Shouldn't..

This new app is dangerous. It’s like amazon but.. with better, stranger things that all come from China so their cheaper than they should be. I could make a small fortune buying and selling on these things. 38 more words

Life Problems

Welcome Home

So I am back from a week in the sun with my brother.

And no one is more surprised than I at how well the trip went. 1,146 more words

Growing Up

Unfinished business

I can’t seem to finish doing things. I only painted half my room. I only finished half the business fliers I was making.. I never seem to be bothered to the rest of the jobs I need to do.. 37 more words

Life Problems

Where I disappeared to!

If anyone had been wondering why it has been so long since I last posted on there I would like to apologise and say I have way too much going on. 325 more words



It’s Finals Season Everyone! Broadcasting a 30% of Pressure, 20% of Tiredness and 50% of JUST TOO MUCH.

Hey everyone I came back from the dead. 335 more words


I Lost The Key To Happiness

I’m feeling worse than ever. And when I say that I don’t mean, worse than I have in the last 6 months. I mean ever. Worse than when my first boyfriend cheated on me, ignored me for a week and then eventually dumped me. 111 more words

Life Problems