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At A Disadvantage

I feel like I’m losing all my outlets.

This blog was meant to be a secret for myself to keep my mind at ease but I feel very limited at this moment. 82 more words

Life Problems

stupidity and selfishness

hi everyone!

recently, i’ve been a total idiot. i have started focusing so much on myself and wallowing in my own self pity that i’ve forgotten about everyone else. 197 more words

Awake But Not

I don’t know how well I’m going to explain this but I’ll give it a go.

I’m exhausted. I’m so much more tired than I can remember being. 142 more words

Life Problems

Journey (A Poem)

What is happening?

The world is more cruel than ever.

It’s full of hatred.

The people in it are evil.

They claim to be good, 241 more words

Personal Stories

songs for silent screaming

recently, i’ve been spending a lot of time in my room drowning in my own self-pity. i’m a bit insecure (a bit meaning a lot) and my self confidence has taken a trip down the drain. 283 more words

Why Athletics Cleanses the Mind

Life has gradually become more demanding over time. As technology and sciences advance, society must adjust to the keep up with the constant stream of new information. 218 more words


To the person who thinks

He know everything

You know nothing

You see yourself as superior

Because you think you know all

But he who calls one ignorant… 15 more words

High School