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Paranoia And Pain

I’m tired again..
Really tired. I have three days off coming up bit it doesn’t feel like long enough.
My shoulder hurts.
And I keep getting mini nose bleeds. 50 more words

Life Problems

Delapsed and Depleating

I feel .. funny.
It’s not quiet sad. It’s sort of a weird worried confusion that’s settled into my mind and bones.
I don’t know why. 65 more words

Life Problems

6 months later...

Looking back these last 6 months and I have changed. I’ve grown. I’ve started to accept certain things.

Shortly after my last post I started at my gym, since then I’ve noticed a difference. 478 more words


try to see the greater things in life

Omg guys I’m going emotionally crazy, I’m having a break down. something one 15 year old can’t handle by herself i need someone to talk to i need a friend who i can go to all the time and i think I’m realizing i have four of those. 556 more words


Too early

… I was going to complain for a long while but I’ve decided to shower before its too late to make my face look less ugly.

Life Problems

L I F e .....

Life is all about Experience ,Expertise and Realization.
Its not school that one can teach nor tuition one can explain.
It revolves around 3 major concepts of E E R. 170 more words

Effortlessly Effortsome

Hey kids.
Sit down at your play table and I’ll tell you all the horrifying things about adult hood.

Nah I’m just kidding.
I’m so so tired. 200 more words

Life Problems