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When worlds fall away

Are you ever just content in a Daydream?

Happily humming along and then you realise that everything is just the average bleek English day it always is? 176 more words

Life Problems

It's One Of Those Nights 

The ones where all your thoughts congeal and weigh down your head.

They don’t even follow any kind of real pattern if I’m honest…

Today went by too quickly. 291 more words

Life Problems

I got a fire...

An amazon fire.

I think I’ll mostly use it for embarassinly childish books that I don’t want to be actively seen out reading. Maybe I can get fifty shades on it.. 94 more words

Life Problems

Cloudy With A Chance Of Dying Alone

This is a dipiction of my life. make the girl 90% less attractive and it’s me when I flirt with attractive boys.the scream and horror is usually followed up with an omission of disgust and a puff of smoke as the run away and leave me to sulk. 263 more words

Life Problems

Pre-apocalypse of Triviality 

So .. do you ever have a great day .. no not great. Just a day and it’s normal. It’s not good or bad. It’s a day. 134 more words

Life Problems

2am Reasoning 

Nothing good happens after 2am.

But technically I’m in bed and I haven’t done anything and that’s why I’m sure the thoughts are still good. … 369 more words

Life Problems

Page 44

Im taking a break from my book.

Just a short one (I’m so tired)

I have the hospital on Tuesday. That’s something like 34 hours away. 200 more words

Life Problems