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Weird stuff

So I’m tired.

And lately I’ve been having these weird… bubble sensations in my head. Only for a second or so at a time. But its off putting and distracting. 165 more words

Life Problems

Cityscapes once again

There is something magical in old cities like my hometown. Let me show you some part of my Gdańsk.

Sometimes I find places that are hidden to everyday passer-by. 50 more words



The City.

I like to photograph citylife and city architecture. It always strikes me how wonderful it may be. Armed with my SGN4 (yup I use my mobile to take photos) I travel around my hometown to capture some of the fantastic views. 72 more words


First things first

Being an adult is tricky. The feeling of being free of all the childhood restrictions. You finally have a power to embrace yourself and become who you always wanted. 279 more words


Load the 25 pdr!

Being a stranger is not a bad thing. I would rather say that it is pleasant. Because take a good look at us.

We barely aware of our presence and we know about each other as much as nothing.  115 more words


Turn those High Vibes back On!

We are constantly reminded the importance of living a life where we consciously choose to maintain a high vibration.  The benefits of raising our frequency will improve every area of our life. 585 more words

Spiritual Growth

Illness And Adventure

I’m getting real sick of this illness.

The struggle is as real as the 30 minute counter of my toilet clock.

I’m meant to be going to green cloaks next weekend. 73 more words

Life Problems