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I have been soooooo busy
Like so so busy. I can’t express the busy.
I had a lot of work this week. And a lot of social too. 90 more words

Life Problems

What a girl wants.. well no, just me

So I had a friend and yes I have friends; message me the other day to say that she was really enjoying the stuff I was writing about. 379 more words

Femininity. Like seriously, what even is that?

So if you Google the word femininity, the definition it comes up with is; ‘the quality of being female; womanliness. Still, I have no idea what that means. 405 more words

Periods, profanity and procrastination

Periods. The word in general makes me hate anything and everything. Not only because when I’m having my period is my vagina basically killing me, but also just because it’s telling me I’m not pregnant. 348 more words

Weekend catch up

I start work tomorrow!!!!! Wish me luck you fuzzy mortals.

Um…ah yes.. okay so I went to the pub on Saturday. It was fun! I had two beers and we met up with ADHD by accident… He was already there… With a girl. 265 more words

Life Problems

What do you want to do?

Has anyone thought about what to do after school?

“What will I do?”

To every senior in high school it is always this question that pops up from every conversation with a teacher, parent, family or even friend. 152 more words


Cunt town 0miles

So I live with my mother, and she decided to go skitzoid on us.

I was only the phone to the DWP – in regards to ending my claim for job seekers allowence. 342 more words

Life Problems