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Spring is in the Air

Spring finally seems like it’s going to stick around in my neck of the woods, and all I can say is that it’s about frigging time! 264 more words

Growing Up

Gasping For Air

When your life is overbooked or you’re overtaxed by the pressures of life, it can feel like you’re gasping for air.

Or just need a nap. 50 more words


Some Of These Things...

Some things just don’t work well together.

Bible verses on shirts with heavy cleavage.

Insecurity in leadership

Testosterone and loose women.

Chocolate chip cookies in salsa. 47 more words

That Not Eating Thing

I was almost a type of anorexia once.
It doesn’t matter when.
But it happened.
And it wasn’t just weight.
Didn’t really register didn’t really care… 270 more words


Now What Should I Do?

When I finished college I was certain I had the start of my career all worked out. I had a senior level contact in the company I wanted to work with. 332 more words

Toccoa Falls College

Thought of a Tuesday : Why hate when you can spread LOVE?

Hey how was your day?

Hate- feeling intense or passionate dislike for (someone).

To be honest everyone gets hate from someone or a group of people. 415 more words


Nothing Like A Funeral To...

Nothing like a death or a funeral to bring all sorts of people out of nowhere.

Now, I knew my blood relatives kept in touch with my ex’s family. 546 more words