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(scroll down for YouTube video of Bob Seger’s Against the Wind)

Everyone survived Y2K

Well, everyone except those

Slated to be Grim-Reapered, that is

Anyway, noticed I didn’t own anything… 412 more words


The guest at my doorstep !!

All we need to keep !!
But …
Restless we !!
Amidst the crowd ,
Of worries !!
58 more words


Growing Back My Brow Virginity

Ladies. Put down those tweezers, wax strips and eyebrow pencils. You won’t need them anymore, there’s a new eyebrow growing miracle in town which means you won’t have to fake fuller brows anymore. 474 more words

The Real Thing

Today, something happened at work. Something I expected to but never thought I would feel this way. Realizations about life and work filled my mind. I cannot think of anything right now except from what happened today.  349 more words

PMS? OR Just a bitch?

There isn’t really a fine line between the two. Not for me anyway. I’m rarely horrible to anyone, I like to keep peace most of the time because I’m extremely bad with conflict. 435 more words

Turning Twenty the Wrong Way.

So I’m finally twenty. Yes I am now an adult but I don’t think I’m doing the adult bit yet. The worst part is.. I definitely did not spend my twentieth in a mature way. 310 more words

February 1st

So I don’t feel great.
I feel almost ill.
Today was so anti-climactic. Carl returned and.. well it was Bleh.
And I’m sure it was all in my head. 109 more words

Life Problems