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I’m done for now.

Just done. Boys and drama and feelings. No one needs them. I can’t be bothered having them. It always amounts to nothing. 27 more words

Life Problems

Date A Live Chapter VII: "Trapped in a standstill of love"

Wow guys. It has been almost two weeks since I last updated you all on my dating/love life. Well truth be told, it ain’t going as smooth as I thought. 727 more words

Slice Of Life

Detective Inspector Me

I love books.

Not all of them. Some are hard to read and others are dreadfully dull.

There are 4 checks that make a good story for me. 112 more words

Life Problems


The only way to progress in life is to push past our limits. The notion that we can be better than who we are today, is the driving force that enables humanity to advance further. 423 more words

LOVE- Be Brave.

I always have been the sort of person who’d be afraid of even hurting someone else let alone hurting myself. I have been in a problem for past few days and so I couldn’t write but now that I’m writing, 368 more words

It's a gobbledygook world out there!

I’m home at last after a tiring day at work in which I had to commute on the train there and back. I like getting the train if I have to go in the office as it offers me a chance to read a book which I obviously can’t do if I’m driving! 1,045 more words

The Worst Thing About VegasĀ 

Or anywhere at all. A real post. Longer than five words.

I shall state this has nothing to do with Vegas. I feel crowded, much like Vegas. 343 more words

Life Problems