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The sun falls and the moon rises.

Again, the water flows in and out, with a promise to revisit tomorrow.

How long has this continued while we promise ourselves… 22 more words

Happy Valentine's Day!

The meaning of valentine’s day – It’s a day to celebrate love and supposedly an opportunity for us to reconnect. Love is the most amazing thing in our lives, whether you are with someone or not, nine times out of ten there is something in your life that you adore. 871 more words

Your Present Problem

You never know the end of the story from the middle. You have to hear the entire tale if you want to solve a riddle.

Totes the worst

So this is already the worst month of the so far.

I’m ill. I had two of my teeth out and the whole work money thing. 131 more words

Life Problems


That’s not his name. It’s not even close.

So.. those of you that have been around for… a very very long time. Know everything about what happened with Roy. 223 more words

Life Problems