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Live Your Calling

Do you awaken in the middle of the night for no obvious reason? It happens to me often. I think it’s because God wants to tell us something. 860 more words


Miss Edo took the crown of Most beautiful face in Nigeria MBFN 2017. Season4. With a brand new car,15 million worth of Land at Abuja ,ambassador trip to Toronto, and face of Classic make up USA 2017. 48 more words

Life Purpose


Anda kenal Steve Jobs? Iya, pendiri Apple. Salah satu pidato legendarisnya yang sangat menggugah pada wisuda Stanford University. Dia membahas mengenai pentingnya passion dalam hidup. 644 more words

Life Purpose

Design Your Life Postcard

Since September 2010, my friend, Henry, and I have been exchanging postcards on a weekly basis.  No, we aren’t on the road traveling but just living life within commuting distance from our hometowns. 512 more words


Creativity Vs Commerce

Writing prompt: “The deepest secret in our heart of hearts is that we are writing because we love the world, and why not finally carry that secret out with our bodies into the living room and our porches, backyards and grocery stores? 317 more words

Songs for Beryl

Singing is the lesser developed of my creative abilities. Music is a strange one for me as I love sound and dancing but require silence to get through the day. 1,462 more words

Life Purpose