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Window Shopping for the Soul?

When I started on this journey to become the best version of myself, the first question that stumped me was “who exactly is that?”

Followed promptly by a barrage of others… 224 more words

Personal Development

owning up

I started this blog as a place to process life through the lens of faith and to, hopefully, engage a community into doing so with me. 1,420 more words

Lessons Learned

Take A Deep Breath

“Take a Deep Breath!” How many times have your heard this saying in your life? Most of the time this is said to us when we need to take a timeout and rest from the situation that we are processing or going through. 240 more words


Here is a reminder of how important finding our passion is and how it can make all the difference in our lives. A few posts ago I wrote about finding myself in a funk. 511 more words

Every one of us has Wisdom with/within us.

Even before we found A Course in Miracles (or rather it found us); or consciously stepped onto a Spiritual Path (or don’t feel spiritual at all). 441 more words

How spirituality helped me

Being born into a low-income family made me envious of peers who were born into affluent families as I was growing up. Now, when I say affluent, I don’t mean that they’re necessarily millionaires. 1,039 more words

New Age Spirituality

Exploring and being still

When I began this blog, I had this intention of traveling all over the country, and the planet even, and writing about my adventures.

Well, life happened, and it may take a while before I can pursue such a dream. 195 more words