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How To Serve More Powerfully and Shift from Insecure to Confident in One Lifetime.

I’m sorry that the concept of niche has been taken over by the marketing world, because it’s so much more than “targeting” a “segment” of the “market” so you can sell more. 709 more words

Sweet Spot

Lost in transition?

2 months. It has been 8 weeks approximately since I went home. I just spent 2 years abroad but I feel the transition season is rather hard. 729 more words

Everyday Life

Young Adult Stage - the Second Temple

It would be logical to think that the Israelites would have learned their lesson after being brutally punished, their temple destroyed, and sent to exile. But the next generation that returned homeland, strangely enough, settled for a complacent lifestyle and a mediocre temple in which the glory of God never came down. 313 more words

Life Purpose

The thorns

The other day I found myself complaining to someone about how much I had to do… all the cooking, cleaning and clearing up, setting up, shopping etc.  285 more words


Daily Prompt: Ancient

An ancient river bank is enveloped in the heavy sky, patiently awaiting the storm.

A small island in the middle of the river forces the powerful flow to break in two, to become unimposing and weak. 93 more words


The Cadence of a Good Life

You will notice an ebb and flow in your life, seasonality, and phases. There is a rhythm God established for you, a tone your human family paints, and a flavor your own God-given personality emanates. 312 more words


How trying to find my purpose has blocked me from living purposefully!

If you have not been living under a rock, you’ve definitely seen the boom in the self-help/self-improvement field over the last 10 years. It’s been steadily gaining steam for maybe the last 20 years for sure but it’s blown up recently. 741 more words