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2 Years Later

After getting my first official salaried job and  three years away  from making a six figure salary as a mid twenty something –  a job/working environment I wouldn’t trade anything for – no student loans – a  loving and beautiful partner with two cats who definitely don’t like each other…I find myself wondering why i’m still searching for something greater. 314 more words

What Am I Living For?

What am I living for? During my childhood days this question across my mind, but I was only able to answer this question when I started to have my personal relationship with the God. 138 more words


Open Your Mind and Thrive Fable

A story about the benefits of an open mind

Melvin Marsh Wren argued against new ideas until his friends found great success by embracing a satisfying new adventure while he just went hungry… 550 more words

Reframing my past & rewriting my life story

I got a breakthrough in reframing my past and rewriting my story this week.


Rather than seeing myself as purely a ‘spoiled, selfish, ungrateful and lazy kid’ back in my childhood and teen years, I realized that at the same time, I was also taking responsibility the best I could. 434 more words

Personal Growth

Authenticity is More Valuable Than Perfection

I am sure you can recall a time in your life where striving for perfection was your ultimate goal. It can be in school where you were studying to get a perfect grade on an exam or any type of game where you were trying to get a perfect score. 824 more words


Mission: Possible

“Your mission, Dan/Jim, should you choose to accept it …
As always, should you … be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. 294 more words



I wake feeling slightly better than yesterday 
but then the post-lady delivers me more bills to pay
I have no milk and the longer I think
my mood rapidly begins to sink

Is this snakes and ladders I play? 44 more words
Life Purpose