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Free Workout

In the last few days I have been struggling with a totally overgrown area, trying to clear it in order to move my raspberries. It soon became clear that it was too much! 202 more words


Impact of Oppression on Life Purpose

I began thinking about how oppression impacts purpose a few months ago. However, I procrastinated with actually putting my feelings in written form. I suppose now is the time to condense this complex issue into a few short, concise paragraphs. 937 more words

Life Purpose

Dream Away

Good morning February 20th, and welcome challenge #20!

In this week’s card reading, which I posted yesterday, I talked about how our general energies have been stagnant. 316 more words

28 Days Of Love

The Sickness Called Loneliness: A Secondary Feeling

Have you ever felt lonely? Ha, that was a loaded question. At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt lonely in one way or another. 3,207 more words

I'm ready to fail better.

I feel like every day, if not every other day, I sit and ask myself,

“WTF! What the hell are you doing with your life? You’re so boring!” 730 more words


Finding your passion- you actually don't have to find it, it will seek you out!

What a year it has been… and it is only February! Right now the sun is streaming through the windows, the sky is blue and it is a heavenly day! 1,615 more words


New Life Purpose

I’ve had a self-sufficiency dream for well over ten years now. I love being outside in nature, I love gardening and the satisfaction and taste of growing my own fruit and vegetables. 191 more words

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