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The Journey

Toddler, tweens, teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40s… and here I go… 50’s.

In what decade do we learn the meaning of life? In what decade do we finally figure out our life purpose? 847 more words

When You Are Just So Tired

Tristan was a Special Education teacher in rural Mississippi. He got into the field with a passion for working with special needs children, helping them to reach their full potential. 1,025 more words


Believe in Yourself

Life is never going to be handed to the majority of us on a plate. For most of us we have to work hard to have what we have. 1,294 more words

Soulful Living

The book, that changed his whole prospective of life was “The Saint, the surfer and the CEO” By Robin Sharma.(What life wants from us).

Recently one of my friend shared something with me that he stopped drinking alcohol since last 15 days. I said it is a very good thing, you adopt towards good going. 575 more words

Life Purpose

Silver and Gold have I None

What do Social Workers make?

There is, in circulation, an article about all the good things social workers do for others : protect children and vulnerable adults; provide means for an impoverished family to have food and basic necessities; comfort the grieving; find treatment for the hurting and on and on and on. 820 more words

Pinning Down My Life Purpose

I am still on this quest. I know many may feel that it is ridiculous to think that you were put on this earth for one specific purpose, and I respect that. 740 more words

Face-to-Face with Jesus.

This morning I saw the headlines…Billy Graham died today. A thousand thoughts went through my head. Mainly this— who will step up to the plate now? 878 more words