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Should happiness really be the goal? A Buddhist perspective

The pursuit of happiness generally is considered to be the ultimate goal of a human journey, while economic wealth is expected to support that goal. However, there are many different and plausible ways of looking at quality of living. 400 more words

Happy Colorful Growth

Passionately Seeking Passion...

I’m one of “those” people who tries to live by the philosophy that if you find your passion and live it you will always be engaged. 480 more words


The Strange Case of Billy Biswas (A Novel)

“The most futile cry of man is his wish to be understood”

First thing first- The novel has been very nicely written. The language is simple and the articulation is neat. 637 more words

A Thought

Questions from my Soul and The Written Answers.

Our life is full of questions, questions people ask us and then questions we ask ourselves. Some of these questions we wait our entire lives to be asked like “will you marry me?” 151 more words


Help the universe help you.


Absolutely you should ask the universe for abundance and financial security. By all means put that out into the universe! But you must find a hustle. 370 more words

Life Purpose

Instant Disease

I heard a true story a couple of years ago about a man and his son who had inhaled dry pool chemicals when servicing their pool.  443 more words


Beyond the Veil: With My Michael: Part 4

Since My Michael passed, I have had many unusual occurrences happening…that he is showing he’s around me. What I am going to share with you actually happened….there were 7 people who witnessed it, but it really, made a heartfelt connection for two of us. 1,513 more words

Law Of Attraction