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Celebrating life

I was pampered this morning, with a Hotel breakfast.Today It’s mother day in Sweden,so I am enjoying being a mom. I adore all my children and believe I am the luckiest mother alive. 140 more words


Truth and meaning

It seemed that the harder I tried, the more I expected the world to just open for me. As if it were some kind of book, and I could force it to open to understand its contents. 428 more words



Book Name

Mastery by Robert Greene


Sit Down and Read

One Line Summary

Follow your natural inclinations to become the very best. Like no one ever was… 582 more words

Don't Quit...

Start with you…

If you really want to love someone, start with you. Love yourself unconditionally. Look into the mirror, into your eyes, and say “I love you!” Accept yourself fully. 226 more words

Body Renovation

I've Got the Power!

I am happy to report two things everyone:

  1. I finally performed the crystal healing experiment on my brother.
  2. It was a success!

I worked on him for about thirty minutes and used all six of my tools/friends. 775 more words

Sawan Aya Hai❤️

So many hollow, sleepless nights through all these years, suddenly seemed fruitful, when my dream showed up❤️

The dream and intention of shifting the energy of the planet❤️ 329 more words


Mom's Permission List

Parenting… such an interesting experience. One full of the highest highs, and moments where you want to scream “I give up!”

We all think we’re doing it wrong, but I think that we are all doing it right –  in our own ways. 523 more words