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The Perfect Day

If you’ve read some of my early posts, you know that I greatly admire Misty Sansom . So far I haven’t figured out what my purpose is, but I think her exercises are intriguing. 294 more words

​ Am I a healer? If so what are my necessities?

“It’s both a blessing an a course to feel everything so very deeply”

This post is to give you an insight to know if you are healer, which often are very sensitive souls. 339 more words

Emotional Healing

What Is My Life Purpose?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named Merry, who asks what her main purposes are for this lifetime, or if there’s a thematic purpose between all her lives. 1,296 more words

Questions & Answers

How to Figure out What you really Want.

Number one of your listing, why you can’t figure out what you really want is :

  • because you already have it.
Non Classé

How to interpret your dreams without dream dictionaries

Have you ever checked dream dictionaries online in order to understand the meaning of your dreams?

I did, and I rarely got any meaningful explanation. Of course, you can always find one detail that is relevant for you in random woo-woo, but all the rest of the interpretation usually doesn’t make any sense. 336 more words

The Extra Mile

Neveah was 5 years old. Her life was chaotic and tumultuous. Her 25 year old mother was addicted to drugs. Her 26 year old father decided he was too young for fatherhood and left when she was born. 1,244 more words