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A Simple Letter on Complexity

I wrote a long letter to you because I had no time to write a short one.

This quote, probably first written by French philosopher Blaise Pascal in a letter to a friend (source: “Letters to a friend in the provence”, Letter No.16: “Jesuit Defamations”), can be taken as an “excuse” for my long letters to you. 875 more words

Worldview And Philosophy

Thoughts on Love

Love is one of the most ubiquitous and steadily present aspects of life. Since mankind is able to think, talk and write, people reflect on this topic. 4,515 more words

Worldview And Philosophy

About your father

Autobiographical notes are not easy to write! Too big is the danger of falsifying facts, romanticising the past, whitewashing incidents and exaggerating the one or the other thing. 4,673 more words

Worldview And Philosophy

Life Quality and Quality Time. DAY 380

Do you have Life Quality, Quality of Life? Do you spend your Time within doing things that are of Quality to you, and what does Quality mean to you? 3,615 more words

Vixen's Journey To Life

Body, Mind, Spirit

Your appearance in my life triggers my interest in Psychology and human development a lot! From a layman perspective I reflected on how we work, how we interact with the world we live in, and what are the mechanisms of self-awareness and self-cultivation. 2,081 more words

Worldview And Philosophy

Dear Little Tsolmo

Dear little Tsolmo,

I can feel you in your Mom’s belly. Soon you’ll be out to explore this world and find your place in it. What a pure and clean mind you will start with! 2,204 more words