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Recipe: Goji-Sesame-Corn-Bread

I like Asian food! Really! Much more than German food, actually! However, there is one thing that we Germans are really spoiled with and that Asians are simply not able to produce: Good bread! 872 more words

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Four Levels of Truth

When reading Buddhist scriptures, especially those sutras that directly cite the historical Gautama Buddha, it can be confusing that there are often obvious contradictions and statements that downright oppose each other. 2,533 more words

Worldview And Philosophy

Stop drifting in you life and career- choose for yourself or for others? (Part IV)

(When the landmark becomes so clear to you, then you will know exactly what you should do to stop drifting and move on your life and career. 439 more words


Recipe: Avocado-Banana-Choco-Mousse

So far, I haven’t been a big fan of avocado. I was happy, though, when a friend brought self-grown avocados a few days ago, because I heard that they are good and healthy for toddlers. 391 more words

Life Quality

Stop drifting in you life and career- how to stop drifting? (Part III)

(A landmark is something so clear that you won’t miss it even during the night.)

Once you realise that you have been drifting in your life or career, the best way to stop it is to look for a ‘landmark’ and bring yourself out of water as soon as possible. 262 more words


Stop drifting in you life and career- why are you drifting? (Part II)

(A lone swimmer in the open water: Often you need to surface before you can tell whether you have been drifting; picture was sourced from… 364 more words


Flavour Sensation: Diamond Head Soup

Today something completely different: A recipe for one of my favourite dishes – A Hawaiian pumpkin soup called “Diamond Head Soup”. Don’t ask me where the name is coming from, but that was the title of the instructions that I once found. 363 more words

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