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Hello me again, today I’m going to rant about my life AGAIN!

I know we have to be grateful ALWAYS! And truthfully I kind of have everything I used to pray for but why am I so miserable? 248 more words

Life Rant

The End is Just The Beginning

And as January reaches a close while February is quickly approaching, I feel like the first few weeks been a roller coaster of a ride. 140 more words


2018 GOALS: Stop Saving the Best for Last- Life Rant

2017 WAS A PRETTY rough year. My uncle took his own life in February. We found out that my cousin was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, like a month later. 1,595 more words

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Me, Writing and Interest

“Don’t regret what you’ve done, regret what you haven’t done” 381 more words


SanSe? Please no.

So this last weekend was officially the closure of the Christmas season for us Puerto Ricans. It runs from Black Friday to last Sunday. We have the longest Christmas season in the world and to me it is just absolutely painful. 470 more words


To write, to eat, to live one's life

A happy new year to everyone even though it’s been 13 days but eh. 299 more words


New Year

I stopped having new year resolution like 5 years ago. Because I know how useless it is, like literally. I never ever do it so why bother? 94 more words

Life Rant