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I never thought of myself as introvert before. I think I’m just socially awkward and everyone is like that when they meet other people. Not in my 25 years of life I thought I am an introvert. 294 more words


11:02 PM

Not like I’m drowning in stress nor have buried my ugly crying face into my favorite blankie, after sending an email to my Anthropology prof, “asking for the exam breakdown”, when really… that was just my cry for help. 430 more words


Weening/tapering off of alcohol

So, this is the deal: I already hold two serious addictions in methadone and benzodiazepines and 1 lesser addiction in quetiapine (low dose to help me sleep).  235 more words

Don't judge someone as "Antisocial" easily.

​Basically, no matter how somebody is, they will be hurt if their closest friend even judges them as “antisocial”

Okay.. For me, it’s not funny. Not everyone have the same joke right? 148 more words


On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me.

And so it is. The tears are running wild, the heart is torn in two.

I asked him if my tiny apartment is too shabby for him, as he never spent a single night with me there. 374 more words

Life Rant

Quarter life crisis.

So it is the big 25th birthday. For a significant part of today, there was no birthday cake, no big confetti, no loved ones… Just a quick dinner with my best friend. 247 more words

Life Rant

Do the angels fill the air? Do you reach out and touch them?

(Dreaming Jacob’s Dream—Michael Card)

Lol, so I think this is from the Christmas musical The Plane Truth when I think it is Joseph who says “scare me any worse and I’d be with the Lord!” Umm, yeah, that was me on the way home from church this evening. 967 more words

Life Rant