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an odyssey: year 5, day 362.

the relentless furnace of reality has a way of igniting my wishful thinking, sending dreams and misplaced comfort up in smoke.

i know what I said because each moment is carved into my mind. 426 more words

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Cats & Plants a flower blog

I buy nice plants to make my house lovely and beautiful and then water them only for my darling, demon cats to eat them, dig in them and play with them. 257 more words


Follow the annoyingly long road...

Is that a word? I don’t know but it’s currently 9 in the morning and I have been up all night with my dreams again (maybe I should start  dream blog page…hhmmm) Anyway I have been doing my childcare course for well 2 and a half years now because the first half a year a tutor messed up my work, then for 5 months I didn’t have a tutor and then when I got one I was told that everything had to be re-done… So here I am with my last 9 reflective accounts and the promise of a certificate in just over a month. 276 more words



Thinking is good, you can get new motivation, ideas or inspiration out of it. Shower thoughts are nice too. How random one’s thought might be useful in the future, who knows. 266 more words

Life Rant

Quit Your Day Job ...... (I Wish)

Working for an established big company is the most rewarding job ever!


Some people are born to work for others and others are born to work for themselves. 462 more words

So When my heart hits the floor I can recalibrate

(Eye on it – TobyMac)

So you might expect based on my experience of midyear that presenting at the ISD ### STEM Career Fair would be something I would refuse…well, because I don’t say no to things I feel like I should do, I said sign me up. 1,299 more words

Life Rant

How Volunteering at an Animal Shelter Changes Your View on Life

Depressing. Scary. Dirty. Hopeless.

These were all the reasons why I resisted volunteering at an animal shelter. I’m irrationally emphatic when it comes to furry creatures, but that was the very thing holding me back from donating my time at a shelter. 788 more words

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