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I'm livin' in it and that's how I say it

(Say it–Britt Nicole)

So as I was walking out of the hospital this afternoon, I saw an obviously angry person. I don’t know what was going on, but someone who appeared to be his friend said something like “you could try talking to them about it.” 522 more words

Life Rant

That Inspiring Highschooled's Blog

​I’ve stalked a highschooled girl’s blog, and i think that she is very very inspiring lmao

How cute the way she explains her feelings, fresh and “very teen’s” 325 more words


Dear sister,

Sometimes I blame myself for your death. Because I was not qualify to be an elder sister; because I was incapable to protect you; because I know I will never be a good example. 839 more words


My Obsession With USA

Oh how I long to be in USA! I wish there was a way this was even remotely possible.

There is nothing as important as the initial years of childhood. 1,001 more words


GRIFF's Prayer About Being Excited For The Wrong Things [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, he apologizes to God for being excited about the wrong things. He talks about society’s obsession with things like weave and beauty products, or sneakers and video games, and the simultaneous lack of interest in God and his word. 139 more words

Get Up!

Hobby, Likes and Competition?

My stupid, dumbass friend thought it was ‘okay’ to show the whole class (ok jk probs only around 4 or 5 people) a short fanfic I was writing. 597 more words


The Chemistry that works your heart

I vividly remember him, the contour of his body, the colour of his skin as I ran my hand through his chest hair and even the creases at the corner of his eyes when he squeezed the lids shut with all his strengths to hide away the lust in his iris. 376 more words

Life Rant