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My father's been slowly dying for almost a year now

He wears the ever-growing signs of physical deterioration around his being like an albatross whose neck has already been wrung. Twisted. Warped. And drooling uncontrollably. 538 more words

Life Rant

Tell me to be quiet, I'll shout some more!

(Let it Out–ZoeGirl)

As the title sorta suggests, this is mostly just a random compilation of things in my head that need to come out to I can focus on learning…my brain seems to think ‘study’ means ‘think of all the non-school related things that you might want to find out about.’ Which means I learn a lot of things, but not anything my teachers want me to learn about…like I have recently been soft-researching sleepovers with diabetic kids…really interesting hearing different people’s perspectives…but really not useful in helping me learn about cancer or thyroid or pregnancy or any of the other things my teachers would like me to know… 1,179 more words

Life Rant

If I could turn on the sun let it shine in your street...give glory where glory is due

(Here’s for the Years–Remedy Drive)

It makes me sad that there are currently less than 250 brightspot nominations and today is the deadline…can you really not even think of ONE person on this entire campus that has something even the least bit positive about them? 125 more words

Life Rant

Stand a Little Prouder...Everyone Needs to be Heard

(Stronger–Megan Landry…Skin Deep–ZoeGirl)

 So technically this celebration shouldn’t be coming until Saturday, but I needed a brain break and wanted to write today, and Saturday will be way too close to the next T2 exam to justify intentionally writing this at that time…and there is no doubt that celebration is going to be earned…oh, what a difference five years can make…April 10th 2009 was the last day I SI’ed, so April 11th is my freedom anniversary. 1,920 more words

Life Rant

No one seems to care. We do our best to disappear...I'll find some of hope this year.

(Snow Falls—Carried Away)

This post got kind of complain-y and a little more pointed than I intended it to be…please consider this your warning, and understand that while I try really hard not to hurt anyone, that this is also a place for me to express myself, and there are some things that no amount of editing will have the ability to completely remove the potential for hurting anyone…so I apologize in advance if you feel offended, but know that it was not my intention, and I’d really prefer you just didn’t read if you are sensitive to my words. 2,181 more words

Life Rant

Breathing in Breathing out

(Different Kind of Free–ZoeGirl)

I read this news story recently, and it is soo good…it is the kind of news story that is my favorite: not actually news, but just a connection to the greater world out there, and this one is a reminder of how there are some really amazing people in the world who really will go the extra mile to care for people…in this case, making marching band accessible for a kid who can’t play an instrument and is stuck in a wheelchair with complex medical needs…even the most impossible seeming problems can have a solution if you are determined enough to search and allow a little creativity and rule-bending… 754 more words

Life Rant

If hope is born of suffering

(Held–Natalie Grant)

Okay seriously…when I am stressed out about an exam I am not ready for and have about a billion other exams coming up within the next week, it is NOT a good time to start messing with me or trying to change rules…Most days I would be willing to find somewhere else to study if you take offense at where I am sitting, but today I’d had enough already for the day and stood up for myself. 464 more words

Life Rant