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Life Rant: My Hatred for Workouts

I ate nonstop over Thanksgiving. Non. Stop. I even went to bed with a bowl of leftover stuffing. Ok, I didn’t, but I thought about it. 641 more words

Word Scramble


Growing up I knew that I’d mount to something big. I’ve always full of myself and how I (someday) would be so steady to reach my dreams one by one. 345 more words


Cheers to you Douchebag!

I was going to title this ‘Letter to my Ex’ but then I said, ah fuck it.

Sure, it was my mistake that got us to finally end but honestly…my mistake was not dumping you when I damn well should’ve. 784 more words


From The Heart of My Idealist Hideaway... 

“Now I’m not saying that we’ve all got to agree. God might be something to you, and something different to me. But every time I turn on the news I see, somebody telling us we’re stupid if we choose to believe. 411 more words

Transparently Truthful

Life, life and life

Dear me, I’m surprise that you’re just so damn awkward now. What in the actual world happen to you? 1,073 more words


What if?

I spend a lot of my time over thinking about so many decisions in life, I tend to question everything and most sentences that leave my mouth start with “Yeah, but what if….”. 428 more words

What’s Wrong With the Difference?

Some people may be popular, and the others might be freak. There is a light over the dark. As you can see the different of color, and how boring the monotone life it is. 377 more words