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The 'Y' in Generation Y

Today is my birthday. More specifically my 23rd birthday.  I spent the day working part time in a sports shop, coming home to spend the evening feeling sorry for myself and crying into the glass of wine whilst watching The Hobbit. 1,018 more words


all they see is someone who's not me

(Invisible–skylar grey)

So I had this great idea…instead of trying to make my blog go viral when you don’t like what I write, you can come to me with your concerns…Isn’t that a great idea?! 609 more words

Life Rant

This is real what I feel no one made it up

(Who I am–Blanca)

Okay…so this might feel kinda whiney…but it’s been one of those days where a few things go okay but a lot of other things go very very wrong…and I really just need to get thoughts out of my head so I can focus on the flashcards I need to spend my time on…(edit: I can’t focus on flashcards right now…I just can’t…and it isn’t ethical to be signed in getting paid to work when my mind isn’t really on what I am doing, because it is not a productive way of working…) 1,186 more words

Life Rant

I'm writing because I missed you so much...I won't be satisfied with okay. I can't be okay with alright.

(Dear My Closest Friend…Okay–Flyleaf)

I have high standards for myself…I am very much aware that I am not always able to live up to them, but my goal still persists to strive for perfection…Perfection is important in healthcare…what if I can pick the right therapy for a patient 99% of the time and the other 1% of the time I mess it up and kill the patient…I mean, that is a really high A right there, so I should get a bonus, right? 2,149 more words

Life Rant

My father's been slowly dying for almost a year now

He wears the ever-growing signs of physical deterioration around his being like an albatross whose neck has already been wrung. Twisted. Warped. And drooling uncontrollably. 538 more words

Life Rant

Tell me to be quiet, I'll shout some more!

(Let it Out–ZoeGirl)

As the title sorta suggests, this is mostly just a random compilation of things in my head that need to come out to I can focus on learning…my brain seems to think ‘study’ means ‘think of all the non-school related things that you might want to find out about.’ Which means I learn a lot of things, but not anything my teachers want me to learn about…like I have recently been soft-researching sleepovers with diabetic kids…really interesting hearing different people’s perspectives…but really not useful in helping me learn about cancer or thyroid or pregnancy or any of the other things my teachers would like me to know… 1,179 more words

Life Rant

If I could turn on the sun let it shine in your street...give glory where glory is due

(Here’s for the Years–Remedy Drive)

It makes me sad that there are currently less than 250 brightspot nominations and today is the deadline…can you really not even think of ONE person on this entire campus that has something even the least bit positive about them? 125 more words

Life Rant