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If your living room floor looks like a toy store

(Mom Song–Go Fish)

You know you’re growing up when walking into your apartment and seeing this:

doesn’t just feel really homey…it kind of also feels like a disaster zone that you are going to need to clean up and you are wondering why you can’t just keep things neat and organized…and it is no consolation that it is a lot cleaner than it was earlier…that picture seriously doesn’t even do justice to the disarray I walked into… 227 more words

Life Rant

We're grounded and surrounded by folks who are dumbfounded

(No Fair O’Hare–The Plane Truth)

Oh my…I don’t even know what to say about this…I just wish I could un-hear it. Some girl was talking on the phone in front of me, and she says something like “oh my g**h! 164 more words

Life Rant

'Cause I am For You. I'm Not Against You.

(Drops in the Ocean–Hawk Nelson)

…I had one of those moments last night where I realize that even though I am perfectly happy to attempt to communicate that the years of practice I lost to social anxiety mean that I do not have the experience to know how to respond in some situations…Inside my heart I know what I want to convey, but inside my head although a few words and communicative gestures are coming out of my mouth, they aren’t really communicating the sentiment that I want them to…What I am trying to use to say I love you, I care about you, I understand how you feel and want to give you hope feels like it is coming across more as get over yourself…which is then making me even less able to listen as I am trying to figure out how to fix what just came out of my mouth…practice makes perfect?…How do you explain that you really have lived in the self-made prison that person is describing in a way that is real, non-minimizing, validating, loving, hopeful?…I’m sure I’ll figure it out…It took a while of being comfortable on the phone before I figured out to consistently say hello and identify myself first even without a script to tell me to do that…so I have no doubt that as I have more experience that I will figure out some of these things… 577 more words

Life Rant

Owner of Sushi Store but not of my life.

Back about a year ago when I started helping out my mother in her little sushi section in the local grocery store, I never imagined I’d be owning my own store a year from then on. 271 more words


Why Would I Fall For a Fool Like You...I'm Better Off Without You


Oh my…how things change…the phone ringing used to terrify me, and I am totally fine with it now…except today the phone was ringing (and I accidentally hung up instead of getting the screen turned on to find out who it was), and it left me a little concerned… 434 more words

Life Rant

Zero motivation

My exams are upcoming monday, so I should be studying really hard right now. Unfortunately, this is not the case I am writing this blog and my motivation is nowhere to be found. 78 more words


How Can I Serve You Today?

(Kpc, Stephanie–Stephanie Pauline)

Frequently I see signs around here that say “Pray to end abortion,” and every time my reaction was the same: I wish it were that easy. 1,199 more words

Life Rant