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GRIFF's Prayer About Being Excited For The Wrong Things [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, he apologizes to God for being excited about the wrong things. He talks about society’s obsession with things like weave and beauty products, or sneakers and video games, and the simultaneous lack of interest in God and his word. 139 more words

Get Up!

Hobby, Likes and Competition?

My stupid, dumbass friend thought it was ‘okay’ to show the whole class (ok jk probs only around 4 or 5 people) a short fanfic I was writing. 597 more words


The Chemistry that works your heart

I vividly remember him, the contour of his body, the colour of his skin as I ran my hand through his chest hair and even the creases at the corner of his eyes when he squeezed the lids shut with all his strengths to hide away the lust in his iris. 376 more words

Life Rant

An Unempathetically Stigmatized Disabled Person

    My disabilities are pretty visible. My stroke took away the use of my left side.  I lean, I have a slanted shoulder, I have an elbow that kind of juts out a bit, a knee that locks no matter how hard I try to keep a slight bend, and a very obvious limp, among other things.   1,689 more words


I see the world through my jaded eyes

(Press On—Building 429)

I went to bed angry last night. Angry at myself and angry at my school.

In one of her books, Holley Gerth says anger is a gift from God that reminds us to look for the places we’ve been wounded to teach us to nurture ourselves. 847 more words

Life Rant

I can only say what I've seen and heard

(Flyleaf–Breathe Today)

I was taking a 5-minute brain break on Wednesday and came across a really awesome meme on the internet…that was actually really applicable to my feeling during finals…particularly on the T4 final… 531 more words

Life Rant

I don't want to hate. I don't want to be broken


Oh my…

Although it was a little shock when I opened the door and had forgotten just how much of a mess I had left, it was kind of stress-relieving to put the shoes back into the bag headed for the trash and throw armloads of clothes back into the basket and put the basket back into its rightful home. 1,234 more words

Life Rant