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Look at all the pretty things that steal my heart away I can feel I'm fading

(All the Pretty Things–Tenth Avenue North)

So yeah…I have a half written blogpost left from finals…so I’m going to finish it…

Speaking of finals…half of them went well and half of them didn’t…things that are frustrating: when we were told we would not need to know any concentrations for the exam because it would all be given to us…and then it wasn’t…and I’ve got a lot of more important things to cram in my brain than what the concentrations of stuff are in our “classroom stock solutions.” The world continues to spin and I still passed even if I didn’t get the grade I wanted so I’ll still move on and get outta here… 1,156 more words

Life Rant

Thought I had it all right 'til the road went left

(Backseat Driver—TobyMac)

There is a Christmas musical called Fear? Not! that I adore…so this is what studying sounds like at my apartment (interspersed with the granny rap from The Plane Truth)…I wish I had the tape with me except I don’t so I found mp3’s online, ’cause apparently I currently only have Truth Works and Sermon on the Mound…sports themed musicals are okay too, but the Christmas ones are my favorite (at least for the moment)…If I could listen to the entire musical of Fear? 1,038 more words

Life Rant

Wait what did you just say? Okay, okay, see I misplaced my masterplan courtesy of my attention span, but Imma be okay.

(Jamie Grace–With You)

In one of the books I have to read for one of my classes it mentioned that the character recognized the problem, remained calm, and solved the problem…I am not consistently good at a single part of that sequence…well, maybe recognizing the problem, I suppose in some ways I am good at that, but at the same time there is a reason my nickname in high school was “specs”…and it had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not I wore glasses…and when there is a problem I frequently react first and ask questions later…and if I do recognize a problem and remain calm that doesn’t mean I have any semblance of resolution to the problem…I am your ‘yes’ girl. 1,740 more words

Life Rant

Make believe you're flying high

(Balloon Song–Debra Lynn La Lima)

I just need a vent session…so if you are easily offended then stop right now, because this post is not for you…instead read this cute story and then close out of my blog KthxBai: 1,281 more words

Life Rant

I'm losing the strength to try

(5 minutes at a time—Superchick)

Sometimes 5 minutes at a time is too much…when your attention span seems to be closer to 5 seconds, 5 minutes can seem like an eternity…patience isn’t a virtue that I like to put into practice. 768 more words

Life Rant

And Though Nobody Can Rock What You Rock

(Mister DJ—Superchick)

Yeah, everyone has their own skillset, and mine does not include domestic diva-ship…if it weren’t obvious from the fact that doing dishes usually requires changing clothes and at least considering mopping the floor because the floor, the counter, and I end up soaked (This is why I try to vacuum before doing dishes so I am ready to mop if I decide that is the best option based on the size of the puddle I created…). 2,197 more words

Life Rant

because a small town is like a small stage for teenagers and their drama

(Hoopes I did it again–Relient K)

I was thinking about this song, and I think this lyric applies to small schools too…things that really shouldn’t cause such waves, when occurring in such a small environment, become the focus of more attention than they deserve…especially since everyone knows everyone else’s business sometimes…word spreads faster than shots fired… 2,500 more words

Life Rant