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Starting to Diet

Hi guys, and welcome to my first blog post! I know, it’s an awful topic to start with, but I, Skarlet Tsui, am going on a diet. 1,953 more words


Happy Work-versary to ME!

I’ve officially been in the new town for a little over a month and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more at peace with a decision. 584 more words

Lucid dream decode on Sunday

I got a day off once every two weeks. And what’s best to do on your day off? Sleep in, of course; since time spent in la la land is time well-spent. 550 more words

Life Rant

Why me? A story about my visit to the ER

So , apparently my ears produce a lot of wax! This is so embarrassing and weird! I went to the emergency room because one of my ears have an infection. 211 more words

From one asshole to another: an open letter to my son

I saw you look at me the other day, excitement in your eyes to have a surprise visit from your father.  You leaped across your grandmother’s bed, in your little pajamas, messy hair (you have your mother’s hair), and your flushed face, just to hug me.  1,241 more words

Life Rant

When the norm is not normal.

Back in highschool I used to have this huge crush on a classmate. One day we happened to board the same bus home. It was inevitably awkward on my part, trying to break the ice despite the enormous adrenaline rush through my veins and the accelerating heartbeat, well, typical puppy love. 328 more words

Life Rant

The Dangers of Reading

It is nothing new for anyone to hear that we, as a human species, live in the age of information.  We have various forms of media to pass on information, from books and television to radio, computers, and even art.  876 more words

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