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because a small town is like a small stage for teenagers and their drama

(Hoopes I did it again–Relient K)

I was thinking about this song, and I think this lyric applies to small schools too…things that really shouldn’t cause such waves, when occurring in such a small environment, become the focus of more attention than they deserve…especially since everyone knows everyone else’s business sometimes…word spreads faster than shots fired… 2,500 more words

Life Rant

It's funny how the tables turn


If you’d told me a couple years ago that one day I’d be tutoring prof comm I’d tell you that you were either an idiot or needed glasses and/or a hearing aid. 1,461 more words

Life Rant

I am Loved

(Who I am: Blanca)

I have had an overwhelming sense over the past few days that I am really blessed because I have the bestest friends ever. 602 more words

Life Rant

The Days Are Getting Shorter

(walk through the fire–consumed by fire)

This post is completely unedited b/c I didn’t feel like re-reading it…please pardon any typows or stupid or accidentally offensive thoughts…  :) 1,754 more words

Life Rant

The Hunting Backlash aka Death Threats Are NOT Okay

I love animals. I love animals so much that I no longer eat them and haven’t done for a number of years; 17 vegetarian/pescetarian and 3 vegan, if you want the strict background. 855 more words


Auckland to Wellington on a bus - why not?

Song of the day: Michael Buble – Home

I was required to go down to Wellington on short notice; thus, with even a Jetstar airfare surmounted to ~$100 one way, catching an Intercity bus seems like a much better deal, despite the challenge of sitting on a bus for 10 hours straight (?!?) It wasn’t the first time I took this bus, previously I took the night ride thinking that I could sleep through that 10 hours and wake up at 7am upon Wellington’s dawn. 254 more words

Life Rant

Fighting to walk towards the light...one last candle to keep out the night

(Courage–Superchick…Beauty From Pain–Superchick)

(this post was written last night so today=yesterday, but I wanted to wait to post it until I could at least glance through for glaring typos before posting…) 769 more words

Life Rant