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So When my heart hits the floor I can recalibrate

(Eye on it – TobyMac)

So you might expect based on my experience of midyear that presenting at the ISD ### STEM Career Fair would be something I would refuse…well, because I don’t say no to things I feel like I should do, I said sign me up. 1,299 more words

Life Rant

How Volunteering at an Animal Shelter Changes Your View on Life

Depressing. Scary. Dirty. Hopeless.

These were all the reasons why I resisted volunteering at an animal shelter. I’m irrationally emphatic when it comes to furry creatures, but that was the very thing holding me back from donating my time at a shelter. 788 more words

Word Scramble

I think I can't I think I can't

(For the moments I feel faint – Relient K)

My first on site rotation is a week from tomorrow.

I might still have not ever started preparing for interviews. 315 more words

Life Rant

it ends or it doesn't

Originally Published: August 8, 2016

To sum up what I’m about to say, this is a little rant about how I feel about life right now. 1,682 more words



I never thought of myself as introvert before. I think I’m just socially awkward and everyone is like that when they meet other people. Not in my 25 years of life I thought I am an introvert. 294 more words


11:02 PM

Not like I’m drowning in stress nor have buried my ugly crying face into my favorite blankie, after sending an email to my Anthropology prof, “asking for the exam breakdown”, when really… that was just my cry for help. 430 more words


Weening/tapering off of alcohol

So, this is the deal: I already hold two serious addictions in methadone and benzodiazepines and 1 lesser addiction in quetiapine (low dose to help me sleep).  235 more words