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Keeping up With Life

So I’m having a baby soon (yayy!) Like…very very soon. Like in four weeks (ahh!) And perhaps a little bit of panic has set in. 244 more words


To Hide in the Shadows...I Wouldn't Know the Beauty of Being Free

(We are Messengers – Maybe It’s Okay)


“But I’m just not that strong”


These were the last words of the video I watched a couple days ago. 2,506 more words

Life Rant

I'm Still Here

There is something about the sun, and faux warm weather (it looks warm and springy, but once you open your front door you’re like “holy fuck it’s 30 degrees out I better put on about five more layers of clothing) that makes me want to write. 440 more words

Everyday Rambling

The rant

Hi K,

As always, I’m bored out of my life today right now and I wasn’t even planning on writing today.

So why am I doing this? 304 more words

Personal Diary

Moving Out: What We're Looking For- Life Rant

IF YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to move, where would you go and what would you look for? You know, House Hunters-style? How many bedrooms, what kind of amenities, location, price, details, and all that good stuff? 1,018 more words


New Years Resolutions for 2019- Life Rant

2018 HAS FINALLY ENDED. How did the year go, for you? How was your New Years? Now that we have begun a brand new year, I would like to dedicate more time to things that I am passionate about and less time on things that are negative or toxic. 1,293 more words


In Memoriam: Lost Loved Ones in 2018- Life Rant

HAVE YOU EVER LOST a loved one? I’m sorry, because it sucks. It hurts. And I know it’s common knowledge, but I hate thinking about death: that one day we all eventually die. 1,706 more words