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Quitting Instagram Was One of the Best Decisions I've Ever Made

Back in the early 2010s, I remember starting my first Instagram account. It wasn’t much, but that’s what I liked about it. If I can recall, my first few photos consisted of some amateur shots of tulip fields in Washington, memories of fourth of July on a rooftop in Bellingham and my beautiful German Shepherd Dog. 1,388 more words


How To Cut Out Someone Close

It is an awful situation to be in but, sometimes, you may find yourself with no other choice than to distance yourself from someone you were once close to. 1,148 more words

Life Rant

"Whatever," My Wedding Mantra

I’m kind of over weddings, particularly being in weddings. I have two weddings coming up. One that will appear to be extremely laid back and casual because we’re walking down the aisle in cargo shorts and weird, frilly tank tops, and another that will appear to be very uptight, as it is your typical wedding with all of the bells and whistles. 715 more words


28. Is this the year shit finally sorts itself out?

I turned 28 this year.


28 years I have been on this planet. 10 years since I turned 18 and went to uni. 10 years since I started to carve the life I live now. 454 more words

All I Need is What You've Given Me

(Well of Lies – Flyleaf)

Sometimes it makes me angry when companies try to do something nice and people blast them with hatred because people are entitled brats sometimes…yep, I went there… 1,068 more words

Life Rant

How the F*** Did This Happen?

Dear No one,

I am still in shock of how I found myself in this position. One minute I have a plan and the next I drastically make a life change and decide to move to a completely different state. 156 more words

Life Rant

When Life Gives You Onions

I actually like lemons. They’re bright yellow and add acidity to meals, but onions—yuck! I know some of you out there love onions, but not me. 1,395 more words

Life Rant