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In a year's time

This time last year I was in Japan–flitting around the Kansai region and squeezing myself in the crowds of the Gion Matsuri.

This time last year I was also quite jobless. 390 more words


POEMS: "A simple life" by Margaret Jang

“A Simple Life”

Since time flies by terribly fast,
take a moment, to recall your past.
When you were young and really free,
is this the way you would rather be? 191 more words


POEMS: "The Veil To All Knowledge" by Trina Graves

The Veil To All Knowledge

From where do we come from?
And at death, where do we go?
These are the questions of life
That we all want to know…

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Entry 81 : Some Things Never Change...other things do.

It’s interesting seeing on social media how people you knew a lifetime ago have turned out. There are people that I knew back in the day who have grown up to do really cool stuff, and others who haven’t. 447 more words




Spending time with Friends

Who are more like family

Meeting trees that breath life

Doing some urban hiking

On bustling city streets

Knowing that those summer nights… 105 more words

Life Reflections

The Power of Thought on Self

A Man is but a product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes. – Mahatma Ghandi

The Link Between Thoughts, Feelings, & Your Behaviors…

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Soul things

I remember my mum always saying to me when things got a little tricky with me growing up,  “well, you’re in-between” (two ages or stages), and that was that. 1,179 more words