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“When you live in a library you are constantly being solicited by good-looking texts to leave your present love for their different, more novel, pleasures.”

~ William Gass, Life Sentences

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St. Louis Circuit Attorny urging lawmakers to clarify juvenile sentencing laws

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce wants people to call state lawmakers about a broken law concerning juveniles that is harming the families of murder victims. 284 more words


The Talk about Bali 9

The other day, the day after the “Bali 9″ execution, I told hubby how I felt about it. The death sentence to be precise.

I know what they did was wrong. 327 more words


Sentencing Reform, Grandparents Behind Bars and Reform Efforts Worldwide

Incarcerated Grandparents: Unlocking the Secrets of Trauma, Abuse, and Resilience from our Elders in Prison Interview with Dr. Tina Maschi

Graying Prisoners August.18, 2013 By Jamie Fellner New York Times… 122 more words

NYC gang member gets 12 life sentences after his rap lyrics are used as evidence against him

A New York City rapper received 12 life sentences after being charged with several gang-related violent crimes, including three murders. Included in the evidence against him were his own rap lyrics. 177 more words


Chenango County Prosecutor Joe McBride

A message for Chenango County (NY) Prosecutor Joe McBride.

You have stripped the citizens of Chenango County, NY, of their constitutional civil liberties. You have duped the men and women in uniform into believing it’s their duty to protect and serve your office & your political interests rather than the people of Chenango. 178 more words

America's Judicial Issues

UN torture investigator barred from US prisons

By Matthew MacEgan
March 13, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

On Tuesday, Juan Méndez, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Torture, Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, accused the United States government of refusing him access to Guantánamo Bay and other federal prisons, where he wishes to investigate the use of solitary confinement. 646 more words

Social Justice

sojourner reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:

If you find the following quote appalling, then read the entire article. "Méndez has further condemned the United States for being the only country that allows children to be imprisoned for life without possibility of release. “Life sentences without the possibility of release for children are expressly prohibited by international law and treaties,” he wrote in his report. “Significantly, the United States of America is the only State in the world that still sentences children to life imprisonment without the opportunity for parole for the crime of homicide.” We the people must put an end to this kind of cruelty and injustice, this kind of tyranny! Thanks to Matthew MacEgan, the author, and News for the Revolution!