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Being more creative

In academic psychology, there are two concepts of creativity:

1. an older one which sees creativity in terms of dreamlike cognition, psychoticism, ‘primary process’ thinking, and thoughts linked-by emotional-associations; and… 100 more words


Cut the crap

A long period of silence. People ask me: what is going on on planetcarmen? Honestly, most of the time, I was wondering that myself. After the cloudjam in Münsingen, I found out that I was pregnant and that was a very, very big surprise. 507 more words


Touch Typing: A Dying Art

So recently I had an unfortunate situation become a pretty fortunate one, whereby I aquired a new MacBook Pro. This generation is the latest update to Apple’s MacBook Pro line up and among its features is the new second-generation butterfly mechanism keyboard . 889 more words


Differential Learners: A pragmatic approach to education

Thought Leader: Serena Joseph


Differential learners are the so called- slow learners who we find in every classroom, sitting at the nook and corner of the class.

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Fitting Dreams In Your Current Reality

Visiting with a young server in a casual dining restaurant, she shared that her experience at a local college was going horribly. She wanted to improve her position in life. 470 more words

Better Person

Extending Myself to Grow

The title is too fancy for what I am about to talk about, but I have always seen learning extending oneself into growing essentially. I do not know about you, but when I learning something new it feels awkward and uncomfortable. 381 more words

Lead a stress free life

Life Skill

In current times, people have a very stressful life. Whether it is what we have brought onto us deliberately or it is being forced onto us is a highly subjective issue. 630 more words

Life Skill