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Do You Regularly Clear This Cache?

The life is becoming complex in this dynamic world day by day. We come across a variety of people with variety of their moods, expectations and experiences , actions and reactions. 612 more words


Self Kindness

Hello everyone and hope you are well,

I realize it has been a while since I have posted here. The past year has been full with completing my manuscript which meant all my writing time was devoted to that. 164 more words


Lust.. or Love..?

People tend to get confused or mix up these two – Lust and Love! What is lust..? What is love..? Lust is purely physical. When those hormones hit your brain, you’ll crave for sex. 492 more words


Soulmate.. Your Soul's Choice!

Are you still searching for your ‘soulmate’ to make you complete..? Or you’ve already found? (For those who’ve found) Okay, finally you found him/her and then..? 327 more words

Life Skill

Mother's Love #2 - Black or White?

Me : “Aunty, Do u like white or black?”
Sara Aunty : “I like both..”
Me (confused): ” Okay, but which one you like more?” 111 more words

Life Skill

Topper's Syndrome !!

Do you want to go back to your past and correct few things..? You all might’ve faced this question at least once in life.. Me too :) 557 more words


Assertiveness is key to good relationships. My take as featured in Reader's Digest.

Assertiveness is such a crucial skill. It helps us have our needs met, boosts our self-confidence and esteem and achieve importantĀ goals. Assertiveness is not being pushy or needy– it means having the courage to ask for things when they are important and being able to say no when it’s not in your best interest. 173 more words