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Podcast #8 - Why Money Management Is An Important Life Skill

Hello everyone! I just posted my newest podcast and I shared my thoughts on why money management is a skill everyone should have and what people should do with their money.    71 more words


Touching the Invisible...every day.

Hello everyone and hope you are well!

I am excited to announce that Touching the Invisible: A Field Guide for Living is now available. After almost 3 years it is humbling and exciting to have it completed. 205 more words



I happened to sit and listen to a man of great wisdom. It got me thinking a lot. I will share his words with you then we can reason together. 426 more words

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Scouts and Scouting

Being a Beaver, Cub and Scout played a massive role in developing my leadership skills from a young age. I am really appreciative of what my local Scout group did for me and how so many of these are still friends almost 20 years on. 36 more words


In Every Crisis, An Opportunity? Why You Should Get Lost While Traveling

I am from San Francisco, and way back, drove to Los Angeles to see a friend. I have never been to his house before and he just gave me his address. 1,149 more words


Travel & Tourism, On Top of Great, As a Way to Payback & Make Amends? The Right Thing to Do for Many is Native Americas

I am Thai American & my White Caucasian America mother had many cousins. One of them is married to Native American women and have lots of kids. 705 more words

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United Nations Conference on Trade & Development: Africa Should Boost Intraregional Tourism

My close relative just came back from tourism in South Africa with many wonderful stories of tourism. But she also said because of poverty, many roads have signs on them not to “Go Further” because it was not safe and so often her host had to drive around these areas, for hours, on another route, to the tourist destination. 593 more words

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