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A Powerful 4-Letter Word: Grit

I was ready to go to bed after the Blue Jays won the game against the L.A. Dodgers last night but decided to have a shot of espresso since the machine had been on for the last couple of hours. 405 more words

Shouldn't talking so much

From I was young until now, I am always so much talking. When I read a blog of Darius I just realize that “Yes, You shouldn’t talk so much. 482 more words

Life Skill

The Incredible Power of You

We live in a tough world.  There are so many forces out there that tell you to fall in line, do your job, and only a select few can and should be placed ahead of others.   504 more words

Why Should I Read | Outliers

What is the question we always ask about the successful?

We want to know what they are like, what kind of personalities they have, or how intelligent they are, or what kind of lifestyles they have, or what special talents they might have been born with.

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The Battle of LIFE

All of us know there are many things happening in and around us where someone or something is responsible for the course of action to begin and someone or something is at the end of the tunnel receiving the reactions of the action made. 506 more words

Live Alive

Gerakan Literasi Bangsa (Bagian 1)

Catatan, Gerakan, oleh Satria Dharma
2 September 2013

Literacy is an activity, a way of thinking not a set of skills. And it is a purposeful activity—people read, write, talk and think about real ideas and information in order to ponder and extend what they know, to communicate with others, to present their points of view, and to understand and be understood (Langer 1987) 862 more words

Human Being

The Idolatry of People

You. Are. Enough. Let me repeat that so it goes through. You. Are. Enough. ~Unknown.
Why do people look externally for internal validation? An individual falls short then, looks outwardly for someone else to elevate them. 454 more words

Better Person