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An important life skill

Conflict is part of life. We’ve all experienced it. The effects of conflict can be devastating and many lives are damaged as a result.

Dealing with conflict is an important life skill. 104 more words


Cara Melatih Life Skill pada Anak

  1. Cari tahu apa saja kebutuhan keterampilan hidup (Life Skill) bagi anak kita di saat sekarang dan nanti kalau sudah dewasa. Anda bisa mencarinya di google atau lakukan tes sidik jari JaPo atau Psikotest untuk melihat kebutuhan keterampilan saat ini.
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Life skill #1: How To Stitch A "Broke"

Just when innovation sprawl unto our lives many have grew oblivious of the “thing” of our grandparent’s and parent’s generation. All these high-tech gadgets and the life of social media have completely dazzled us with its capacity to bring ease and amusement at least. 464 more words