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4 ways how we women can reduce our fear to drive a car!

  • Are you 25 years old + young lady and are not able to gather the courage to drive.
  • When somone asks you Can you drive a car?
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Grating food is a great alternative to chopping. You can grate fruit or vegetables and other food like cheese. Follow the instructions below to find out how to use a grater safely. 100 more words

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Don't Get Angry

Why not get angry? Life sucks sometimes! However, anger clouds judgment. Cloudy judgment leads to poor results. And poor results blocks progress! For an individual to improve their life experience, the life experiences of people they influence, and the life experience of people who are held close, the focus must remain on positive results and personal progress! 466 more words


Bikin Nasi Sendiri

Duluu banget pernah baca cerita seorang ibu, dia cerita kalau sulungnya (7th), sudah bisa memasak nasi sendiri (pakai magic jar). Hmm, sempat terpikir bisa nggak ya Abdullah mulai belajar bikin nasi juga. 160 more words

Belajar Di Rumah

5 Life Skills Cooking Taught Me


It is said ‘A watched pot never boils’ – of course it does, eventually, but time seems to pass ever so slowly when you are watching, and it doesn’t help! 1,097 more words


Don't Let Everything On Board

I’ve had a revelation lately.

You know when you have those times that you overthink everything you say, stress about ever comment directly your way, obsess over every tiny problem or difficulty no matter how trivial? 275 more words

Mirai membantu memasak

Kira-kira apa respon pertama orang dewasa saat melihat bayi yang antusias membantu di dapur? Mulai dari reaksi panik, khawatir, takut dan berujung omelan. Tenang, saya sama takutnya. 402 more words

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