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Thinking a bit of my dream

It looks at times nothing you ever do is good enough. Having to deal with unnecessary difficulty makes one wonder why must you go through all of this nonsense of people. 138 more words


Hello again internet, how are we on this fine september afternoon? feeling a bit uneasy on how big the moon is compared to usual? wondering about the impending apocalypse and whether or not you’re man/woman/child enough to survive for a decent amount of time? 430 more words

Life Lessons

Life Skills: How to Make Ice Cubes Using an Ice Tray

Making ice cubes is a very simple task that is increasingly becoming lost on a generation used to having ice cube makers in their refrigerators, or purchasing… 311 more words

Life Skills

Life Skills: How to Boil Water

Please do not laugh at this post. There are many people out there who do not know how to boil water. None of us were born knowing, and it took many years before we were even allowed near a stove. 209 more words

Life Skills


One of the things I think is a big problem is the expectation to do things that I can’t do for a reason that is out of my control. 116 more words


Life Skills: What Are They And How Does One Teach Them?

Having a two year old Baby Bunny Smiles around has been making me (Mrs. Bunny Smiles) think about life skills. I often watch her developing all these new skills of hers. 1,519 more words

Life Skills

Home Made Butter: A Great Easy Science or Life Skills Lesson

I have become obsessed with making my own butter.
No, not huge amounts in an old wooden churn, but I kind of wish that was how I was making it, because that’s the earliest memory I have of being with my father’s mother. 707 more words

Life Skills