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A Year In Drammen

A Year In Drammen might not have the same allure as A Year In Provence (remember that mouth watering book by Peter Mayle?),  but it sure has been good to a repatriated Norwegian and her daughter (and the new member of the family Tino, the dog). 324 more words


Welcome to My Corner of the Internet

I’m here to help with those school/career questions that you might have, plus some questions that you haven’t even thought of. I’ve been on the tumultuous ride that is high school and college, and I know how to make your journey so much smoother.  


This 15th Aug, at the stroke of midnight, you will.....

THE TRUTH shall set you free. But first, it shall PISS YOU OFF. – Harv T Eker

Disclaimer – I’m responsible for what I say and not what you understand.

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Learning from Pancakes

This morning was a late start for us but there’s always time for pancakes, right?

This morning’s pancakes were no ordinary pancakes. They were learning pancakes. 408 more words


Cooking: A Fun and Useful Activity for Individuals with Disabilities

Almost as enjoyable as eating a satisfying meal is preparing one.  It’s not only fun, it can also be an educational activity.  What’s more, involving individuals in choosing and preparing the very food they eat is important for their physical health and emotional well-being. 643 more words



So this weekend I decided to celebrate my three months in Ireland with a trip to Dublin. I haven’t stayed in the city since I came last year so decided it was time to treat myself to some metro living. 488 more words


A Simple Question

It is during times like these that I wish at times, that I can remain a student forever and not being a grown up that has to work hard. 289 more words