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W23: Wheely Wonderful

Guess who learned to ride his bike? Yes, that’s right. His Lordship himself! He learned not only to pedal forwards but to ride without stabilisers. They put him on a two-wheeled bike from the start and within a few minutes he’d mastered the art of pedalling forwards and balancing and he was away. 207 more words


So I read a lot of articles about how to have an online presence. Judging by the long periods I go without posting……. well, I’m not learning much yet it would seem. 716 more words

Life Skills

Developing People, Not Just Players

With a new team or camp or any other development program, there is inevitably a period where everyone in the gym gets comfortable with each other. 816 more words


The day dawned chilly and bright. We were up with the sun that morning, operating in full gear. Today was the day we had volunteered to man the Baltimore County 4-H Rabbit Club table at the World Pet Expo, and when you’re an excited 6 year old girl, being late is not an option! 483 more words


One Step at a Time. Trust Me.

Have you ever encountered a slug on the ground? Have you just watched it move slow as possible? Quite cliché I know, but then you noticed a large amount of time had gone by without you realizing it? 542 more words


W22: Cycling Proficiency Training

Thomas has cycling proficiency training tomorrow and Friday. Which would be awesome apart from the fact that he can’t ride a bike. He never mastered the art of pedalling forwards, he could only pedal backwards. 349 more words


Pick a colour!........

Whilst surfing the Internet, I came across this great ‘colour chart’ for vegetables.

It’s the first I’ve seen that not only give you the calories, all the vitamins/minerals contained by ideas on how to eat them as well. 43 more words

Life Skills