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Letter to my Daughter.

Tonight I will attend the Jr High graduation of my second child.

For me, this marks the ending of the time in her life when I can try and convince myself that she is still a child. 853 more words

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Wisdom for First-time Business Owners

Dear CoachFaith: I just graduated from University and can’t find a job. I want to start my own business, but everyone says I shouldn’t do it. 402 more words

Life Skills

A Modern Couple: Interactive Art §.

The Modern Couple paintings are intended to be interactive and to promote dialogue about real life relationships, at any age.

Visitors may read and
or write the story of the  222 more words

Life Skills

Turning 21: Am I An Adult?

As I exited the foster-care system, one thing that would have helped me is having the opportunity to take classes on living independently.

I was enrolled in the state’s Independent Living Program (ILP), but it didn’t prepare me to be on my own — to understand bills or function in my own apartment. 517 more words

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5 Destructive EMOTIONS To Get Rid Of!

Some emotions can block your growth and success.

Let’s start by saying this. There are no emotions that you should feel guilty about. We’re all human beings with a variety of life experiences, and we have a variety of reactions to the things that happen in our lives. 687 more words

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Travel with your Pocket of Patience 

Most of us are traveling these days, enjoying the much needed rest and leisure time.When we hear an infant whimpering in the airplane many often wonder and some passengers even comment… 172 more words

Life Skills

On Freelancing and Health

The short version of this post is: trust me, take care of yourself or everything – including your work – will suffer. You can easily… 929 more words