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It's not all bad

My previous posts have dealt with the less pleasant aspects of bipolar disorder, but it isn’t all bad. In the process of finding a diagnosis and facing myself I discovered some amazing truths. 441 more words


Friends....isn't that a kids' thing?!!

What if friendship was the most important thing in your life? What if keeping connected with a few close friends was the best gauge of your mental wellbeing? 345 more words


How Pikachu making evolves into creativity teaching!

What a super busy weekend for the little ones (and us), as we conducted 3 classes over 2 days! Phew!

BUT it was really a great joy to interact and teach the kids some useful lifeskills on mixing, rolling and creativity. 166 more words

Little Cookhouse

Why the US has let me down

I love my home. Truly, deeply, fondly. I have been so fortunate to have grown up in a kind, loving, supportive home.I have had endless opportunities afforded to me. 799 more words

How to grocery shop like a boss when you have kids

I hate grocery shopping! I don’t think I can stress that enough. Of all the household tasks that I do, grocery shopping is my least favorite. 517 more words


Too Old For This

The title of this post is what echoed in my mind the moment I thought about taking gymnastics classes again. I had recently turned 25 and as much as I missed gymnastics, the thought of putting on a leotard and tumbling around on the floor with children made me cringe. 692 more words


Negotiating Life?

It crossed my mind this morning that we are constantly negotiating our lives. 672 more words