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Here’s why we won’t be celebrating Halloween

I’d love to say that celebrating Halloween goes against my religious belief, but nope! The reason we won’t be celebrating Halloween this year is because of this photo below: 226 more words

School Time

Plant -A-Plant

We had a planting tree week, with real time soil, gravel, pots and soil transfer.


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What was the last book you read? It’s a question I often ask the young people I teach life skills. Sadly, I’m often dismayed to hear most of them have not read anything beyond the required textbooks in school or if they have taken Literature in English classes, the recommended texts for that year’s exam. 581 more words

Life Skills

How to ask a girl out

Below you will find five ways to ask a girl out. I spend most of my free time exercising, reading and doing photography but I’ve never really tried asking a girl out before. 378 more words

Life Skills

Irrever-something: my new favourite word!

I’ve got a new, favourite word! Irreverent. Being irreverent. I had to look it up, and now my best description is to be direct, saying things as they are, taking things lightly that are normally taken seriously, being cheeky with a good intention. 236 more words



The other day I was procrastinating some big item on my todo list (perhaps not the best admission for the start of this post), and found myself looking at what others had written about necessary “adulting” skills. 231 more words