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How to Choose Your Problems

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Why would we want to choose problems?  Life can be so beautiful, why tarnish it?  It’s true that we can create a beautiful life.   631 more words

Danica Piche

piggybacking {productivity}

Last week I wrote about viewing tasks as full cycles.

Once you have that skill under your belt, there is an additional way in which this can benefit you: by… 557 more words


How to set up a super-strict Gmail filter for kids Grandma

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) prohibits websites from collecting information on any users under the age of 13.  Which is great.  But it also makes it hard for kids to use certain web tools.   332 more words


Where did the jobs go?

A quick search of the Internet makes it very apparent that the career market is requiring more specialized skills and yet the pool of qualified applicants from which employers are pulling is shrinking. 232 more words


Why am I on here?

We as people need to know our value. More than this, we need to feel as though we have some control over our value.

Deep down in all of us we want to know that if we don’t have the skills necessary to get us where we want to go, that perhaps we can at least create the skills we need. 258 more words


Live your life, being true to yourself.

Live your life, being true to yourself. Your goals are to hold no regrets at the end of your life.

Live your life being true to yourself. 715 more words


Is Social Media Doing Anything For You?

Is Social Media all about true interaction between two parties or is it just “tapping keys”? Should the word “social” be changed in Social Media to either “Digital Media” or “Emedia.”?  195 more words

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