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too schooled 

growing up in an Asian environment, it’s drilled into you from day one that excelling in school is of utmost importance. because it’s what gets you into good schools, good courses, good jobs and hopefully, a good future making good money. 358 more words



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about opportunities.

I like to think I take advantage of every opportunity given to me, but truth is I more than often don’t. 224 more words


#Glean-a-Book: The Power of Today (How to Follow Through on Your Life Decisions)

If there is one perpetual message I have heard reiterated by the greats in the self-help and personal growth speaker-sphere, it is this: that daily actions matter. 772 more words

Life Skills

Why a bit of drama is good for you.

Years of research show that involvement with the creative arts is closely linked to almost everything that parents say they want for their children: academic achievement, social and emotional development, life skills and equality of opportunity among other things. 1,075 more words


Conscious Sedation - Is it for You?

Do you have dental anxiety?  Have you put off dental treatment because you can’t stand the thought of going into a dental office? Do you have a touchy gag reflex? 525 more words


22 LinkedIn Skills And What They Actually Mean You're Good At

As someone who has never held a true job (grad students, raise yo’ hands), I have a pretty solid LinkedIn profile (500+ connections, say what). Corporate folks have actually complimented me on my profile, and LinkedIn often suggests CEO-ships for me to apply to (that year as president of an undergrad club really prepared me for the big leagues). 773 more words

Having “Grit” or Stick-to-itiveness

This month we will focus on the powerful word; “perseverance.”

Perseverance is “grit” or stick-to-itiveness. The decision to persevere even when challenged says a great deal about someone’s character. 291 more words

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