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Narratives of Grief

Talia, beautiful woman. She was the story of my enchantment, but one ended abruptly when the chapters had barely been read. Anger was my first response to her demise. 287 more words

Life Skills

Little Chefs

The Lost Boy and a friend helped me out in the kitchen! A red cabbage and quinoa slaw and a beautiful batch of gluten free muffins were the fruits(& veg) of their labour.

When the Future Seems Unsure...

I’ve always liked to think that I have plans A-Z all figured out. But can I be honest? In so many ways I feel as if I’m just winging it. 696 more words


Boundary Setting 2: the Importance of Self Care

We’ve all had times when demands on us are heavy, often from multiple directions. Many of us default to accommodating as many demands as possible, and in the process, we forget one very important factor: self-care. 694 more words


The Art of Conversation

I think that I am not alone with the struggle for starting a conversation. I am always there racking my brain for something to say, slightly embarrassed that I will of course say the wrong thing. 477 more words

The Beginning

Let's be honest, Adulting Sucks.

I know, I know. Look at that, another millenial who just does not to grow up.

I won’t lie and say that’s not a little bit true (who wouldn’t) but, honestly, I want to work and work well; it’s just not that easy. 230 more words

Which Neighborhood do you live in?

There seems to be two neighborhoods people live their lives in –


In the Scarcity Neighborhood people find themselves

full of doubt,

lacking passion, 212 more words

Lifes Lessons