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How to organize your daily schedule : in 5 steps

​Hey friends, Welcome to Just a thought –because all starts with it. Today, we will discuss 5 easy steps to organize your daily schedule.

We all are aware of the fact that scheduling make things go smoother than doing random tasks or unplanned events. 325 more words



 Real Men don’t sweep woman off their feet, they aren’t the ones who make her swoon, or want to sign photographs for her. Real Men aren’t riding horses or motorbikes or wearing Tattoos, or found in the pool halls or boxing rings. 463 more words

Life Skills

You have to kick start the "race".

Inauguration Day is here: It’s time to wake up. Our “race” needs to get started…again.

Election night changed me…it made me realize what’s important. That empty pit in my stomach that night and the next morning told me I must refocus on what’s important and it starts with me and it ends with my people. 956 more words

Life Skills

7 ngày thanh trừng trước thềm năm mới

Bạn cảm thấy một năm trôi qua vô cùng nhạt nhẽo? Bản thân không có thành tựu gì đang kể thì thôi không nói, đằng này lại ngày càng trượt dài?

2,672 more words

What Are You Thinking?

Do you know what you’re thinking about right now?  Are your thoughts moving you to your Purpose, Vision and Goals?  The idea of being in touch with personal thoughts intrigues me because I believe that what we think and believe causes our emotions and emotions lead to action. 202 more words


The Importance of Setting Goals

It’s January, month of the resolution.  But how many of us are actually still following them?  Fair play to you if you are, I know I wouldn’t be.   1,040 more words


How to Develop a Routine that Works and Saves Time

Ah!!! This week has been a blessing. The weather has been fantastic! It was all sunny and warm temperatures, got to make new friends, learned how to manage my time and had successful jobs. 705 more words