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An Apostle of Love

O’Maya the Mother of Delusion, how powerful and real-like is your witchcraft that entraps man forever in the world of relationships and objects of desire? 394 more words

Full Moon of Love

Greetings on this day of Kartik Purnima (full moon in the lunar month of kartik) and the advent of the great teacher Guru Nanak who undertook journeys far and wide to spread the message of love. 108 more words

Divinity - the perfect plan

The plan is perfect but our understanding is imperfect. The execution of the plan is also perfect but our awareness of the planner and executor is imperfect. 350 more words

Giving - the path to divinity

Man is a manifestation of divinity. Man takes human birth only to realize and experience the truth that Man is God. Even though the soul understands it’s inherent divinity in all the other dimensions it has to incarnate on planet earth to experience this truth. 471 more words


On the first night of the auspicious Navratri (Nine Nights dedicated to the Divine Mother) may the wisdom of the reality of human birth enlighten the minds mired in sloth and ignorance. 168 more words

Giving birth to Krishna

Meditation has different connotations for different people depending upon their stages of evolution. Concentration on breath is just the beginning.

Living in God is the highest form of meditation. 152 more words

The Perfect Plan

Whatever is best for us the Universe delivers. It may not be what we expect but it certainly is what we need.

The plan is perfect only our understanding is imperfect. 33 more words