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When do I get break things without consequences?

I feel frustrated. I feel like I need to say something and I don’t know how. I’m better at writing honestly about life with poetic overtones about sadness and overcoming darkness with light. 750 more words

Words + Rants

Life smells funny

I told her that Life smells funny anyway.

And she replied with a simple Better get some strong perfume.

Maybe we should have left it at that but I concluded with… 120 more words


The Mel Brooks Blogathon Arrives!- Day One

Day One of the Mel Brooks Blogathon has arrived!  Below are the entries that have been submitted so far (the list will be updated as entries come in; click… 76 more words

Filmmaker Tributes

Clear, Clean, File...or Else

If we don’t regularly clear and clean out our purse, our car, our desk, or our sink, we will suffer consequences.

Unfortunately, it is the same if we don’t clear, clean, and file things… 68 more words


When Life Stinks

One reason I love to read the Psalms is because they were written by real, honest to goodness people. People I can identify with. People who weren’t writing to produce a hit song, but to express both their pain and joy, things that life has a way of bringing. 723 more words


Living la vida broka

Hello lurkers,

Life in the land of wooden shoes and windmills is quite crummy at the moment. For me it is anyway. Yeah, I am going to write another depressing “oh boohoo my life sucks” post. 459 more words