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Wonder Sunday: Lisopril & Maalox

I’ve been reading, again.  This may or may not be good.

Several weeks ago I read an article about high blood pressure.  Apparently Europeans aren’t so concerned about high blood pressure.  344 more words

Life Stories

Under the shooting stars

Jensen Chapel at Thousand Pines was filled to capacity that late summer evening during the college-career camp I attended at age 19. There had been a few songs, an inspiring sermon by a preacher whose name I can’t remember, and then Bob Shepherd got up to lead more singing. 557 more words

About Prayer

The Music Video: Lost Art Form?

Remember music videos?  I remember music videos.  I remember racing home during my Hanson Fan glory days (yeah, you read that sentence correctly.  I love Hanson, get on board) and turning on TRL to catch the ‘Weird’ music video and getting really upset when Korn always seemed to beat them out on the countdown.   756 more words

Life Stories


Okay guys, I promise you this is the final post for the night.

I just thought I would share something pretty significant that happened to me today. 137 more words

Life Stories

Another Thing


Another post on the same night?

Is this real?

Am I real (obviously not)?

Anyway, I just remembered something. Another awesome thing happened recently. I managed to get my Ls! 58 more words

Life Stories


Hey guys,

I’m sorry about my last post. I was thinking that maybe, because it’s been a while and because it was so short/sad, I might give you guys another post. 287 more words

Life Stories

Overworked and Overtired: A Full Time Cashier's Story.

I think I work too much.

How does someone under the age of 30 manage to work a full time, forty hour a week job and still balance things life social lives and down time? 563 more words