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More alone now than I've ever been.

At this point, my mental illness has driven all my friends away. There is no one to show me love. I’m feeling tremendous guilt. Like no one deserves a mess like me and maybe I am undeserving of the love I need to flourish. 271 more words

Life Stories

Re-blogged....an old video I did...

Wow!  PurpleSage blogged this video of me talking about Growing Up Butch…this is like almost 10 yrs old now, but it is all still very relevant.  86 more words

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Perv teacher Stopped in the nick of time! Oklahoma choir teacher Lacey Sponsler exposed herself to students doing a cartwheel while wearing a skirt with no underwear - Goes on to year probation

‘Perv in the making!’

Choir teacher, 34, who exposed herself ‘bare private parts’ to high school students whom she told how she ‘thought fourteen year old boys were like men’ 537 more words

Wisconsin and the beginning of an ending

We met by chance, late one night in October. It was thanksgiving, too much alcohol, food, and a table full of strangers. I was never meant to be there, he was never meant to be there, but there we were. 841 more words


What Happens In This House, Stays In This House.

Growing up, I was always taught, “what happens in this house, stays in this house.”  Our family always tried to paint this perfect picture.  With fake smiles in the family photos that we took every holiday, we always hid the misery and the pain that we endured year after year.   2,080 more words

Life Stories

Being Blind

“Doggo. Lend me your scarf.” I wrapped my eyes with it, wreathed it tightly, making sure no light was able to penetrate through, I capped it with my sunglasses, making sure the scarf was even secured. 625 more words



cost of diabetes globally courtesy of American Diabetes Association

It was this time of the year I was preparing to do my end of year exams, three years ago. 780 more words