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Falling for Fall

Fall is arguably one of the best seasons. For those of us in the lovely Midwest region, this fall has been pretty unpredictable. We’ve had beautiful fall weather, dreary fall weather and lovely (typed with sarcasm) 80 degree days. 744 more words


Half Moon

5 a.m. Dark. The half moon is out next to Orion’s girdle.

At the beach, away from city lights, it all becomes.

I get my half-moon tan and do my half-moon dance in the half-moon light. 138 more words

Life Stories

Cycle of Life

I’ve got dreams
And expectations,
Not as light as before
And weighed down with gravitation.

Life fills up
Like a weighted basket,
And you carry this load… 114 more words



What is it that matters most to you? Why does it matter? What are you hoping to experience?

If your values are one thing and you are rowing your boat in an opposite direction you just end up going in circles.   10 more words


Goodbye Carrollton

As the sun sets on my last night in Carrollton, GA, I can’t help but to be riddled with emotions. It’s bitter sweet. I have grown to love this small town over the years, but a new adventure awaits. 672 more words

Life Stories

The Overthinker

That’s me. Like crap I overthink like crazy – i hate it. Someone comments on a post boom instantly pops up on that and starts thinking of some reply back. 163 more words

Brain Posts

Travel Anxiety

Tomorrow I am going on a two week holiday to Sri Lanka and right now I am kind of excited but a few weeks ago it was a completely different story. 403 more words

Life Stories