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Mr Right for the Wrong Reasons.

Being disabled doesn’t just impact the one with the disability, but also those around them. Family, friends, and colleagues have to adapt quickly to accommodate someone’s needs, which can be a daunting and problematic task at the best of times. 490 more words


Looking for Rose Paterson: How Family Life Nurtured Banjo the Poet, by Jennifer Gall

NLA Publishing produce gorgeous books, and this one is no exception.  Looking for Rose Paterson is a beautiful, lavishly illustrated exploration of the life of the mother of… 1,157 more words


On The Road Again...

We have been back in Moldova for over a month, I have been back in the office for several weeks and I have been so encouraged to see the Lord is carrying out His works in some amazing ways here in Moldova. 2,595 more words


Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza in religious ‘crusade’ orders unwed couples to marry by year end - Govt says they have a population explosion caused by "illegal marriages"

Burundi president orders  unwed couples to marry by year end or face the wrath of his ‘religious crusade’
He said church and state-sanctioned weddings are the solution and a patriotic duty – Interior ministry… 643 more words

Why? (Raped, Beaten, Scarred, Abandoned)

I learned when I was 2 years old that a father can hurt a son so terribly and leave a scar so deep, so wide that 26 years can go by and it not fade even a little. 1,264 more words

Life Stories

Girl you should leave him: NOT!

My daddy used to always tell me when I was a younger that my problem is that I don’t listen…LOL… but he was wrong. I listen. 1,033 more words

28-year-old Winsconsin woman foils Car thief, when she unexpectedly vaulted on top of her stolen vehicle - stopping the carjacker in his tracks

Car jacker did not expect woman at gas pump to risk life and limb in her attempt to stop him stealing her car 
Melissa Smith was filling up her car at a gas station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when a thief jumped into her vehicle… 576 more words