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It's not about the guns

It’s not about the guns, nor the second amendment.

These are the straw dogs everyone has constructed for us to argue about.

The issue is about people who kill people. 425 more words

Life Stories

Sense of Time...

Once, an old man and a young man were sitting on the shore of a wild and stormy river.

“Master,” the student asked, “why does the time flow straight, but always ripples, either slowing down to a complete stop, or racing like a cow with a thistle under her tail?” 253 more words


Cookies Mania (F & Q's Adventure race challenge)

Nights of midnight baking have finally come to an end.

we have raised $2560 in total.

Thanks to everyone who showed their support by buying cookies from us, your money are going for a good cause and also made it possible for us to enter the race! 232 more words

Life Stories

In Anticipation! From Mahinda to Tony in Unity

Wasantha Sanath’s Pencil Drawing gifted to the In-Power  TONY from the In-Power Mahinda … maybe with a planetary assurance that both would still be in power NOW

Life Stories

The Value of Education

How funny is to remember about the past when you least expect, I mean not the day, month or the year before, is many years ago. 619 more words


Dog-Friendly Area #7: Palisades Park, NJ

This past week has been interesting. Due to the threat of Hurricane Joaquin my road trip and subsequent half marathon race was cancelled. Big BOOOOO. All that training and build up and then to have the race be cancelled was pretty disappointing. 362 more words


Nothing Sacred

Nothing Sacred, a verse novel by Linda Weste was launched at Museo Italiano last Wednesday.

Nothing Sacred is a novel written in free verse poems. 634 more words