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I'm Me

I’ve been looking for myself,

With time alone at the Oregon coast,

With prayer and meditation,

With Tarot and IChing,

And then on my way into town for groceries, 320 more words

Life Stories

guiltless summer

It is sinking in.

All that guiltlessness that I could never quite understand. It is said that there is no guilt in the realm of Buddhism, but I have should-dos at every corner. 220 more words

Life Stories

Dark Thoughts

I’m sorry that this will be another downer post. I wish I could say that this week ended well in some way, and that I’m better than I was a day ago. 495 more words

Life Stories

I am an Overcomer in all things!

Have you ever taken those quizzes on Facebook that ask you which disciple you are most like? I have and it always tells me I’m most like Peter. 897 more words

Life Stories


For those that know me it’s not a big surprise that I am writing about animals. I love them. I would love to be able to open a foster home for them. 2,011 more words

Family Stories

About Blog Archives

This post is in response to Writing 201’s Day 5 assignment: Make the Most of Your Archives.
The forget-me-not is my favorite flower, not only reminding me of my childhood in Alaskan mountains, but also of other stories I have to share.What better photo do I have reminding me about my archives? 667 more words

Life Stories


For years, my daughters boyfriend (and partner in crime) has been throwing around two Italian phrases at the drop of a hat – “Basta!” and “Ci Vediamo”, ¬†spoken with as much Italian accent as he could muster and always with the appropriate throwing out or up of the hands, overly embracing the Italian way of gestures in conversation. ¬† 877 more words