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Assessment | Drawer 12

Other little quirks come to the fore, from clarifying markers (a cut-out paper arrow) to surface damage caused by unknown hungry insects.

And there are reproductions galore. 1,058 more words

Archival Assessment

3 Years of Travelling| [Unintenional] Vision Board

I always seem to write on this blog when there is something else that I should be doing. Tonight, (this morning, idk.. it’s 1:28am) I should be working on my other blog, the “real one”, the blog I’ve been putting at least 60% of my brain towards (of that 10% of our brains that we actually use). 1,009 more words

Life Stories

CHARVI + MANEK Life Travel journey-78

She found Nandhini, they hugged each other. After initial enquiries, “so why you made, a sudden visit to India, in two months time, your exams are due” Nandhini bent her head, “what is it Nandhini” she openend her phone, and showed the picture. 416 more words


My Roommate ... the Drug Dealer

August 1996.

It is move in time for freshmen entering THE (you had better not forget the THE) Ohio State University.

My parents helped me getting everything moved into my room at Morrill Tower (next to Ohio Stadium). 538 more words

Life Stories

8 AM: The Mountain of Fire and Thunder

Sunday is probably the wrong day to share these thoughts, but again, the intention is to spur more Kenyans to conduct their house- hunting on Sundays, around 8 am. 1,852 more words

Life Stories

That time I almost came out

For as deeply closeted as I was in high school, college, and for most of my married life, there was a time that I remember almost coming out. 686 more words