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There's Way More Going On In Your Head Than There Is In Reality! (THIS WILL BE UP FOR ONLY 3 DAYS!)

I began to write an article today and it’s turning into a book. I’m only keeping this up for a few days to give you an idea of how this has all been processing in my mind. 3,425 more words


Owning My Sex Appeal!

Look at them,

Now look at me

See the difference? Well, I do too. They are some fine examples of hot young sexy men. You know the kinds that give you a tingly feeling and weak knees and one wink they give you and boom! 987 more words

Grandaddy's Gas

Old age hath yet his honor and his toil;

Death closes all: but something ere the end,

Some work of noble note, may yet be done… 1,284 more words


Dating While Old

Dating while old is pretty terrible. When it happens at all!

Recently I met a man on a flight back from LA* and it was notable enough that I tweeted about it. 513 more words


Think about it

Think about it.

Saying all the right things in all the right situations to all the right people. No awkwardness, no embarrassment, no shame, no pain. 827 more words

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Nate at Nouvel...

…Speaking of the Glory of God!

Nate was invited to speak to the 7th and 8th graders at Nouvel Catholic School on May 17, 2019. He told them all about his bull riding experience while offering some good advice. 228 more words

Breaking Chains, Breaking Crutches.

My mind was as hollow as it seemed, I was limping forwards, into the direction of nonentity, chasing blindly whilst catching my breath frantically. I was gripping tightly, desperately to the plastic crutches supporting my ability to walk, putting myself to the front with the least amount of energy possible. 657 more words