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04 — Peanuts for Thought?

I found myself weeping again after watching the Peanuts Movie for probably the fifth time in the past few months… I love that movie so much. 227 more words


Menuju Akhir 21

Postingan ini kubuat untuk catatanku sendiri. Bukan sesuatu yang cukup bermakna mungkin untuk kalian baca. Hanya berisi beberapa harapan dan kekesalanku di usia yang sudah muda ini (anggap saja siklus kehidupan ini: sangat muda – muda – tua – sangat tua). 529 more words

Life Story

Kicked Off The Bus?

Well today when Little Bear got off the bus, the driver was bent nine ways to hell saying that he’s not supposed to be riding the bus for the next three days and that I should have seen a letter or note or something about it. 248 more words


Don't read if you're in a hurry

Hi, I’m Jade (the one having a titanic-esque moment in the picture) and I’m a 19 year old student who has no idea what she’s doing with her life. 789 more words



Hi, I’m Devon. I love to write and I hope you will read my future posts and follow my journey.  For almost 20 years I’ve suffered from a few autoimmune disorders. 86 more words


Transition into Darkness - Gimme a glimmer

Visit this link if you are just joining me – Part 1.   Wouldn’t want you missing parts of the story!

During my time of being what I call “lab rat” for medications several things began to occur.   406 more words