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Always choose good over pleasant!

“Swamiji how can I move away from people who bring me down and don’t want me to be successful? Swamiji how do I deal with the toxic family.” … 398 more words


before the doctrine.

before anyone was ever an adult, they were someone’s innocent lovable bouncing baby. adults are then babies that grew up being indoctrinated with social and human construct.  180 more words

be a witness.

when I see beauty (grace) everywhere and feel overcome with a surge of gratitude for being a witness to it, I am reminded that each soul on earth was brought here to bear witness. 82 more words

stop punishing yourself.

every abuse that we tolerate means we are complicit . we believe we deserve the pain, that somehow if we had done something different or if we had been someone different, we would be worthy of better. 156 more words

blame no one.

it’s by default that one places blame on an absent father or mother for their struggles with life, even lack of intimacy and all others. like all others, those insecurities are build up within oneself, by them-self. 219 more words

assume nothing.

disagreements between friends, family and strangers mostly happen because of assumptions. assume nothing. accept what they tell or show you and meet people where they are, and don’t try to think for the other person, whether it is good thoughts or bad ones, chances are you will get it wrong. 65 more words

Victim or Victor

In her New York Times opinion-editorial (October 13, 2017), many understood Mayim Bialik’s conditional statement to read as:

If you’re beautiful, you’ll be sexually assaulted or harassed.

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