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The Google of Spiti*

‘Knock! Knock’

We were all sitting in our room post-lunch, before setting out for Kibber, when Murli comes in. With him, was this tiny boy with shining eyes and a mellow smile. 1,696 more words


Last 23rd

Second floor!

Where exactly on the second floor? I ask

Come on, Marc. You find me.

Of course as they say a man knows the face of a woman she loves just as the sailor the open sea, I immediately pick her out from the growing crowd at the eatery at the far end on the second floor of T-Mall. 788 more words

Life Tales

What School Didn't Teach Me X True Story

Raised in a world of different religions,
Different faiths,
As many say, “only God can judge us
This is more of a story…(Names will not be mentioned) 587 more words

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I Will Never Be The Same...🕴🏼

Everyone has that one thing that makes them who they are,
Like that one friend who’s always in trouble,🤒
That one friend who’s always “new beginnings” every month ,🤐 150 more words

Shirley's Blogs

Eclipster Trek to Totality (or 'There and Back Again...Eventually')

I don’t recall exactly when my husband Ian first mentioned the 2017 solar eclipse to me, but it was at least 2 years ago. I had been in Peoria in 1994 and had seen the annular solar eclipse, which was pretty cool. 1,703 more words

Life Tales

Barcelona Wrap-Up: Sky Buckets and Selfies With Jesus

Wednesday was our last full day in Barcelona, and although I wasn’t looking forward to the end of vacation, I had also been eagerly awaiting this day, as it would mean adding another European Ferris wheel to my collection. 1,241 more words

Life Tales

Barcelona Day 5, Part 2:

Looking sharp in our new hats, Rachel and I browsed a few more shops in the Gothic Quarter before stopping for lunch at a restaurant called… 904 more words

Life Tales