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So. I realised that I haven’t actually sat down and written a piece for my own personal enjoyment in literally two months. Without going into too much detail, the last couple of months have been full of change for me and I’m coming out the other side with a new outlook on a lot of things. 403 more words

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The day I asked for help with depression


I like to make up songs probably as a coping mechanism for serious conversations I don’t want to have, but know I need to. 338 more words

Personal Issues

Coffee Shops and Clubs: Korea

6am in Hongdae, you’re sober, and you’ve gotta find a taxi home. I think a lot of young people who are from or have been to Seoul can relate to that scenario. 808 more words

Life Things

What Next?

I have been MIA for a bit now because I honestly forgot I had a blog lol. I have accomplished 1 whole thing since my last post and that is that I am officially a certified personal trainer! 319 more words

Temples and Vending Machines: Japan

What I’ve most often said about Japan is that it feels like a timewarp to me. Both technologically progressive and socially conservative, the most culture shock I’ve felt was in Japan. 388 more words

Life Things

The Good, the Bad, and the Exciting

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life gets busy and the last week or two has been filled with:

⁃ Anxiety
⁃ Getting sick… 266 more words


August Days

A couple weeks ago, I wandered around The Farm, delighting in how lush everything smelled, and how in the middle of all the summertime green, there were little bits of color, promising a coming Autumn. 124 more words

Life Things