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Simple emotions

Texture by Kim Klassen; just a touch; multiply 100% with selective masking

At 10 months, she mastered a full crawl. She became upright at 11 months and discovered there is a whole new world about twelve inches off the floor. 393 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale


Beauty at scale rarely seen
by human eye, but inbetween
lush blades of grass daily spy
a microworld of strange small fry

As this mini-jungle wakes… 118 more words

Life Through The Pen

Feeding faith and starving fears

I don’t know whether to be thrilled or terrified.


Entrepreneur’s biopsies of his lungs and thyroid are inconclusive for cancer cells. A biopsy confirmed the cells in the removed kidney were, indeed, renal cell cancer. 311 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

One of the things that sticks in my head from a photography course that I did is the instructor’s mneumonic for depth of field settings: F-stop 2 = 2 fence posts; F-stop 22 = 22 fence posts. 19 more words

Life Through The Lens

January collage

Seems like good advice to begin the year.

I’m soooo far behind on my writing. Ideas swim around in my head, but with everything going on in the real world, they never make it past the ideating stage. 134 more words


Here, there and in-between

There is a split second right when I wake up where it feels like everything is normal. A moment when I look forward to the day. 382 more words