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Trying to get your foot in the door? Have a seat , it will take a while

Well, finally I got a domain name that did not already exist, jeez! One more notification like that and I would have given up trying…not. Would you look at that, my first demonstration of being ballsy, I never give up…okay, sometimes I do. 152 more words

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Whenever I hang out with some friends, the common topics on the table often start with the struggle everyday their lives have become.

People tell how frustrate their works are: a difficult boss, a stressful job, a non-stressful job, an unsatisfied salary, or annoyed customers.They express the endurance they have to take everyday and wait till they receive the payroll. 926 more words

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Mindful Quest : 6 Lessons I Learnt After Being A Housekeeper

Let me leverage with you guys, I suck at this job.

However, I am not bitching about this on this post. The fact that after one month of being a housekeeper, I have learnt so much about dealing with stressful situations and how to keep myself fresh and be prepared by being aware of everything going on. 1,604 more words

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Sympathy vs. Empathy?

There is a huge difference between Sympathy and Empathy.

When we interact with a person who is deeply in hurt and pain, in the effort to cheer them up, sometimes we try to convince them to believe in our perspective by saying “You know, it’s all gonna be Okay if you do this and that”. 144 more words

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5 Simple Ways To Live Your Life Easier (That You Don't Even Notice)

Everyday, there are so many obstacles we have to deal with: finding a job, paying mortgages, taking care of our babies, or making excuses to not coming to a friend’s party… And I know, it can be so overwhelming that you just want to give everything up. 967 more words

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