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Being High in Spirits

A life full of oomph, vigor and zeal can drive you crazy. Generally, we all live with blood, sweat and tears but don’t miss this craziness in your life, be radiant and lively. 105 more words




To trust again or

Not to trust?

Is it only a human condition?

Do I really need trust? Or can I live

My life without It? 14 more words



And we pretend

to be superheroes

when we are only

tiny Lego toys.


Inspired by the WP Daily Prompt: pretend

Photo credit: pixabay


Peaceful Quiet Waters

So destroyed

All pieces

Seeking for a piece of peace

I lead to the Lake.

Your water can heal me

Your silences can give me peace. 64 more words


Deceptive Appearances

Not pretending to be perfect, I really suffer when I recognize falsehood in people. It is so difficult to detect it though! Appearances are deceptive. … 146 more words


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If Planned Parenthood Thinks Black Lives Matter, It Should Stop Killing Them

“In the past few months, the abortion chain Planned Parenthood has been eager to align itself with the Black Lives Matter movement, which came about in response to shooting deaths of black men by police. 47 more words

Abortion Facts

China is Kidnapping People and Harvesting Their Organs While They are Still Alive

“Women in their seventh, eight or even ninth month of pregnancy are being forcibly taken from their homes and strapped to tables where doctors abort their unborn children. 48 more words

Right To Life