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Evangelist Kevin Paulson’s Cherished Errors

“Right now there is a lively discussion about a side topic of abortion in the ADVINDICATE Adventist forum founded by Shane Hilde. You may remember him from a few years ago when the Creation-Evolution was a hot topic among Adventists. 64 more words

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Prince a musical genius who used his talent to push sexual rebellion

“Prince was rightly praised for his musical genius, but he was also disturbingly lauded for being a radical sexual trend setter, someone who blazed the way for a new, amoral sexuality that rejected all the Christian virtues related to that intimate realm of human relationships. 33 more words

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At Easter services, Russian Orthodox Church aims to collect 1 million names backing abortion ban

“Orthodox Christians believe that God creates a person in His image at conception, as Christianity has believed from its beginning.  The official position from the Moscow Patriarchate states that, “since the ancient time the Church has viewed deliberate abortion as a grave sin. 33 more words

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If your Values and desires as a human being cause harm to others, you value the wrong things.


The Thin Pink Line Between the Prolife Movement & the Abortion Agenda

“Yes, there is a very thin pink line between the prolife movement and the abortion agenda. It screams volumes of how they all neglect the real victim, the dead aborted child, as if the child is a prop in a movie of their life. 36 more words

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Pro-Life Groups Demand Kamala Harris Resign After Raiding David Daleiden’s Home, Stealing Videos

“Since the news of the raid hit the mainstream media, information has surfaced about Harris’s close connection to Planned Parenthood. The abortion group and its partners donated more than $81,000 to Harris’s election campaigns, … 13 more words

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