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"When you're values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier"

“Who you are, what you hold dear, what upsets you, and what underlies your decisions, are all connected to your personal values. Your values reflect what is important to you. 610 more words

Body & Mind

Stages in life...from start

We the players, we act out our scripts. We remain young at heart..for our mind is fresh..but those who are suppressed they get aged much earlier..at ten..they sound like 20…hearts when it stops to sing…soul gets wings clipped…for no sin..you rot and fume…indeed you are doomed..But , those wrinkles that make you labelled as old…are not to be filled with Botox..i am told..when you get old..let your heart shine more brighter…let the soul over come your physical feeble muscles and loose skin…maybe your feet doesn’t tap as fast as before still you can find your way around…with love, respect and honor.


Someone said to me once that I am all about integrity.  At first I was not sure what he meant, but as I began to look at my choices and actions I realized that this is a thread that is deeply woven into who I am.   439 more words

9 Life's Mantras we learnt from our Father

I had first written this article on 31st July 2014 1 day after my late fathers’s birthday. 

Yesterday was my late father’s 70th birth anniversary. I was recalling my childhood. 1,016 more words


Dr Wayne Dyer, RIP

Recently, the world lost a man who has been recognised over many years as a progressive thinker and someone whose books, videos courses and programmes have helped thousands of people to shape their lives, to find more meaning and to improve the quality of their lives. 105 more words


Happy Birthday !!

Yes..all the year round we are celebrating someone’s birthday. People tend to criticize..evaluate is it a year less or that particular  person is lucky to be alive..and having us all for a tea party..do we really need to witness her cut that lovely chocolate ice-cream cake…and why does it melt so quickly..what did she buy for me…? 98 more words

Finding My True Value- (With Video)

Recently I have been very lazy. Since I am currently out of work I’ve been focusing on school. I was studying to become a journalist and realized to take my school path a little further and major in meteorology or climatology. 436 more words