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Searching for Values… and Cheesecake

Shavuot, the Holiday of Torah Acceptance, starts this Saturday night. Shavuot is loved by children and adults thanks to the tradition of eating dairy desserts and studying Torah.  307 more words


My prince charming by Ezinara Msiska

My prince charming by Ezinara Msiska

Do you know what it feels like to have worked so hard to gain confidence and find comfort in a certain area of knowledge about yourself? 770 more words

Life Values

fast relationship (26)

Modern relationships are like food from Mc Donalds. You go to a restaurant and a delicious hamburger is waiting for you. And if you want something more than an ordinary sandwich. 323 more words


United by the Chain of Generations

On 9 May 1945, World War II ended following the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union.

70 years later, we still mourn millions of lives that were taken abruptly during the darkest times of our history. 422 more words


Be Brave

Aristotle taught that there are many ways to be brave which all depending on your values system; Bravery is a universal belief but it does not fall into one universal idea for all. 300 more words

Preaching it to myself

The other day I realized I am not a member of the baby club anymore.  Cribs and changing tables have moved out and I am – amazingly enough – already forgetting about blow-outs and waking 10 times a night.   778 more words



Our values are the roots that keep us grounded and growing towards our potential.

Values are what we believe in and drive how we live and work. 672 more words

Personal Mastery