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If I had my time over

I first read this many years ago now, and it is one of those passages that stays with you. I take it back out every now and then and read it, and remind myself to get on with living life. 234 more words

The Journey

Life what can you give

What I want from life am I worth or not..Did I try enough ? When would I learn to turn my wishes  into reality..how much will I endure to achieve my goal..or is it not me..but another person..who will give me a reason to be happy…I must look deep in my heart..search my mind..and juggle my thoughts..and find my answers before I question life to be..what it is not now..but I want it to be..I want my life to be happy…


A great mind a good heart. Mr. Rezaur Rahman .

A real man , who had courage to face all odds ,yet pursued his aim to make education affordable to many youths of a nation still struggling to be “A middle Income Group” . 216 more words

Did I reach my destination

We  must all have goals in life..what does life expects from you ? Whether you have understood..and got your  directions set..what if your  understanding was all wrong..well you reach the top..but that is not your goal ? 80 more words

we seldom try to change .

Think about your habits..bad  once for sure.

are  like glued on to your soul..its ensured :)

waking up late..or chatting as you hang on gate… 61 more words

Life and death ..Day and night

Spend each day as last day ..then you will value relationships more in every way..for you gone how would your loved ones cry..miss and feel the pain…So , while alive give them a hug or kiss..what if I am no longer here after this…tell them what you want them to know..who knows you would get old or die young a soul. 93 more words

A Legacy of Commitment 

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary (and their 66th year of knowing each other). The focus of the evenings program was the legacy they had left to those around them including their children, but specifically their grandchildren. 507 more words