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True Happiness. True Wealth. (Attention: Boring post. But important.)

“I’m quitting Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr,” Essena O’Neil wrote in a final post. “Deleted over 2,000 photos here today that served no real purpose other than self-promotion. 174 more words


Uruguay and the Cultivation of Simple Pleasures

“With coarse rice to eat, with water to drink, and a bended arm for a pillow – there is joy to be found in these.” Confucius… 653 more words


It's all about 'YOU'

So often we lose ourselves in the daily routine. There is always this mundane uphill tasks of work, family and friends that you tend to ignore the most important. 365 more words

Life Values

What goes around, comes around

Great Story I read a while back. I have no credible information of the writer of this story. If you do know, please specify in the comment. 788 more words


What do I value?

Yesterday, on my journey back uptown I sat and thought to myself, “What is the true value of my life? What do I value? What do I allow to have value in my life that shouldn’t?” I’m sure we can all agree we’ve asked ourselves this question at some point in time and if you have yet to trust me your day is coming. 450 more words


Baby Girl Born Into Toilet of Moving Train, Falls Onto Train Tracks After Birth

“Devi, a Nepali woman, was riding the train to an an eye checkup appointment in Uttar Pradesh, India, when she began to go into labor, the report states. 68 more words

Right To Life

The Final Test & the Three Strikes Law, by Nic Samojluk

“As I study the past, the present, and the future, I am beginning to wonder whether history is being repeated today. What took place in Germany during the reign of Hitler and what happened in Rwanda might be an accurate predictor for what will happen in the future to the Adventist Church. 18 more words

Right To Life