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I was raised to say please and thank you, to have respect for my elders, lend a helping hand to those in need, hold the door for the person behind me, say excuse me when it’s needed, and to love people for who they are, not for what you can get from them! 49 more words


What's your priority?

Priority matters
Otherwise hopes shatters
once, the trust is broken
Heart never bids to get open
before those
who, under your nose
offer a cold shoulder to you! 32 more words

Broken Hearts

How I Can Help

“A month ago I was in a small waterfront city in the South taking a walk on a pleasant, sunny day. As I approached the downtown restaurant district I heard a voice ringing out “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” I followed the sound to find a young man singing to no one in particular at the top of his lungs. 16 more words


Doctor Told Interns to Suffocate to Death Any Baby Who Survived an Abortion

“At the guard in the delivery room, a woman was in labor as part of an abortion on medical grounds at 5 months pregnant. The birth was imminent, and the gynecology interns were prepared. 66 more words

Abortion Facts

Los Angeles Forces Pregnancy Center to Promote Abortions or Face $2500 in Fines Every Day

The radical, pro-abortion law took effect in December, forcing more than 150 pro-life non-profits to choose between advertising free and low-cost abortions through the state or facing fines if they do not comply. 45 more words

Abortion Facts

Mother Files Wrongful Birth Lawsuit After Botched Abortion Didn’t Kill Her Son

“The woman, who is unnamed, recently filed a lawsuit against the abortion doctor and the public health sector because of the botched abortion. The woman claims she has suffered immense psychological trauma and financial burdens because her son is alive today, according to the report. 6 more words

Abortion Facts