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Ontario doctors will leave the province if forced to participate in "assisted dying."

“Many Ontario doctors and nurses working in palliative care say their objection to playing a role in assisted suicides may force them to leave the medical profession. 88 more words

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A New Pro-life Voice in Adventism

“You might be aware that there is a new pro-life voice in Adventism—a powerful voice reminiscent of the voice of the Old Testament prophets and the reformers of the past—calling Adventists to prayer, fasting, repentance and reformation before the great Day of the Lord… 97 more words

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Papacy in Control of Adventist Health Walla Walla. Loma Linda Catholic Gay Play. SDA Ecumenical

My Comment: Towards the end of the video, there is a section dealing with abortion and the Adventist church. It starts at 1:00:08 and ends at 1:12:44. 56 more words

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Woman laughs before her ninth abortion – then she sees her aborted baby

““Thanks,” she said, her trademark smile still fixed on her face. When her eyes traveled to the container, she gasped sharply, and for the first time since she had arrived, Angie was utterly silent. 149 more words

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Life values: there’s something to be said for taking stock once in a while

A few of my friends have called me ‘brave’ for leaving what is deemed by society to be a good job. But the way I see it, it’s just that I factor in values that are different from conventional measures of success, into my career/life decisions. 2,001 more words


Adventists build church at horse racing track honoring notorious abortionist. Unbelievable!

My Comments: Jesus said that we cannot serve God and money at the same time, but it looks like we Adventist have found a way of doing this with apparent impunity. 97 more words

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