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Be Brave

Aristotle taught that there are many ways to be brave which all depending on your values system; Bravery is a universal belief but it does not fall into one universal idea for all. 300 more words

Preaching it to myself

The other day I realized I am not a member of the baby club anymore.  Cribs and changing tables have moved out and I am – amazingly enough – already forgetting about blow-outs and waking 10 times a night.   778 more words



Our values are the roots that keep us grounded and growing towards our potential.

Values are what we believe in and drive how we live and work. 672 more words

Personal Mastery

Real life values for children’s healthy habits : Appreciate not criticize.

This aspect is very important for entire society.

In our religious stories we have learnt that all the gods i.e. great men/women has always appreciated their pears. 131 more words

Life Values For Children

Experiencing Delhi

As I take up this new job and move out of Mumbai and bring an end to almost 5 years of being an entrepreneur, I have begun realizing more about myself & my love for Mumbai, where my family, friends & my entire experience of life reside . 835 more words


Are we protecting or destroying?

If we let our children get away with wrong doings ,simply by ignoring the act or covering it up, without a flinch are we protecting them or pushing them towards destruction? 257 more words


My 10 Commandments for Business and Life

1. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something

Growth feels good. It’s part of our DNA. It’s deep rooted in sex and security. 1,115 more words