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Family adopts girl born without limbs: ‘Loving her was what mattered most’

“In a village in the Philippines in 2014, a little girl was born without limbs. At six months old she was placed in an orphanage for children with special needs, where she waited for a family to adopt her. 69 more words

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It's only...

I can’t cope with everything

I am feeling exhausted,

I am drained to my bones

saturated with too much.

When will it be over?

When is life Starting? 112 more words


There is absolutely no scientific debate about when life begins. It begins at conception.

“If we define organismal autonomy to mean freedom from external control, it turns out that we can identify precisely when an embryo satisfies the definition of autonomy: from the very beginning.  112 more words

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Exclusive: 'Hacksaw Ridge' Producer On Knowing Desmond Doss, Working With Mel Gibson

““Desmond is a role model, a living example for those that profess a Christian faith and practicing it and living it out in a world that is real to us everyday. 97 more words

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Revealed: embryo develops even outside mom’s womb, destroys the case for abortion

“As Dumitru explains, “This one little cell, with its complete genetic content, can and does begin to divide and to grow, even in an experimental dish in an incubator in the closet space of some unmarked lab. 86 more words

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Weniger Society honors Loma Linda University figures

“Brian Bull, MD, an inventor and former dean of the School of Medicine, and Sigve Tonstad, MD, PhD, MA, a physician and author who maintains an appointment in the School of Religion, were each presented a Weniger Award in a ceremony at the society’s annual meeting on Saturday, Feb. 117 more words

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Meet Noah Wall: ‘The boy without a brain’ talks, counts, and goes to school

“Over time, Noah’s brain grew. By age three, he had 80 percent of a normal brain, and his family continues to work to aid his brain development. 50 more words

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