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Imagine a Dream

Imagine something even money can’t buy

Imagine not wanting for anything

Imagine having what you need as well as desire

Without ever having to ask… 493 more words


3 Things I Must Say to the "Small Circle" Bandwagon Jumpers

How many times have you seen quotes like these while galavanting through the internet: “I keep my circle small”, “I’m not antisocial I just don’t like drama and fake people.”, “I don’t have time for people because I don’t have time for drama.” 726 more words

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How Great Thou Art

If you are or have ever been a college student I’m sure you have experienced at one time or another a sense of misdirection or uncertainty about your future. 615 more words


They are Wrong (a lot)

“No one ever said it would be easy.”  That saying is so wrong.  A lot of people have said it would be easy (consider the quick weight loss and anti-aging industries) and for the most part, they are wrong. 850 more words


The New Generation of Feminists

When feminism began to bud in its glory days it was about woman, possessing the same capabilities of man. It was about us females representing the same value or worth as our male counterparts. 892 more words

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Bad vs. good news

I was always inclined to first perceive the bad picture when I summarized the event of the day, month or year. Quite sadly for a long time that was actually the only picture I perceived, unable to confront it with its opposite counterpart which always exists, no matter how dark is the darkness we sometimes found ourselves in. 1,600 more words