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Tired and Wired

I have had enough, this is going to be my last cry

Don’t you show your face to me, don’t you even try

Don’t ever speak to me, don’t look me in the eye… 60 more words


Longer than time in this cage I was locked

How much longer do I need to wear this mask

And where is the cheerful girl that I was… 93 more words


I am a human and I grow tired, too

How many times have I seen all these scenes?

It piled and stored over all of my sins. 84 more words


It’s about molding words out of thin air,

Gasps of smoke and the shudders of music,

Closed eyes and faint sighs, all evangelic

It’s about muses slipping through with care. 75 more words

Lion In My Bed

The waters were dark, and the skies were darker,
Putrid smell of rotting flesh, everyone will remember.
Yanked off limbs that will never ever get better, 82 more words

Make Your Life Better

Every year,  billions of  dollar are used in  refurbishing, renovating and rebuilding their houses.  What this says to us is that

a) some people like their homes and want to make them even better, and… 1,307 more words

Life Views

‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ Changed my Life

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani was a one of best movies about our dream, friendship, life. The film was a really fresh take on the journey of 4 20-somethings, in the span of 8 years. 268 more words

Life Views