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Maybe It's Not So Bad After All

I’m going to do my best here and do something that I haven’t do in a very long time – which is taking a leap of faith. 797 more words


Stress And Enjoyment

Heads and Tails of a Coin Called Life

Stress and Enjoyment often play hand-in-hand or an average person’s everyday life. When one is enjoying life, the stresses flow away. 947 more words


Heavenly Sleep

After a night duty in the ER of a very busy hospital, I was knocked down for sleep. 😴 I did not bother to even wake up for meals. 197 more words


Having a Body I Love and Loving the Body I Have

Being young and feeling young are two entirely different concepts, and feeling young is something I’ve not yet experienced. My mom has always joked about my “old soul” being a result of my reincarnation; my past self must have been through quite a bit because it seems as though I was born with an everlasting dark cloud hovering over me. 1,003 more words

Sometimes life isn't what you expect it to be

Tonight before I go to sleep, I’m going to share to you some of my thoughts about life. How losses and defeat have spurred me into surviving. 678 more words

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24 yo thoughts

This post is from 2013 August

Being home makes me realize why I miss home, why I left home, and this melancholy feeling to everything back home, makes me re-think about what I really want to pursue in life. 299 more words

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The Nihilist

If all you had was burned in hellfire, and all you knew were proved as lies. If all you were and thought you’d ever be was crushed and set aside; all of it lost in the span of a cruel second – faded, just like that. 368 more words

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