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Views of life

Right now I am deeply grateful for the varied glimpses of life I’ve experienced and observed, based on living in different locations around the United States, and being a reporter who covered numerous topics including religion and politics. 214 more words

To move or not to move

Recently, my husband and I have been battling over a decision of our life–to move or not to move to Jakarta. This is not the kind of easy decision I’d make when I was single and free and thinking about myself.  456 more words

Life Views

No consciences, no mistakes

There are no consciences or mistakes; everything happends for a reason. We may not always be able to understand; and sometimes we must endure so that we can help others not strong enough to endure on their own. 172 more words

Food For Thought: Time to grow a difference

Living in a suburb called Grassy Park, daily life is not as glamorous as most people here and in surrounding areas suffer from the lack of access to food as poverty is an increasing problem and living here becomes more expensive which leads to people sacrificing to try and just keep a roof over their heads or struggle to supply their families with the necessary essentials such as bread, milk and something to put on the bread such as butter, cheese etc. 413 more words


Imagine a Dream

Imagine something even money can’t buy

Imagine not wanting for anything

Imagine having what you need as well as desire

Without ever having to ask… 493 more words