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Restoration of a soul

I found myself unable to love who I was.

Love certainly is fragile, and in me, it had broken.

I found that the only time I felt truly worthy was when I was ‘rescuing’ someone, and if they didn’t need rescuing, I would burden myself with whatever I could in order to justify my own worth to myself. 436 more words


Self worth - Are you ready?

When we don’t see ourselves as equal to something or someone in our lives, or we place it or them onto a pedestal, our worthiness becomes challenged within our own minds. 365 more words


Life Lessons in Trust.

I really wanted to try rock climbing, like the real kind, with ropes, gear, and an absolutely vertical rock face.
My fiance happens to be a climber, and well trained. 795 more words


Who has time...?

Creating time for yourself.

Let’s face it; we all love the idea of lounging on a deck chair at the beach, or in a book nook at the library, or soaking in a hot bath. 209 more words

Heart Path

Special announcement - Free Webinar - Intro to the Heart Path

Hi all.

It’s time!

The Heart Path program is being released to the world.
Come and spent an hour with Linds and Chris of Life Warrior learning in this FREE introductory Webinar why you need this in your life! 26 more words


Why do you want to succeed? The pitfalls of 'success programs'.

In this day and age, there is a Guru standing on every street corner, right next to the 7 Eleven, promising that their philosophy or program is the best way forward in life. 869 more words


What the world needs is a connection

“Look at the size of this crowd today.  Don’t these people have anything better to do…”

I almost fell over with laughter the first time that I heard someone in a crowded mall proclaiming this with a measure of disgust. 732 more words