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Why the Feminine needs the Masculine


Take a look at the recent history of our race and you’ll see that throughout the previous 2000 years of male dominated rule, there has been very little of this. 697 more words


Warrior DNA

I have seen the ravages of mortal combat

Spent my share of time “At the front”

Life or death walks a razor wire tight rope… 129 more words

Poetic License Expired

How many T-shirts should a 'minimalist' own?

Is less really more?

For quite some time now I have been a member of several online groups for the promotion and support of Minimalistic Living, and after reading the same confused questions day in and day out, I thought it was high time to set the record straight on the reality of how (and why) to live a deeply satisfying, minimalistic life! 830 more words


Awakening the Feminine in You

There is much talk these days about claiming, realizing, feeling, etc. the feminine energy that is arising or arriving in our universe.

Writers, bloggers, experts and regular people are having realizations, asking questions and providing inspirations so that we can begin to know and realize what is happening, why and what to do about it. 1,112 more words


What do you want for the world?

What if each day 100 people from all over the world were chosen and together it was their thoughts, actions, and decisions that would affect how the world would be that day? 829 more words


"Buy my shirts!"

There are people that would do ANYTHING to get ahead of others in life, without realising that those around us are mirror reflections of what is within us! 644 more words


The connection between our pain body and a billion dollar industry!

We create our own realities by the choices that we DON’T make!

One of the biggest issues facing humanity is the horrific moral shortfall in the way that we treat each other, but the more specific focus of this journal piece is the connection between our own pain and the way in which we treat those who have broken the laws of the society in which they live. 916 more words