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Metastatic Motherhood

The biggest paradox I have found, as a woman living with metastatic breast cancer who is also the mother of a toddler, is how incredibly normal life continues to be. 584 more words

Breast Cancer

We Watch, and We Wait

Spring, in New York, is a celebration of life like no other. Seemingly overnight, bare branches have unfurled with color: greens, pinks, yellows, and carpets of dandelions roll out for the army of robins marching everywhere, exhilarated for their time in the sun. 645 more words

Breast Cancer

Secondary Losses

As life has gone on since my diagnosis, we have slowly, painstakingly, started etching out our new normal. Our routines have changed so much in the last few months, and will surely continue to change in the months to come, a symptom less of cancer and more of life. 712 more words

Breast Cancer

Every Fourth Monday

Most people’s months start on the first. Mine run in four week cycles, starting on approximately the second Monday of each month. This is the day of my monthly appointment with Dr. 753 more words

Breast Cancer

Sick Days and Snow Days

We have had a doozy of a winter here in New York. As anyone who has been watching the news knows, New York has had a flurry of snowstorms (ha), which have led to snow days and a melange of cold and flu viruses for our family. 1,417 more words

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Dawn's Letter

Dawn writes:

Hi All,

My name is Dawn and I was 35 years old at the time of my Diagnosis in September 2006.

My daughter Sophie (now almost 20) and my son Christopher (now 15) were aged 8 and 4 at the time. 1,133 more words

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