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Life with Cancer, Entry#20: A Lesson in Karma and Compassion

Stories are some of the most powerful tools that we can use in teaching our children the lessons of life.  Everyone loves a good story, and when the story is from our own experiences, the impact of the lesson is even greater. 518 more words

Life With Cancer

The Hard Days

It’s been a pretty tough last couple of weeks for me. Between the intensity of the diagnostic process and the flurry of the holidays, I have been pushing though on a lot of adrenaline. 609 more words

Breast Cancer

Laying low, counting our blessings

 Alice is home after two days of chemo. Honestly, she’s not feeling great. It’s so exhausting, and she’s simply sick of not being able to do anything. 148 more words

Life With Cancer

Life with Cancer, Entry#19: Happy Death Day

Cultural traditions have always been a point of interest for me… how an entire populace can come up with a concept and execute it in a way that creates a unique experience in their collective lives, then convince the next generation to do the same. 517 more words

Life With Cancer

Life with Cancer, Entry#18: Asian Eyes

Christmas shopping was unique for me last month.

I found that I could no longer walk long distances without feeling tired and nauseous, so my doc prescribed me some handicap parking placards, and for the first time ever, I did my Christmas shopping in a wheelchair. 317 more words

Life With Cancer

The Ibrance Dance

Yesterday, I started a new medication – Ibrance. It’s a new class of drugs called CDK 4/6 inhibitors, that was only very recently approved by the FDA. 547 more words

Breast Cancer

Life with Cancer, Entry#17: Infusion Day

Today I go in for another round of infusions.

…round 4 of an immunotherapy drug called Opdivo, to be exact.  The drug will try to trigger my immune system to “see” the cancer cells and attack them… if it works.  180 more words

Life With Cancer