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Sunday Selfie

We’re hopping again this Sunday – with The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Blog Hop!    This week Mom couldn’t resist using a photo of ME asleep (as usual) which she particularly loves…..my freckled lips and my freckled paw were more than she could resist when it came to finding a photo to use for today’s post.   80 more words

Life With Cats

Happy Caturday!

Everyday can be Caturday if you try enough. But traditionally, it is Saturday.

So I have a snapchat story to share about one of my cats, Devil Kitty.

Bakin' !


I wonder if you thought maybe my Saturday post would NOT be about bacon and instead would be about BAKING  since I did a little tricky trick with my post title today……….naaaah….you all know me too well, you know it’s BACON SATURDAY at my house today!!! 331 more words

Life With Cats

Just Another Rainy Friday

Rain Makes Things Green

It has rained from first thing this morning until now and will continue into the night but man oh man has it made Spring POP around here.   397 more words

Life With Cats



Yes, I am admitting here and now that a majority of time on most of my days for the past year or so is spent in sweet repose……………..from my toes to my nose, I sleep ever so deep and trust me, Mom is happy about that because when I’m awake I’m very…………………….VOCAL.    577 more words

Life With Cats

Shop Til You Drop

It’s Time for Bacon and Fozziemum’s


This month’s challenge was to make our FAVE sandwich (or as we call it here at my house SAMMICH!) and give the ingredients, recipe and costs of stuff! 358 more words

Life With Cats

Teaser Tell All

Tell It Like It Is Professor Sam!

It’s time for the Tell All………………

Well yesterday’s geography class was an interesting one.   We got to see an interesting fountain in a nameless place and your job last night for homework was to figure out WHERE that fountain was…………..how did you do on the assignment????????????   559 more words

Life With Cats