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Thanks Friends!

Hi Everyone – another exciting week off to a grand start huh?   Well, at least it’s starting – who knows if it will be “grand”! 639 more words

Life With Cats

Sunday Selfie

Turning Up The Heat On My Sunday Selfie!   

Laser eyes…….EEEK!

I’m joining the Sunday Selfie on The Cat On My Head 

  Click below to see other selfies!

Life With Cats

Quiet Bacon Day

Good Morning Peeps!   Having a QUIET Caturday – fortunately, other than the occasional crunching sound on that nice crispy bacon, it’s almost ALWAYS quiet at my house on Caturday. 162 more words

Life With Cats

Shopping Round the World!

Oh boy!  It’s time to compare prices on stuff!  This is tons of fun……..interesting to see what we all pay for the same things (or similar things) around the world……………This week… 284 more words

Life With Cats

Off Schedule

So company is here and my blogging is off schedule……….I bet you didn’t even NOTICE did you?!   Yesterday afternoon I blasted one out and this morning it’s LATE but hey – we’re so busy with company here, it’s good that I’m getting ANYTHING out! 241 more words

Life With Cats

Teaser Tell All

It’s TEASER TELL ALL time!!!!    You know what?   I just knew the Teaser would be an easy one………..there was one MAJOR clue in the photo and I just bet those of you who guessed correctly spotted it right away……………….here’s the photo again: 315 more words

Life With Cats

Tuesday Teaser

Hello Teaser-ites!    Welcome to another frustrating, fun, exciting Tuesday when you get to strain your eyes, exercise your brains, use google search or whatever little tricks you use to try and determine WHERE the photo was taken.   344 more words

Life With Cats