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Come Fly With Me World!

I’m so excited…today is the day.

Today is the day that Easy first plotted and planned with the help of Madi and then Dory that would be a day for me to visit all my wonderful friends in the blogosphere who have enjoyed (hopefully) the fun I’ve tried to bring with my Tuesday Teasers especially……..The Teaser has been my way of showing everyone else places in the world they might not recognize and maybe learning something new……….NOW I get to visit the world!    108 more words

Life With Cats

My Friend Easy

Sometimes there just are no words……………..so we say it with a graphic from our hearts………………….

Hugs to all who knew him but most especially his Mom and Dad………….. 18 more words

Life With Cats

Teaser Tell All

Ding Dong……School is in Session!

You all are getting to be almost impossible to fool – I can do it but RARELY – this week I sure didn’t fool many of you because several of you got it RIGHT!    389 more words

Life With Cats

Tuesday Teaser

Hello Class!    Before we start our fabulously exciting Tuesday, I want to say that one of our bestest pals had a major emergency yesterday – … 535 more words

Life With Cats

Pre-Tease Monday


OK class…………I hope you got a lot of rest over the past week and ate a lot of turkey which in turn put you to sleep with all that tryptophan which in turn made you have lots of good dreams of spots around the world that MIGHT be part of this week’s Teaser.   383 more words

Life With Cats

Sunday Selfie Blog Hopping

Time To Hop!

Once again I’m joining in on the biggest hop around – the Kitties Blue at The Cat on My Head do this every single Sunday and I’m always on board with it!   213 more words

Life With Cats

Bacon Boy

The King Is Still Here! 

Bring on the Bacon!

Hi my friends………Saturday is here and so is the bacon…………Mom says I’ll get my bacon on Saturday as long as I’m here to enjoy it – AND I’m here so I’m gonna enjoy it today! 469 more words

Life With Cats