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Sleep - my next mission

As you may have seen I have recently started on a journey of improved wellness spurred on by the book 52 Small Changes.

This started with a foray into… 310 more words


How to move house with children.

In one word. Don’t.
The house you live in now should be the house you stay in forever.
I say this in jest of course, but seriously our recent moving experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. 986 more words


The Slow Christmas – How to Stay Zen Over the Holidays

Back in the beginning of our lives as parents, my husband and I tried to keep up with what had become our traditional family Christmases. Both of us have split families, and people we needed (wanted) to see in different towns. 1,566 more words


Protecting Your Child from the Trauma of Medical Procedures.

Over the past 21 months, I have had the eye opening experience of being a parent to a child with a chronic medical condition. We have spent vast amounts of time as hospital inpatients, and as her voice I quickly learned how to advocate, speak up, protect and cocoon her from the potentially traumatic effects of being a “hospital baby.” 1,763 more words


Baskets full of money?

I’d like to talk about 2 things in this post, 1 is baskets, the other is money..

I’ve spoken of my basket love before, as a mother I need to hide ugly things in pretty places, baskets are my chosen solution. 724 more words

Interior/ House

You, to me, are everything 

Last week we completed a daft Facebook questionnaire where I had to ask Tom, my fiancé and partner of nine years, to answer a series of questions about me as honestly as possible. 608 more words


KABOOM! (Our first lovebombing experience...❤️)

According to Oliver James, PhD, ‘Lovebombing’ is a way to “reset your child’s emotional thermostat” by showering them with your undivided love, affection and time. It’s the complete opposite to a timeout and can take place wherever you like, for as long as you like. 511 more words