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Comment s'amuser avec a cardboard box

Les vacances de printemps have arrived in France, hot on the heels of the two week ‘skiing holiday’ in February (in lieu of the British half term) and the long Easter weekend. 875 more words

Life With Children

The Chou and la grue

Looking for Adventure is like playing a game of ‘Hide and Seek’. Sometimes it is my turn to seek, and Adventure hides herself away in the most unlikely of places. 990 more words

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Oh how I love spring

Oh how I love spring

I think I mentioned it already but I can’t say it often enough – spring time is awesome.

The earth awakes fully and so do we. 489 more words


Gourdon Bennett! C'est quoi ça?

Do you have a lawn that you hate cutting? Half a garden that you’d rather not access? A partner whom you trust enough not to sneak out at night and perform a mass plant exorcism? 852 more words

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The dreaded grève

No, no, no! France is on strike again. It was bad enough waking up this morning to the news that I’d be facing a tired and grumpy husband this evening, who had to drive to work instead of enjoying his customary snooze on the train, but far, far worse was being informed, by a maman friend at the school gates, that nursery is also cancelled for the day. 642 more words

French Life

Antisocial Media

Despite my atheism, Lent is always a tempting prospect. The idea of giving something up: something which is bad for me, something which is potentially making life more difficult, something which my life would benefit from the removal of, is a refreshing one. 448 more words


Flying toute seule

I have never been a particularly happy flyer. Despite having the laws of physics explained to me I cannot (and refuse to) understand why aeroplanes stay in the sky. 738 more words

Life With Children