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With the month of October fast approaching, as a buy-nothing-new-month “celebrated” in other countries too, when I saw this post on my timeline this morning, I remembered that I saw some Repair Cafés in Germany recently.

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Nase voll! /Being fed up!

Es glaubt einem ja meistens keiner, weil die Kinder immer so Vorzeigekinder sind, wenn wir woanders sind. Aber es ist echt anstrengend gerade. Eigentlich nicht nur jetzt, sondern schon seit einem Dreivierteljahr. 258 more words


Mind The Gap

Last week I read an article which posed the question to it’s readers: “What’s the perfect age gap between siblings?” Thankfully, common sense prevailed and most people commented how ‘the perfect age gap’ was, in fact, totally subjective and also – more importantly – often something way beyond our control. 584 more words


– by William Jonson

Most of us are back from summer holidays. In order to not feel to sad when getting back to the usual routine, I can warmly recommend to plan your next vacation, or shortcation. 

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Working Parent Warriors

Being a ‘Stay at home Mum’ is hard. There’s no doubt about it, the challenges are greater than any I have personally experienced during gainful employment. 713 more words


Once a Mother, Always a Mother

I miss my children. It’s not the miles (we live across the country from each other), but it’s the passage of years. I am proud of them both. 4,080 more words

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Chalk & Cheese

“Oh she’s your second! You’ll be ok then, you’re an expert…”
HAHAHAHA!!!! How hilarious is that term!? No offence, Jo Frost, but personally I think Parenting Experts are right up there with unicorns, rocking horse poo and long, hot British Summers. 715 more words