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Gainful Employment

Here are 10 things I miss about my old job now I’ve been a bonafide Stay at Home Mum for a whole year:

1. Getting paid. 338 more words


I Want a Dog

Now here’s this, because I know what she’s thinking about . . . sigh. This animated short is based on the book I Want A Dog, by Dayal Kaur Khalsa… 145 more words

Books / Authors

The Unveiling of Wonder Woman

First, let me start by saying this. Wonder Woman is just that, a wonder. A mystery never to be solved. Strong, powerful, compassionate, beautiful and has a heart to save the world from all that is evil. 572 more words

Rainbow Week: A Wardrobe Challenge

My last blog was all about de-cluttering my wardrobe (Kon Mari!!) and organising it into rainbow colour order (there’s no name for that, I’m just slightly mad….) I then set myself a daft little challenge to ‘wear the rainbow’ for one week, simply to encourage me to wear things I might not usually choose. 397 more words

Life With Children

'Mum style'

Once upon a student loan, I was an enthusiastic follower of fashion. I spent a small fortune on glossy magazines, knew what was “in” and made damn sure I owned high-street copies of the absolute must-haves, regardless of my bank balance and body shape. 589 more words


Bit My Shine Metl As

I was paging through coloring books while clearing out old stuff and rediscovered this AL masterwork.

Point taken: Futurama might have a slightly corrupting influence on 5-year-olds. 188 more words