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Pre-conceived Parenting

We all have pre-conceived ideas of what parenting will be like. What sort of parent we would like to be, the morals we will be taking into parenthood should we be lucky enough to pro-create and the list of things We. 1,133 more words


On the other hand

So it’s been one day since my ‘ganglionectomy’ (yep, actually a word, meaning ‘the surgical removal of a ganglion cyst’, this one being named Gordon and previously residing on my left wrist) and this is what I’ve discovered today regarding looking after two small children with the use of only one hand: 505 more words


The Fun Police 

It’s after 7pm and there’s laughter coming from the garden. Daddy T is bounding around on the trampoline with Rose. It’s bedtime. Sure, she’s happy – at this moment in time. 555 more words


nach der Erholung der Alltag.../ back to the daily routine

Es wird einem ja auch nix geschenkt im Leben, nä? Da hat man dann gerade zwei Tage Erholung gehabt, und schwupps holt einen die Realität wieder ein. 207 more words

The Little One

Summer Break is gonna break me.

First & foremost:

I loooove my children. All 5. I love spending time with them. They are enchanting and amusing and creative.

HOWEVER, now that the disclaimer is out of the way: 236 more words


Sunday Rest

Just another restful Sunday. Juliet and i are enjoying some coffee together – she appropriately calls it “happy”. I made her plain steamed milk and myself a 4 shot plain latte with Stumptown coffee ~ Y U M… 21 more words

Life With Children

There Is A Virus Among Us

The night is cool.  The kids are in bed.  The baby monitor is on.  With my shower complete, and my feet sliding under the cool sheets, my head hits the pillow and a smooth, relaxed smile graces my face.   825 more words

Mommy Struggles