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Pride & Parenting: My first month as a 'Stay at home Mum' 

According to my good friend Cath Kidston, who felt the need to email me with an announcement this morning, it is pay day today. Except there is no ‘pay day’ for me anymore. 1,223 more words


Ironie / irony

(English version follows below)

Ironie ist, wenn nach dem Schreiben des letzten Blogbeitrags die nächsten 12 Stunden so aussehen: Kurz nach unserem Schlafengehen wacht der Kleine auf und sucht ständig seinen Schnuller. 262 more words

The Little One

Thinking sunny thoughts ☀️

Aaaaah British Summer time. It’s on it’s way, folks. I can feel it. Hell, I can almost SMELL it. Birds singing, bees buzzing, sun shining. Pre-children I loved the sunny season (mostly due to the pull of the local beer garden), but post-children I think I possibly love it even more, and here’s why… 575 more words


I'm the Tortoise, Life is the Hare

Tired, that’s the single word that defines how I feel. It’s not a well earned tiredness either, it’s just an endless worn out, worn down, impossible to push through weariness that just won’t seem to stop. 1,258 more words

Sewing FO

The Rose Rules: Edition 2 

#1 If you don’t like someone’s name, change it
Andrua has way more flair and is definitely more unique than ‘Andrea’. Sorry, Andrea.

#2 Only share when it suits you… 422 more words


The Rose Rules: Edition 1

#1 Always look your best

There are no such things as ‘fancy clothes’ or ‘party dresses’. Always wear the most sparkly, most beautiful, most glittery clothes you can find. 460 more words

I Won't Pay My Child for Chores. But I Will Do This...

These days it is commonplace for parents to come up with price lists for chores. They offer their child 20p for making their bed, 50p for tidying their room, £1 for mopping the floors and so on. 1,293 more words

Life With Children