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Chalk & Cheese

“Oh she’s your second! You’ll be ok then, you’re an expert…”
HAHAHAHA!!!! How hilarious is that term!? No offence, Jo Frost, but personally I think Parenting Experts are right up there with unicorns, rocking horse poo and long, hot British Summers. 715 more words


Where the *&$^ does the time go?!?!

I had to take a “where the time goes” assessment for my orientation to the online program at Arizona State (Go Devils!). Every mother of five wants to intemperate and  have in black and white how little time they actually get to themselves. 464 more words

Very Firsts... and Thirds, Fifth and Sixes.

The very first day of the new school year has been completed.

Mission control deems this was a successful day.

Everyone woke up on time, got to school on time, there were no tears or whining. 623 more words

The honor of Breastfeeding: the good, the hard and the ridiculous.

Last week was World Breastfeeding Week! (which you can learn more about HERE) I breastfed all 3 of my natural born children. I thought a lot about my journey. 696 more words

Pre-conceived Parenting

We all have pre-conceived ideas of what parenting will be like. What sort of parent we would like to be, the morals we will be taking into parenthood should we be lucky enough to pro-create and the list of things We. 1,133 more words


On the other hand

So it’s been one day since my ‘ganglionectomy’ (yep, actually a word, meaning ‘the surgical removal of a ganglion cyst’, this one being named Gordon and previously residing on my left wrist) and this is what I’ve discovered today regarding looking after two small children with the use of only one hand: 505 more words


The Fun Police 

It’s after 7pm and there’s laughter coming from the garden. Daddy T is bounding around on the trampoline with Rose. It’s bedtime. Sure, she’s happy – at this moment in time. 555 more words