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Antisocial Media

Despite my atheism, Lent is always a tempting prospect. The idea of giving something up: something which is bad for me, something which is potentially making life more difficult, something which my life would benefit from the removal of, is a refreshing one. 448 more words


Flying toute seule

I have never been a particularly happy flyer. Despite having the laws of physics explained to me I cannot (and refuse to) understand why aeroplanes stay in the sky. 738 more words

Better Than A Spa Day

Time out Time!

Time out time is the lesson of the day!!!

Being a large family fights are a normal thing in our house but I’ve found different ways to do it help different age children …. 80 more words

Life With Children

The Spirit of the MOLE

Let’s hear it for SNOW! ┬áThe first big storm of 2018 is HERE and the weatherman assures me it WILL BE BAD. ┬áCan I get a HOLLA! 465 more words

Life With Children

Worst Wife Award!!!!

A bit of real life comedy for ya folks!!!

And the worst wife award go’s to Mrs Kayleigh Mason….

yes thats right i am not perfect i have accidentally given my husband food poisoning gooo!!! 245 more words

Life With Children

Cranky Mum Alert!!!!

Arggghhh is it really 2:10 in the morning and i am blogging ….

Yes would be the awnsers to that had the youngest being poppy at 16 weeks old keeping me up with her crankiness now mummies all cranky because shes tired but cant shut down… 210 more words

Life With Children

House work and little people!!!

Its a war zone !!!!

dishes have piled up from breakfast and snacks,

theres craft stuff on the table, floor, probably in your hair too if you looked hard enough… 173 more words

Life With Children