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For the Week of February 19, 2017: Writing for Healing: The Metaphors of Seasons & Landscape

The fields, the lakes, the forests, and the streams,

Ocean, and all the living things that dwell

Within the daedal earth; lightning, and rain,

Earthquake and fiery flood, and hurricane… 1,255 more words

Expressive Writing

Bonding with characters in The Salesman (!), Wordsworth's Prelude, Woolf's Voyage Out -- a Caturday

An shot early in The Salesman before Rana has been attacked

Dear friends and readers,

In my mostly literally solitary widowhood — though I’m online with friends a good deal (letters) and participate in reading groups, Future Learn courses, and these blogs to the point I feel companioned and some of what I do regularly are these joined-in activities (more reading, more writing, occasional f-t-f meetings) — in my mostly solitary state (as like some Defoe character, I say), I’m finding that the love of characters so many readers attest to when they talk of what they read has come upon me more strongly than it used to. 4,789 more words


New Glasgow Guardian Article Out Now: "Glasgow protests Trump's Muslim Ban"

At the end of January, I covered Glasgow’s two protests of Trump’s ‘Seven Nation Ban’ — or ‘Muslim Ban’ in a much more ‘newsier’ style than is typical of my past work for the Guardian. 508 more words

Writing Discord


All are welcome to join a writing/workshopping/editing discord group. We’re looking for all sorts of people, even illustrators to join!

I’m also storytelling on YouTube so if anyone wants to look into doing the same thing you’re welcome to join us there!


What are Your Thoughts?

Pain has taught me the importance of appreciating the good times and not dwelling on the bad times. Life will disappoint you at times, but it’s important to grow from your struggles. 19 more words


Pain and Hope

I’m the reason you can’t breathe. I’ve given you the worst headache you’ve ever had. I’ve infiltrated your mind and penetrated your heart with stabs of disappointment. 236 more words


It Comes in Pieces

An experimental poetry-prose piece inspired by the work of poet Lyn Heijinian.

My mother told me I could never let go of a baby pink comb. 1,298 more words