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For the Week of March 30, 2015: Diminishing that Shadow called Fear

When you first hear the words, “you have cancer,” it’s likely you remember little else from that moment.  Cancer breeds fear, sparking our anxiety and turning it into flame.   878 more words

Expressive Writing

What You Know

It’s an adage spouted at us so often that it has almost lost its meaning in the repetition: “write what you know.” Draw from your own life experiences in order to lend heightened realism to your work. 358 more words


A Metaphysical Rosary

Or, A Compilation of (Apparent) Contradictions I’ve Recently been Contemplating. Here they are – some thoughts I’ve lately been fingering, imperfect pearls on my string of thought; the nature of their connections to one another is not yet fully apparent to me, but I’ve strung them together anyway, and here they be: 399 more words


Moving to Asia

Life is a confusing thing. I have gone from an abundance of free time, desperately looking for a job, to having several plates spinning at once. 529 more words


For the Week of March 22, 2015: Writing From the Fault Lines

The Midwest has tornadoes; the eastern seaboard has its hurricanes and super storms.  A large part of the country just dug out from another snow storm, while here in California, we’re wondering how long our water supply will sustain the state.  786 more words

Expressive Writing

The day a clown gave me a haircut--Or--How I ended up married to a man

(Written winter 2014 in a Life Writing/Creative Non-Fiction class. I removed identifying info.)

I was about a month out from my wedding, when Mom and I stopped at Walmart so I could get my hair trimmed by a clown. 2,244 more words

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