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We rearranged the furniture and maybe you should too

Like a lot of people, I don’t much like change. Particularly when it’s sprung on me without notice and for no apparently good reason, and when it involves work or other inconveniences on my part. 281 more words

The Forms of Loneliness

In today’s interconnected society we find ourselves lonelier than ever before. Ahead of George Monbiot and Ewan McLennan’s exploration of loneliness at Durham Book Festival… 792 more words


Flash nonfiction: Euan and the stairs

Like a lemming to a cliff

It was my first English summer in five years. I imagined going to the beach and the forest; enjoying the cool summer air and long, light evenings. 469 more words



I’m not sure who it was that started this latest hashtag frenzy, but I’m sure it doesn’t matter. Once something is trending on Twitter, it’s nearly impossible to trace it origins, let alone try to stop it. 503 more words


Her scissors, my destiny

I see my hairdresser every six months or so. She’s wonderful but expensive, and I’m broke.

Between cuts, my hair goes through every stage of growing out, and usually just gets to the point where people start to say ‘Gee it’s looking long, I like it,’ before I go back and get it all chopped off and start the whole thing over again. 293 more words

Confluence and Consilience: Nouveau-Disparity Between Research and the Liberal Arts as Echoed by Victorian Literature and Analysis Thereof

Literature and art fall under the discipline, jurisdiction, and care of the humanities, and in all aspects of this (appropriate) jurisdiction in the world of academia, there they find themselves duly criticized, examined, and pulled to pieces in the name of the advancement of the fields and subfields to which they owe their allegiance. 1,837 more words