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As I begin a fourth year

Dora Carrington (1893-1932), Harmony: Labraor Coast (possibly in Spain): painted tinsel on stained glass

In every government, though terrors reign,
Though tyrant kings or tyrant laws restrain,

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Is It All Just Too Difficult?

The following post was written just over a year ago.

At the time I didn’t have a clear enough vision for my book baby. After many drafts and redrafts, I finally got that ‘vision’ … how would Charlie have wanted me to tell this story? 1,085 more words


Finding my balance

I disappeared from the blogosphere for a bit because I got a little distracted by a string of job interviews. In fact, I had to take a step back from writing for a while because everything just started happening at once. 131 more words

Life & Writing

Feeling Yedenets: My Impressions of this "Shtetl". Part III

There are different ways of showing and telling one’s impressions of a personal journey or life experience. This expression of ideas and images can be dramatized and communicated in space and time through writing a blog, a poem, a script or a book, by showing this perspective through a road film, or by recording a song or a story. 1,533 more words


Have you heard about the trying hard half-japanese guy? Woops there it is :)

It has been quite awhile since I wrote something for this site. Honestly, when you love to write, it makes you feel incomplete to see months of blank entries (I swear). 751 more words

Life Writing

For the Week of November 27, 2016: When Life Gets Turbulent

My husband and I spent our Thanksgiving holidays with friends—sharing meals and conversation on Thanksgiving Day, and on Black Friday, ignoring shopping centers to share, again, another meal with our neighborhood friends.  1,244 more words

Expressive Writing

Is She Is Or Is She Ain't?

You know, it’s tricky writing with someone looking over your shoulder, but – needs must. I’d much rather she continue with her meal and leave me to get on with writing, but she asked me so nicely, if she could stay, that I just couldn’t say… 556 more words