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Gems of Wisdom

Hey guys,

I came across this earlier today and found it to be very encouraging. So, you know I had to share it with you. … 607 more words


The Beauty of a New Day

Hey guys! I came across these beautiful flowers today. They remind me of how special each day can be, if we stop and remember the small things we have in life. 172 more words


Living with Richard Nelson's The Gabriels

About 2/3s the way through Hungry, Part One of The Gabriels, the family begin to talk about the election campaign supposedly 8 months before election day, and when they come to talk of Hillary Clinton, and talk of how she is disliked, and women are not keen on her because of what seems to be her privileged background, they make this vague reference to Trump without using his name, too “unthinkable” and “dreadful” to contemplate.

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What are Your Thoughts?

When I read this qoute I immediately thought of: fate or destiny, but as I thought more, I realized it may refer to death, or a combination of death and fate. 114 more words


Writing from life and Primo Levi's Metamir

From ‘Adam’s Rib: Fictions & Realities’ in Writing & Being, Nadine Gordimer

What They Said

The New Year: Thoughts on blogging, teaching and interpretation; a HD opera & group of poems

January 2nd, 2017

… as to be hurt is petty, and to be hard
Stupidity; as the economists raise
Bafflement to a boast …
… the flat patience of England is a gaze…

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I find that my attitude, excitement, and energy is in flux from day to day.  There are days when I feel completely unmotivated to do anything other than lay in my cozy bed doing nothing.   350 more words

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