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Starting over

I have just deleted all of my past posts. I would love to say it felt great, but, it didn’t. Once again it felt like I was throwing away all of my hard work, and for what? 152 more words


Thoughts from an old man on journalism

Old man to me at Starbucks: “Are you drowning?” I look up from my phone confused.

The old man had curly white hair that was in need of a comb and a multicolored ascot  scarf over a black coat. 309 more words


The ways they are like us all

My novel, That Existential Leap: a crime story, was in production last year when Lionel Shriver caused a stir by launching a scathing attack… 942 more words


family. where to even begin...

I don’t remember anything about when my parents were together. Not a single thing. Their interactions with each other, the birth of my younger sister, our house, family dinners, birthdays, Christmases. 2,029 more words

Life Writing

Life online: Social media as autobiography

Gathering by JD Hancock (CC-BY-2.0)

We usually think of an autobiography as a substantial piece of work written by a noteworthy person later in their life or after they’ve experienced a significant life event. 786 more words

Off to Northwestern Scotland

Dear friends,

The strangest thing: my little patch of flowers on the right side of my house has re-flowered. New flowers came up from the green stalks I thought had had it. 2,190 more words