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International Day of the Girl Child

More than two years marks the anniversary of the abduction of almost 300 Chibok girls in Northern Nigeria. I was living in Nigeria reporting at the time, and their abduction happened three weeks after my arrival. 381 more words

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A powerful lot of living in disruption, among others, vulnerable, for too many days ...

These autumnal photos are from friends on face-book: Mist

“Speech,” she said, “is but broken light upon the depth Of the unspoken . . . ” —George Eliot, …

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FedEx Sucks

Okay, first, a little backstory. I recently snagged an editing job with Centurylink through Upwork (this site is awesome; writers get on it if you’re not already), but in order to get started, the company had to send me a laptop along with other work materials including money to buy certain software. 127 more words

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Navigating Home: What I Learned From Reverse Culture Shock

In 2013 I moved to Hong Kong. I learned to navigate my way through the dense city streets with its cascading buildings and crowds of people. 913 more words

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"Literature's Role in a Digital Tomorrow": First Publication in the Glasgow Guardian

I have recently published my first article in the Glasgow Guardian (the University of Glasgow’s student newspaper) as a features contributor, titled “Literature’s Role in a Digital Tomorrow: Glasgow University is still a “World of Words”, an interview with Dr. 378 more words

Writing: both terrifying and thrilling

So I just commented on a post that talked about someone being so scared to write, they quit. (dridenourfreelancewriter) I have to say, I completely understand where they’re coming from. 118 more words


A Few Surprises

Nearly one year has passed since I’ve retired, and I haven’t travelled. I’d imagined that I would have gone at least to Italy by now, if not Riyadh, but I’ve become settled and even complacent. ¬† 1,158 more words