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Because I Work: The Choices of the Young Professional Woman and “The Right Thing”

My time in Northern California comes to a (temporary) close tomorrow morning, when I depart for the state I used to call home. I’m elated to begin the next chapter of the adventure overseas at the University of Glasgow in just a few short weeks. 1,035 more words

What helps

Carrington, The Mill at Tidmarsh — I watched the very great film, Carrington last night (written and directed by Christopher Hampton, featuring Emma Thompson, Jonathan Pryce, with a moving performance by Samuel West) 835 more words


Chinatown Changed Me.

San Francisco is a fabulous city. The tram system might be more confusing than my student finance re-payments, but it’s a fabulous city none the less… 1,393 more words

Daily Prompt: Confused

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I’ve felt confused for much of my life: I think it started with meeting someone I fell in love with, but the pieces didn’t fall together. 762 more words


Sink or Swim: The Postgraduate Artist Life

“You know, it’s sink or swim. You choose which.”

…they say to you, once you’ve moved to a new place three thousand miles across a continent, know only your apartment manager, grocery clerk, and mailman, are fresh out of your long-pursued and hard-won undergraduate liberal arts honors degree (which is proving about as helpful in a job search as you expected it to be in the society you live in), and have started to understand what true friendship is at an often-painful cost.

865 more words

Daily Prompt: Complicated

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What is complicated?

Complicated is dangerous, though complicated is something that I would purport to be, I’m actually rather simple, but my thoughts can get complicated. 328 more words


My first football match...

“You choose, it’s your birthday weekend.”  Is a sentence you will never hear me say ever again.

Particularly because, on this occasion, it was matched with: “Well there’s a Villa match on at 3 o’clock.” 822 more words