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How to Admire God in French

One of my favorite passages from Gertrude Stein’s memoir Paris, France is the excerpt attributed to, I believe, Jean Jacques Rousseau. In this passage, Rousseau explains the greatness he feels in the presence of God, and I love his flow of thought as he describes both the existence of God and the response he, as a human, feels in His light. 231 more words

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A museum of menstruation; a new gender divide in death, aka latest health crisis for (in this case US white) women

Frida Kahlo (1907-54), Still Life (on China)


Only connect as E.M. Forster wrote. Menstruation, the immiseration of white women (you are much better off in a city), the plight of Muslim women, cats in medieval manuscripts — are my topics today. 1,746 more words


Bits and Bobs

My grandmother had a drawer in her kitchen cupboard that she called the ‘bits and bobs drawer’. It held what she deemed important but didn’t necessarily belong in any of the other drawers, either by size, category, design or purpose. 1,011 more words

Therapeutic Writing.

Most clouds have a silver lining

Recently received news that my friend’s mother has vascular dementia which, without  having to trawl through reams of depressing text, is caused by reduced blood supply to the brain due to diseased blood vessels.  485 more words


The Earth Moves Beneath Us

Listen to me read this piece aloud.


I had heard about people falling to their death. Stories and news articles about hikers walking, skiers skimming the surface then slipping between two sheets of ice, falling through a trapdoor of snow, dropping down and down from white to blue to black. 975 more words


For the Week of April 17, 2016: Looking for Home (again)

Goethe once wrote that all writers are homesick, that all writers are really searching for home.  Being a writer is being on a constant search for where you belong.” 1,160 more words

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