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Seven Times You Are Perfect

When you’re cracking your knuckles, not by bending your fingers back or crunching them forward, but by pulling and twisting at the joints. It makes my skin crawl and I shoot you that look, a sideways glare with a raised eyebrow. 346 more words

Heart And Soul

Making A Writing Schedule

I’ve been struggling a lot with this.  I know myself pretty well, so having a set time everyday and forcing myself to do something doesn’t always work for me.   370 more words

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In Anticipation

­Tomorrow is the day. After nearly four years of lock-myself-in-the-house-at-night-poetry-making, my debut collection, More than you were, is launching in Cardiff.

Friends are already messaging me this morning – ‘Are you excited?’, ‘Can’t wait to see you!’. 235 more words

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Daiku IX

The clouds are clearing,

The moon staring at the land-

Another day, soon.


For the Week of April 23, 2017: Crossing the Border into Cancer

(A note from Sharon:  Yes, the post/writing suggestions for the coming week are early.  The reason?  I’m traveling for the next few days and will be away from my office and computer.    992 more words

Expressive Writing


After my father died, my childhood memories came flooding forward with a force I wasn’t expecting. I remembered his swooped back hair, his over washed jeans, his too loud laugh. 144 more words

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Letting Go

So, I kinda sorta finished the second draft of my first book in a series, but I wasn’t really satisfied with it…mostly because I wrote (copy & pasted from first draft) some pretty terrible chapters with no clue how to fix them.   444 more words

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