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MEDITATION - A Week of Meditation

Over the past year, I have been learning just how helpful meditation can be in calming the mind and body and, anytime that I have experienced the inner calm and peace of meditation, I’ve always come out of it extremely grateful and content and at peace. 127 more words



I want a man (or
men) who’d let me
live in his clothes and
sleep on the couch
so I can spend every
last penny on books… 86 more words

Things You Should Read


It’s been a year!

Congratulations to me for being a vegetarian a whole year*!

*Ok, well not completely. And I’m unsure of the specific date, but I do remember this much; that we went out to dinner for my mum’s birthday on the 29th last year, and I ordered a vego meal with a few people asking if I was a vegetarian – with which I answered ‘yes, I am’ and feeling very proud that I had taken this new stance on life. 133 more words

My Life


Sometimes it blows my mind how opposite my sister and I are. She is working towards buying a new truck, buying a house, getting married, having a family, etc. 164 more words


Be resolute to make life worth all the while for those moments of impact.