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Permadeath 10

I died. Again.

Just 12k reaper exp away from getting my 10th point and the nice reward. I had been running everything on R2 during my second life and was quite confident. 80 more words

Pokemon Go

Who I Wish To Be

Brooding, yes brooding, I perpetually am,
Of how I could be much more than I am,
Of how I posses the potential to rise,
But how I remain trapped within my own demise, 81 more words


Bent, Worn, Alive

Bent –
life’s tribulations weighty
do not confuse this folding
with weakness, I am

worn –
tested resilience
nourishes creativity
I am muse rich,

alive – 8 more words


Ugly Changes Lead to Beautiful Transformations

Living in the northern U.S., I’m watching the seasons change, a beautiful gift from nature. Within the week, my area’s expected to see the fall foliage reach its peak, meaning the yellows and reds of autumn leaves will soon explode into a majestic landscape. 527 more words

Hello World!

Thank you for following my page! I know my topics can seem abstract but I am sharing knowledge I learn so that it can help somebody else!!



A Rookie Housewife Lost her Ring (9 months After her Wedding)

I know, it sounds careless.

but wait until you hear my story(and the lessons that came with it)…

The husband and I went to a camping with our church family for a team-building activity during a June holiday. 694 more words


Jalan juang, —dan Bertahan

surat terbuka untuk mereka yang dengan sukarela masih berjuang, masih bertahan:

semua tahu bahwa menceritakan sebuah perjuangan adalah hal yang rumit. karena apa apa yang didalamnya seperti tak terdefinisi aksara- kompleks, abstrak, dan sukar ditafsir. 279 more words