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From Death to Life

The day started out as any other typical day, rising before dawn. Insomnia was the worst… but all the quiet time, alone with my thoughts time, gave me the solitude I needed to plan my escape.   200 more words


Nails Have A Name

Huge nails hammered on my hands
Stopping me from reaching new lands.
The more I try to break free
The more I bleed.

Only a miracle could loosen them up… 201 more words

Just some thoughts...

I sit here, two levels above the ground, facing the window and watch. I watch a girl in yoga pants and an overlarge t-shirt walk by with Starbucks in hand. 168 more words


“You live your life by rules
So you don’t come off
Track, like only fools
Do breaking loose
From a prison you choose
To stay in order to keep your shoes. 29 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

You become the wall you

lean on. Shedding soul and skin,

steadily trading bones for something

less familiar. Ready to part from what… 26 more words


Living with my ex and her girlfriend saw me become second sister-wife

After a nearly two-year relationship, I’d recently met and fallen for a cowboy. We were lying naked in bed when Elizabeth texted me. She was no longer sure about our camping trip because she was fighting with Emmy again. 799 more words


Finding My Way

Eight years or so ago I was introduced to Facebook, Yahoo Answers, and a shiny new laptop. I never had these things before…and it consumed me. 482 more words