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Crazy Choices: A Poem

You could be bold

Just as you can be shy—

You can grow old

Without one try

Of anything

God let you want…

Crazy choices… 41 more words


I just left the original offices of Cody and David Studios for the last time. We only spent a short amount of time there – a little over a year – but I will miss its cozy confines. 178 more words


Starting my PhD interviews: transcription takes a long time, and Impostor Syndrome is real!

Last week I interviewed two people for my PhD research, and I will hopefully be interviewing many more people over the next year. The interviews are qualitative semi-structured interviews  (interviews focused on in-depth conversations with people, with some set questions asked to all interviewees but also allowing them to lead the conversation), which is the first time I’ve used this methodology in research. 330 more words


Pa-suspense talaga si Lord ^^"

When I found out that I may not be able to graduate just in time, last Friday night, I felt like I could explode right then and there. 416 more words


The Root of Confidence is Self-Love

A lot of times when people talk about confidence they talk about the things you can do to make yourself feel more confident. Dress nice, stand up straight, you name it. 286 more words


Hopping The State Line

For some reason, society has decided that living life with anything other than two kids and two pets is crazy. Absolutely and certifiably, insane. If you just got married then you get a pass but it is only temporary. 672 more words


Charles Lever, His Life In His Letters, Vol. I (Of II).Epub

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