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So you know how to detect poison mushrooms?

“Are you sure you know how to identify poisonous mushrooms?” I asked my neighbour. He assured me he had studied differences in this fungus and had been picking them for years. 652 more words


July Photo Challenge >> Day Twenty-eight >> Pandemonium

Day twenty-eight >> Daily routine


1. wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar

The reason my blog handle is pandemonium1992 is because I see my life as having the dictionary definition of pandemonium – and I was born in 1992.  

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Conversation With An Older Woman

There are tales

to be told

of other continents;

she declines.

There were warnings

that petticoats

would drive men wild;

quaint days.

There was a… 18 more words


An Update

I’m sorry for once again being unable to post anything mates, however personal issues have come up in my life that require my attention. I promise you that Eh!Taku is not dead and I have every intention of keeping the blog running. 24 more words


Praising Through the Waves

I’m sure walking on water doesn’t feel like a smooth ride or a walk in the park. If we want to live the incredible life God has for us, we have to learn to endure the waves, the tumultuous and unpredictable torrents amidst the storms. 816 more words


My Summer Essentials

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day, I know summer is almost over for most of you but I wanted to share what I’ve been into this summer. 129 more words


Woman of Steele: What's up for August?

Runners get up at the crack of dawn to run. We sneak runs in on our lunch hours and spend countless hours on the weekends racking up the miles. 513 more words