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What even is Normal?

Most people in today’s society want to be unique. They don’t want to follow the “Main Stream”. But not me.

I want to be normal. Better yet, I want to FEEL normal. 262 more words


correction: a woman in the broadcast booth on Sunday Night Baseball? Why not?

I forgot to spell check this post before the first copy went out into the internet. I am sorry for that. Below is the fixed post. 420 more words


Seeing the Light

We eat intentions for breakfast
Blaming our half done deeds
On calendars and clocks
We are the watchmen 83 more words

Blogging Goals – 1,300,004

I have often written that I use blogging goals and milestones to push myself each day. Another mile marker in the distance to strive for… that is never a bad thing in my book. 412 more words


The point about leaving something behind
in any context
is…. you have to leave.

Quotes And Poems


She was plagued by a memory
Thinking, un-thinking, re-thinking

To free herself
Once and for all

She kindled the photographs
One by one

How unburdening it was!
Snorting the ashes left behind…