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I’ve got it.

Head & chest rabies, that is.

I’ve been pretty seriously sick for about 5 or 6 days now, with fever, coughing up my lungs, head full of snot, lost most of my voice, & very little energy. 19 more words


428. Smokin'

About when it’s so cold that your breathe comes out like smoke..

I was bambino, the cold wrapped us one,

I used to find joy, and it used to be fun, … 29 more words

Eli Woodbine

Feeling A Little Ill 

​Hola fellow bloggers, writers, readers and authors! I hope that all has been well on your end. I have not been feeling good lately because my heart has been giving me trouble again. 222 more words


This is a real problem. When fast gets really fast, being slower to adapt makes you really slow — and disoriented. It is as if we were all on one of those airport moving sidewalks that was going around five miles an hour and suddenly it sped up to twenty-five miles an hour — even as everything else around it stayed roughly the same.

16 more words

How I've Been (Life Update)

Let me just begin by saying that I have been feeling so many little emotions and feels as of the past couple of days/weeks. Hey, my Meyer’s Briggs is INFJ soooo… 951 more words


Day 12-14: When Laziness Hit

Laziness. It’s the thing that keeps you on the couch, makes excuses, justifies your feelings, and I got caught in it again. I was so sore, so tired from this past week that my motivation just fizzled out. 74 more words