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Who were you meant to be?  What is your destiny, and what is it that you are so desperately searching for?  Almost in a frenzy, frantic and anxious.   83 more words


Yet Another Day

It was yet another day. After the death of her husband, their son decided to travel overseas to seek fortune, promising to return soon.

Days turning to months,months to years, all that she cherished of him were the weekly telephonic conversations. 98 more words



June 23rd

Within YOU is the Greatest Person ever known. Permission is hereby granted to you to accept this fact and live it in Absolute confidence. 190 more words

Daily IN-spiration

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle

I coined the term “depression blanket” today in my therapy session, and here’s why I think it explains perfectly how I’ve been feeling since summer began. 619 more words

Personal Essays

"The Plague of Ideas" (a poem by KPKeelan)



are so dangerous!

They come-


unasked for-

leaving behind

an unrecognizable landscape.

They force us to reflect

(against our will!)

and question… 32 more words

Kevin Keelan

Who is your friend with benefits?

You are hungry for passion and you are not in relation? Relation is indeed obligation and it takes lot of attempts to find right partner. Sometimes we can be so busy that we have no time to focus on special person in our life, to reply on every SMS and every phone call, to support that person in the case of troubles or problems. 453 more words


Identity Crisis (2 min read)

I was 28 when I realized I was having an identity crisis, with four kids around. I thought it was too late. Although during teenage life I had periods of wondering who I am uncertain if I answered that question. 511 more words