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Tough Times Open Insights

Tough times is part and parcel of life without which one will not understand and appreciate the mantle of survival and what it takes to keep going. 9 more words


Cast Out

In a world full of cowards
The bold become banished
For you to give yourself to a cause
Your eternal reward, to be alone


Poetry #667 | Uncomfortable Love

I will make you uncomfortable.
I will become your conscience or that which pricks your conscience.
It is always weird around me.
I will come to you in dreams. 292 more words


Hero in the Making

A quote for our times? You be the judge.

Euripides apparently lived from 480 to 406 BC.
A tragedian playwright in Ancient Greece,
he has influenced drama into our modern times, 61 more words


Haiku 20.20

sometimes our life is
between storms and sometimes it
could be the weather