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College Life & CF

College can be the best four years of your life. Although it can be fun, it can be stressful, difficult, emotional, and tiring. Well, that is for a normal college student. 1,437 more words

ball of wool.

Am I the only one here whose anxiety is envisioned as, depicted as, a ball.?

In my particular case, a ball of wool.

A solid mass of intermingled, knotted, coarse, crude wool. 360 more words

Waxing Lyrical

Talking Pains

If you haven’t already inferred this, I don’t like talking. Mostly due to anxiety, I hate feeling like I’m being put on the spot and having to construe a long stream of words within a few seconds. 86 more words

My Kids Will Be Raised

My kids will be raised on jokes and laughter.
They will know the difference between an offensive joke
And a really fucking funny joke,
As a matter of fact, my kids gon’ call you out, 535 more words