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Day 3053 - How To Take Control Of Your Finances

One thing that Bret and I have started to be really aware of is our budget. We’ve used Mint (totally free and amazing for budgeting and goals) for about 3 years. 355 more words


From Tiny Cracks

All laid bare in this place, belabored breath brings cleaner light and nourishing water, that rests in tiny cracks in wait for the extreme to freeze, break rocks, and bring down this mountain.


My Night with JUNGLE

It was a Friday night, a night for reckless acts and promiscuous affairs. After a long night of no sleep as we wait for the sun to rise for the weekend, those with no limit they push themselves past humans to machines. 178 more words



I guess if you can’t find belonging in the church, you find it somewhere else. It is the same the other way round – people who cannot find belonging in the secular find belonging in the spiritual. 296 more words


25 Things That Make Me Happy

When reading a few blog posts this morning I came accross a blog post by ‘Through the Eyes of Gracie’ about the 25 things that makes them happy. 198 more words


Playground art.

A multi-coloured striped carpet runs the length of the downward-sloping entrance into the Turbine Hall, a vast silver ball suspended overhead.  Visitors lie on the ground in their groups, gazing upwards at the shining oddity, taking photographs of it on their phones.   97 more words