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Fear, surrender and sanctification

Fear is what we know not
A future expected to rain hails
When no roof covers your head
And blankets not warm enough
To protect you from the strong winds… 97 more words



At the beginning of yoga on Monday, the teacher announced that she wanted the day’s class to be about Change. She shared a little bit about the difficult relationship she has with change and encouraged us to think about what we do when we are confronted with it – do we resist it or do we allow it to move through us? 772 more words

1 year anniversary

This post is in memory of my mum. She passed away a year ago today.

I miss you, I love you mam x

https://www.twitter.com/gwawrlj for the video of me sending a star to a star x


Things I Don't Understand About Small Talk

(From The Perspective Of The Socially Anxious Introvert)

When people ask me “How’s it going?”  I need specifics.  My day?  My week?  My life?  Am I supposed to tell you whether or not I found my sunglasses, or am I supposed to divulge my innermost feelings about the meaning of my existence?  374 more words


Footsteps Like The Wind

What does it matter?

Just let it all go.

Fight the good fight,

but don’t let it follow you home.

Come in from the night, 225 more words


Why We're Asking You To Help Our Momma. Meet Our Momma, Judi.

Everyone meet Judi. This is our Momma who was diagnosed with third stage colon cancer. Me and my 12-year-old little brother were at our wits end trying to figure out what we could do to help keep our family afloat during this turbulent season of our lives so we finally got the idea to make a cancer relief crowdfunding campaign and this website helpourmomma.com! 1,228 more words


Build or Knock

Life works because it has been built that way.

‘What do you mean by that, Christopher?’ you ask. I am glad you did.

I don’t know of any great life that was not the result of significant development. 407 more words