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If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time: I’ll be There (TBT)

“Not fitting in just means you’re in the wrong place”

If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time, I’ll be There

A sale of shoes… 177 more words


The Non-First Day

I finally had my first few days of work. The first day did not really go according to plan. I was asked to be there at 7:30 am. 531 more words



आज कुछ बातें हुईं,

तो धर्म सामने आया,

मैं बोला – तूने है जग को भरमाया।

धर्म बोला – कुछ समझ ना आया।

मैं बोला देखो तुमने है भेद करवाया,

नादां को भ्रम ज्ञान बताया,

वो बेचारा समझ ना पाया,

खुद भटका औरों को भी भटकाया।

और बात यहीं नहीं थमी…

वो बढ़ती गई दावानल की तरह,

घर टूटे, लोग बिछड़े, रिश्ते खत्म हुये,

दंगे हुये, मस्जिद टूटीं, मंदिर टूटे।

दोस्ती खत्म हुई, हाल बेहाल हुआ।

पतन हुआ, मानवीयता का।

सरलता घेरे में आई, विवेक नदारद हुआ,

निर्णय बिगड़े, द्वंद हुये, मत बढ़े।

भावनायें आहत हुईं, पवित्रता खो गई,

थोड़े विवाद में, आत्मीयता खो गई।

और वो शुरुआत एक अंत तक ना पहुँचने वाली शुरुआत है।

– गौरव जैन


I saw you in my dream today. And those dreams are still as real as ever. I remember those moments when we reached out to eachother at the same time or said or did the same thing at the exact moment. 148 more words



But stealing a quickie at the computer before so doing, happened over this—

—and who dare say that an old agnostic atheist cannot enjoy pure art? 15 more words



Hamlet was not able to take action.

Okonkwo was too prideful.

Antigone was too loyal.

Creon would not listen.

McFly won’t just walk away.

And then there is Samson. 62 more words

Make Plans Now For These (Non-Lollapalooza) Chicago Festivals

Our mistake hit us as soon as the train doors started to close. Or at least the stench did. Same difference. The point is that we immediately knew we were amongst people who had spent all day roasting in the sun. 2,529 more words

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