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10 Rules to Live by, Rule 1

Rule 1

“Never give up”

There’s going to be anxiety about uncertainty and fear about failing, but push yourself to keep going. After all, you’ll never know how close you are to succeeding if you quit now. 49 more words

Courting Vs Dating – a love-sick colloquy

I am a hopeless romantic. Having born into and growing up in that transition period from courtship to dating, I believe I can rightfully talk on both sides. 511 more words


A letter to my sister and all 22 year-olds out there.

Hey there Champ,

Long  way huh? Yeah I know, feeling of accomplishment and confusion all at the same time. Chances are, no matter what I say, you might still go ahead and make the same mistakes I did. 389 more words


How to have a good relationship with oneself this 2018.

There are so many posts about how to have a good relationship with ones partners this 2018. Well, how about those who are single? Or those people who wanted to improve their sense of selves this 2018? 584 more words


Holiday Greetings

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

I had a great one, i stuffed myself with lots of food. Spend time with family, played games and now I’m in bed because of my bad back. 40 more words


Too much...

When you start to care,

You easily give away your dreams, your aspirations, your goals,

Just to show them that they mean the world to you. 48 more words


The Cell Leader

Being a cell leader is a tough work. First, I have to maintain a good character and a high level of integrity, because how can I become an agent of transformation if I myself is not transformed right? 443 more words