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Morning thoughts of a Lifeaholic

I was so feeling lazy today or should I say this has been a constant feeling for the past six months now. Pardon an expecting mom that I am. 719 more words

Pen @ Work

First week done!

As far as first weeks go, this one was pretty good. Despite being up at 6:30 to get to my 8:30 LHA tutorial, it was a crusey day. 48 more words



Currently 9:58 pm. I am sitting at my iMac, for the first time trialling the echo360 program through Moodle. I didn’t miss the lecture today but I thought I’d see how it was if I did. 87 more words


New Chapter

Where to start….

The 8 am wake up?

The 50 minute drive?

The search for the mysterious car spot?

The 5 minute attempt to park in that mysterious car spot? 162 more words


DNA Music

They say you can’t study with music and, well no, studies say you can’t. But they also say music is a key part in living life. 160 more words


Got a blessing behind RED line

“There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.” – Pamela S. Nadav

My life has forever changed since that cold Sunday morning when I saw those two red lines slowly became visible right before my own two eyes. 455 more words

Let's Talk About Life

How I Met Your Mum

A cooler bag with a bottle of Moet on a cruise-boat where rum-n-coke is the standard, Uh hmmm. For every get together I’ve know since my induction to all things latino; happy, sad, or just for just, they have all been an occasion to bring out the 7-year old Havana Club bottle of rum. 670 more words