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When Life Gives You Lemons

When life throws you lemons,….

I’ll be honest here. I have heard this phrase a couple of times and I have indeed lived that phase in life when life, not only throws me lemons but it would even run out of fruits to throw at, it would start throwing whatever it has near it. 461 more words

Twist and Pout

I am one of those suckers who would easily get sucked into pop culture and whatever that is there on the TV screen. I might not have been to the States in my life but I would believe anything I see on TV and hope I would see the same thing when I get there one day. 622 more words

Food Adventure: Thai Green Curry (my version)

So I’ve recently found out I’m intolerant to a lot of foods that I used to enjoy pretty much every day. Namely dairy. I guess it was a blessing in disguise, because since then (4 weeks ago) I’ve cut out all the foods I can’t eat and have become rather more adventurous in my cooking! 145 more words

Life 101

The 10 commandments of My Mind Body Bible

  1. Write honestly about how you feel and what you think. People prefer an original to a copy any day.
  2. Don’t expect your creative energies to flow every day, if you don’t feel inspired take a break and you never know when something fantastic will strike you.
  3. 220 more words

7 Day Challenge: Ready, Set, Go!

Weight Struggles

Welcome to my online diary for the next seven days. If you’re a regular on social media, you’ve probably seen posts regarding the… 838 more words

True Story

May 16, 2015

Buffalo Swing x Blu Minette

Food oh food. What can I say? I love it. We all love it.

It has been quite awhile since Souris last saw Simon (my now 7mos old nephew). 84 more words


Life101 - Help others to help yourself

You never know really, the small things that you did, could mean so much to others. Whether it’s a random kindness to others as buying lunch, giving them a ride, or simply saying hi. 604 more words