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Being Unaccepted || Life101

2 days ago, I went to my great grandmothers funeral. Some of you guys know that I lived in Canada for almost all my life and just moved back to where I was born recently, so there’s a lot of family members who I don’t know. 248 more words


Life 101 ||Why death?

Hey Guys

So this is the start of my new Life101 series. I really feel the need to do this series. I’m going to talk about anything and everything for the next month or so. 312 more words


Another Painful Dream || Life101

Anyone remember this post? Where I dreamt of school and being happy and all that? Well for some unknown reason it happened again. In this second dream I went to an arcade with the people from my old school (actual people who I know) who I in real life never had the nerve to talk to because of my social anxiety. 213 more words


Things I Need to Work On || Life101

Hello beautiful people of the internet :) Perhaps you’ve read my last post where I wrote all about how life wasn’t treating me well and all that, I just want to thank all of you for your supportive comments which honestly helped re-sure me a ton! 220 more words


Difficult Times || Life101

*Trigger warning* sorry.

What the hell do you do when someone laughs at you about your social anxiety?

You do nothing.

That’s what you do. 185 more words


What I've Been Up to & Some News || Life101

Hello beautiful people of the Internet :) So maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting for 3 days, or maybe not! But either way I’m back and I’m here to tell you what I’ve been up to these past couple of days. 398 more words


A Little Bit of MIA & Sickness || Life101

I’ve been feeling kind of sick lately, and I don’t know what it is. It started last week where even though I get a lot of sleep, (probably way more than I need) I still feel so tired, sleepy, exhausted and don’t have the energy to do ANYTHING. 230 more words