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Wrong Choice? || Life101

About 2 and a half weeks ago, my classmates and pretty much everyone who goes to school had their last day of school for the school year. 324 more words



Have you ever realised how short our life is? Or maybe how fast our life goes?

Recently, I went on a roadtrip with my friends to Mornington.

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Sometimes you just need a motivational video

It helps when it’s only 27 seconds long. Thank you Casey!

So one of my favourite Y0uTubers is Casey Neistat, and he’s a very cool guy. 79 more words

Life 101

A quest for purpose

Life doesn’t come with a manual. You’ll have to fall before you can learn to walk.

My journey in life so far has been both exciting, and excruciating.

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Get Real

We have become the generation that live to Impress but avoid the Real Connection.

Sekedar sharing tentang hari ini. Pagi tadi saya pergi ke gereja dan saya merasa seperti ditegur untuk kesekian kalinya sama Tuhan. 1,024 more words

I am THE Winner!

Such a weird title indeed.

Do you think of yourself as a competitive person?

Because I do.

I don’t really like it when someone I know can do things I cannot.

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Lost? That's a Understatement || Life101

Yesterday night my mom and I had this huge fight, the biggest one we’ve ever had. My mom was helping me with a subject in school that I didn’t fully understand and she gave me information on it which was on a paper that I found out I lost just yesterday, which lead to the fight. 108 more words