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Life101 - Help others to help yourself

You never know really, the small things that you did, could mean so much to others. Whether it’s a random kindness to others as buying lunch, giving them a ride, or simply saying hi. 604 more words



My first short story that I wrote for a school assignment a few years back. Constructive criticism very welcome! Novels are more my thing :p… 1,406 more words


Morning thoughts of a Lifeaholic

I was so feeling lazy today or should I say this has been a constant feeling for the past six months now. Pardon an expecting mom that I am. 719 more words

Pen @ Work

First week done!

As far as first weeks go, this one was pretty good. Despite being up at 6:30 to get to my 8:30 LHA tutorial, it was a crusey day. 48 more words



Currently 9:58 pm. I am sitting at my iMac, for the first time trialling the echo360 program through Moodle. I didn’t miss the lecture today but I thought I’d see how it was if I did. 87 more words


New Chapter

Where to start….

The 8 am wake up?

The 50 minute drive?

The search for the mysterious car spot?

The 5 minute attempt to park in that mysterious car spot? 162 more words