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Too much...

When you start to care,

You easily give away your dreams, your aspirations, your goals,

Just to show them that they mean the world to you. 48 more words


The Cell Leader

Being a cell leader is a tough work. First, I have to maintain a good character and a high level of integrity, because how can I become an agent of transformation if I myself is not transformed right? 443 more words


I’d be a Christian if it weren’t for Christians...

“I’d be a Christian if it weren’t for all you Christians”

A couple of years ago I overheard someone use this quote to describe an experience 924 more words

#Life101 "Trusting your Kids"

What I have learned today is to “Trust your children“. Parent’s have the tendency to doubt their kids because of experiences and the idea of “Parent’s know better”. 167 more words


3 Factors That May Pose Real Advantage When Starting Out "Real" Life

How unfair is it that in life, we are given too many possibilities and options. Each of them promises us a better future at the end of it all. 775 more words



I grew up without having a father. In my younger years, I hated him for doing what he did. Seeing my schoolmates with their Dad, dropping them and picking them up from school, I never experienced that. 413 more words


Coping Despite my Complexities

Living at 21, I have thought that my world revolves around the tips of my fingers; and it mainly is because I have made various hustles and bustles that I have never done before. 1,296 more words