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Life Cycle

Inside egg shell
ostrich bones
form over
and over fire
ostrich feathers fry.

Summer twilight
under seas
dead fish float
trying out moss
5th Ave… 29 more words


A Window into a Credible Approach to Sustainability

At the biggest Earth Day celebration in the world, Earth Day Texas 2016, two sustainability leaders—a nonprofit ecolabel and a windows manufacturer, discussed why consumers rely on them to make smart purchasing decisions. 397 more words

Safer, Healthier Facilities


This afternoon, we had our final visit from the bee keeper. We looked at how pollination influences food production and how the cycle of a queen bees egg effects the production of an apple. 19 more words


In crazy world..we earn to eat and spend to loose weight

In todays world if i look at my self i find, why i am trying so hard to earn money, so i can eat, have fun and be fat(pet ke liye kamana padta hai sahaab), and then at the end i haveto loose my weight. 84 more words

There is no Glacier while adding S3 bucket Lifecycle rule

I am adding a Lifecycle rule to an AWS S3 bucket I have created. There is no option to transition to Glacier.

Is Glacier is not supported under Free Tier? 50 more words


songs of silences

deformed putty pink

robbed of warm breath

contorted sweet necks
tar bubble eyes bulging

frail unfeathered waxy torn

foiled unsung tiny raptors

never will gush… 124 more words

My Art & Writing

Including loyalty in your beyond-RFM segmentation

Since Sandy first donated to your organization in 1992, she’s given over 100 gifts.  Nothing exorbitant – she’s now giving $30 every three or four months – but she also has volunteered, come to three walks, signed up for emails, and taken almost every advocacy action you offer. 838 more words