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#VideoTutorial on #Android Activity #LifeCycle

This is an Android Beginner Video Tutorial which is giving you a visual presentation of Android activity life cycle. Activity is the basic building block for the android application and it goes through a life cycle, so in this  56 more words


Behind the Guppies

As part of classroom learning in Science this year, we will have a large focus of learning on the natural world and to life cycles. As part of the learning we have put an aquarium in the room and stocked it with guppies and tiny cherry shrimps. 56 more words

ADF Lifecycle & Immediate, Auto Submit, Partial Submit properties behaviour

ADF Cycle is and extended version of JSF Lifecycle. For each request from client to server, application invokes ADF Page lifecycle.

Below are the phases of ADF Page Life Cycle. 1,305 more words

Oracle ADF