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React-native Component Lifecycle

We can put lifecycle methods into 3 categories Mounting, Updating and Un-mounting functions. All the functions, except render, are optional. Let’s see when to use these functions. 201 more words


Lifecycle (Infantile #2)

This interview comes from Infantile zine which was done my Vincent ‘Pit’ Maes (who resided in my hometown at that time and was the singer of the youthcrew band ‘Instinct’). 168 more words


A look at the React Lifecycle

Every react component is required to provide a render function. It can return false or it can return elements but it needs to be there. If you providing a single function, it’s assumed to be a render function: 500 more words


On Death Row

If he knows it or not that fat squirrel is now on death row.

Yep, Deadman walking.


Lack of PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray support down to streaming, says Sony

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

The absence of a 4K Blu-ray player inside the new PlayStation 4 Pro is due to a lack of consumer demand, according PlayStation boss Andrew House. 474 more words


The Development of Dell’s Innovative Business Model

The notion of a business model is that it is the foundation blocks for a company strives to achieve. The idea of adhering to set rules in order to achieve the greatest possible financial outcome. 695 more words