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January 22: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

The three-week mark has delivered some noticeable David Bowie Ch-ch-changes. This morning during my stretches, my elbows touched the ground for a few seconds! Brief, but satisfying (before the pain told me to stop overdoing it!). 381 more words

Physically Fit

Making balance a priority

My life is a bit of a runaway train right now. Things are moving far faster than I can move and the flying debris  seems to be well out of my control. 711 more words

Everyday Living

About Ms. Minimalist

My interest in minimalism as a lifestyle choice and productivity strategy is the result of the evolution of my philosophy of life from the Voluntary Simplicity of the 1990s environmental movement, my liberating gypsy-like time living out of two small pieces of luggage (with no car and no actual home of my own) as a newbie flight attendant, my respect for the uncluttered serenity of Japanese interior design and the Buddhist message of impermanence. 375 more words