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Chiller TV Unveils 2015-16 Programming Schedule

Over the last few years, the Chiller TV channel has proved itself as a dedicated horror programing outlet. Broadcasting classic horror and sci-fi films as well as original specials and original movies, Chiller is the one channel I miss since getting rid of cable. 737 more words

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Man-Made Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that is not only treatable without the need for drugs, but it is also preventable! In the United States more women are killed by osteoporosis every year than the combined deaths from cancer of the breast, cervix and uterus. 1,025 more words

Hippocrates Health Institute

Lifeforce & Longevity

The five fundamentals of a being truly happy and content, and living longer are positive thoughts, emotionally fulfilling relationships, living foods, exercise and spiritual completeness. For a number of years now at… 645 more words

Hippocrates Health Institute


A heart-driven dynamic is one powerful force to contend with and employ. I am talking about someone doing something out of realness and genuine-ness with a focus and a mission “ON” mentality that parts waters and makes waves while doing it. 441 more words

Patrick Stewart: Beloved By The Geeks

Most geeks first experienced seeing Patrick Stewart in the role of the very un-Kirkish Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Stewart had been an actor for years at this point, having been trained as a Shakespearean actor who played the London stage in tights that looked every sillier than the spandex uniforms he was asked to don for the first two years as Picard (Gene Roddenberry’s death allowed the producers to switch to more comfortable wool uniforms later in the series run). 496 more words

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A Crystal Skull & A Third Black

Last night I found myself watching a film on network television for the first time over this Christmas… right at the end of the festive season. 554 more words


Starving Review: Lifeforce Volume 1: The Lost Path by Govinda Rajah

Lifeforce: The Lost Path (Lifeforce Book 1) by Govinda Rajah (Amazon, Goodreads)

All literary cuisine represents a work of passion from their authors.  1,025 more words