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On the Music of LIFEFORCE

Spoken words on the music for Tobe Hooper’s majestic science fiction horror classic

An audio essay discussing Henry Mancini and Michael Kamen’s music for both the UK and US versions of Tobe Hooper’s ballistic, bizarre and beautiful 1985 classic Lifeforce.

Cerrone - Love In C Minor (1976)


‘Love in C Minor’ has been sampled numerous times over the years by all sorts, including The Avalanches and Neon Indian. 32 more words


How to put life energy in your drinks by Master of Earth

How to put life energy in your drinks by Master of Earth

Video :

From YouTube channel : MASTER OF EARTH

Master of Earth greatly gives a technique and explains what are you drinking? 270 more words

Watchin' Stuff

What a great cover! So naturally it’s a disappointing snoozefest. Fulci actually plays himself in this, in a weird story where he’s starting to lose his mind after directing all those nasty horror movies and his psychiatrist uses it as an opportunity to go on a killing spree and try to pin it on his patient. 769 more words


Stabbing Tedium

2017.56: Fanatic (1965)

This one’s a pretty strange Hammer movie. It lacks the usual ‘look’ and cast of a Hammer film, with more the feel of a (bad) Hitchcock thriller. 312 more words



This is the first in my Sci-fi Films essay series running through the month of November. If you like this essay or sci-fi in general and want to keep updated, I’ll be posting an essay/review biweekly on every Tuesday and Thursday this month! 723 more words