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Wan's Weird Wednesday: Lifeforce (1985)

“How the fuck did they pitch this movie? “We have a naked space vampire hypnotist nonce film with a political dimension which starts on the fringes of the galaxy and ends in a dole office in Thatchers Britain.”” 1,127 more words


Lifeforce BODY

Likte du tightsen som Tanja har på i filmen? Dette er Casall Sculpture tights. Vi har Casall Sculpture tights i sort.
Se utvalget av Casall Sculpture tights… 28 more words


Lifeforce HEART

“This program is designed to build a long-term blueprint for a healthy life in balance. It could mean the difference between simply getting “better” and learning lifelong tools that empower you to truly energise your heart, body, and soul.” 13 more words


Laughter beyond reason..

70 trillian dollars of Ben Franklins

Interesting thought!


K. Barratt


Beyond, away, afar,

Limitless, boundless,

Free, unbroken, immaterial,

Ethereal, all-pervading,

Being-less, all being,

Altogether present,

Aware, here now,

Holder of yesterdays,

Creatrix of tomorrows, 131 more words

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