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Get a Full Body Kettlebell Workout With These Exercises

Kettlebells are a fun alternative to dumbbells, and their unique shape allows you to do some things that aren’t practical with other kinds of equipment—like the famous… 10 more words

These Videos Show the Best Way to Wrap Cheese

Wrap your cheese properly and you can keep it fresh for much longer than if you just kept it in plastic wrap (which isn’t a good idea… 25 more words

Learn the Basics of Four Programming Languages to Get to the Early Coder Stage

When you’re just starting to learn to code
, it’s hard to tell if you’ve got the basics down and if you’re ready for a programming career or side gig. 27 more words

See How Your Government Representatives Have Voted on Issues with This Tool

Do you know how your elected government representatives have voted on bills and the bills they’ve sponsored? With ProPublica’s Represent, you can easily find out. 8 more words

Movie Review Scores Are Fundamentally Flawed

Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic have become our first stop in determining how good a movie is. Until recently, I had no idea how each site arrived at their review scores. 22 more words