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Coffee Pot Soup

I’m always looking for ways people can cook when they have limited access to the typical kitchen appliances. I’m also perpetually skeptical of lifehacking tips & neat ideas floating around the Internet (may I present… 779 more words


The Efficiency Trap

My mornings used to go like this:

Get up. Go to the kitchen. Throw a Hot Pocket in the microwave. Make coffee. Pour cereal. After the Hot Pocket, of course; it cooks itself. 1,299 more words


New Podcast! Happy Hour with Will Roadhouse!

New Podcast! Happy Hour with Will Roadhouse! We’re going to talk about everything…with everyone;) coming soon to #soundcloud and #itunes

Will Roadhouse

Eco-friendly Ganesha

Making Ganeshas for Ganesh Chaturthi can be a fun experience :) mine was made from turmeric and sandalwood powder (and a lot of reattaching parts that kept falling off) 10 more words


This Week in Taco Bell: How to lifehack your Taco Bell order

And by “lifehack,” here, I mean to operate complete within the boundaries established by Taco Bell’s mobile app and in a manner that Taco Bell probably encourages. 783 more words

Taco Bell

Achieving Personal Happiness: The forgotten Mental Tool of “Self-Reflection.”

Achieving Personal Happiness: The forgotten Mental Tool of “Self-Reflection.”

I’ve been working professionally and hold many titles such as: Consultant, Advisor, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Founder, CEO, TV Host, Director and Executive Producer. 486 more words

Will Roadhouse

Love and marriage - best posts and talks which will radically change your perspective

You might have noticed that most of my recent posts were on the subject of relationships and love. It’s not random, I blog about things that interest me or that I am working on. 484 more words