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Be micro-ambitious

I love to read. And one of my favorite topics is how information is stored in the brain. How the brain learns. What interval of learning is most effective an how goal setting works. 51 more words


Possible mould issues

Before I even fly to Japan, I heard that there might be mould issues in my apartment. I have never experienced such issues, so I am very concerned. 176 more words


Why You Shouldn't Learn To Code

Lots of folks are learning to code it seems. Or to “program computers” as we used to say. Online learning platforms such as lynda.com and edX are chock full of courses to make you the next “Front End Developer” or “SQL Database Admin.” 125 more words

Episode 20: Finding Your Why, Burnout, & Discipline

This episode of TriangleCast is brought to you by Rich Dad Poor Dad. Corey and Jason discuss a couple of chapters from their upcoming book, the risk of burnout (spoiler: Corey has never experience burnout), and how discipline can help you overcome exhaustion. 76 more words


Episode 17: What Have We Learned?

Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys speak about the best tips and tricks they’ve learned over the past 16 episodes as well as their upcoming e-book, and Corey’s dreams of hosting a podcast about marriage, all by himself. 229 more words


Smart Calendar

There are many products coming out right now in the smart home arena, so there is a good chance someone is addressing this need.

I want a smart digital calendar that I can magnet to my fridge or hang on my wall that’s updated by my phone calendar (iCalendar, Google Calendar, Office). 130 more words