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Turn Old Towels into Baby Bibs With This Pattern — Lifehacker

If you have old towels you’re ready to replace or have headed for the trash, give them new life as absorbent baby bibs instead. You’ll always have clean bibs on hand, save money on overpriced baby gear, and you’ll get a more use out of your towels.Read more…

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My search for the true companion device

Over the last few weeks I’ve been on the hunt for a companion device to solve some (seemingly) simple tasks I need to undertake – turns out this is a harder problem to solve than I anticipated. 597 more words


The health insurance card - a healthcare legacy that needs to be forgotten

The first health insurance cards were probably introduced by Blue Cross Blue Shield in the 1930’s as their number of “covered lives” rocketed to over three million participants.   877 more words


Smart learning - it doesn't have to take 10,000 hours

I read the book Outliers by author Malcolm Gladwell. You want to kick rugby balls with the accuracy of Jonny Wilkinson? Simple, train for 10,000 hours. 482 more words


It's Been Three Years Since I Quit My Job - Reflections

When I quit my job, I told a close friend that I would either become a millionaire or a mendicant. For now, the verdict is still out. 445 more words

Still a single? Let yourself gamified and found your other half!

As Eva Gabor’s said — “love is a game that two can play and both win”. Do I hear gentle “awwww” from you? Not yet? Whatever your relationship status is, brace yourself. 614 more words


We just hit 73 podcasts with many new shows and episodes to come!

We just hit 73 podcasts with many new shows and episodes to come! Subscribe at:

Adding many new podcast shows to our updated SoundCloud… 236 more words

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