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The Essence of Death

Today I came upon the lifeless body of a small white rabbit. He looked peaceful,  yet exposed and vulnerable. His little nose seemed dried out and his body showed signs of the stiffness that overcomes the deceased. 176 more words

Dark Thoughts

Too Late

One cold night,

I raced against time.

I hurried to your home

But when I opened the door,

I saw you lying lifeless on the floor.

My Stuff

finger prints and qr codes , are we purposely rejecting our unique humanoid inboard computer

The finger at the moon might have more meanings than one

I come into this world. Hopefully though an orgasmic pregnancy and hopefully conceived while having an earth shattering orgasm with a penis attached to a man with love in his eyes…. 202 more words

1st April

Hello there,
you came along, like you always do
calm every shit-storm
smiling like you are okay

“Don’t worried about me,” you said

you should know… 37 more words



Infuse them with the heat of passion,
a transfusion for the anemic soul;
Ignite the spark, leading to the
eternal flame of embers that burn everlasting… 49 more words


Tears of oppression

O rise you brave indignant souls
enough of lifeless tears
drained from hidden wells.

Come forth to share the light
and bask in open truth… 106 more words



Stopping the pain doesn’t just stop future pain, it also prevents future happiness. I’m here painless but also a tad hopeless. because i don’t try for more i will never have more or less. 68 more words