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From 16 Year Old Me

Cleaning out boxes in the garage can be a good thing. Good when you come across a poem that you clearly remember once writing, ever so long ago. 58 more words


What do I want that is any different then? Nothing

What do I want that is any different then? Nothing. I don’t want anything and I don’t want anyone. I just want to watch the traffic passing below me in the Kurfürstendamm… 41 more words

Withering away

Lifeless flower thru iphone6 w macro lens


23.2.15 Sketchbook work

I have been thinking since starting this course that my sketchbooks are hopeless. I spend a lot of time working on the set exercises and rarely feel able to work on my sketchbook to create anything interesting beyond what I need to do for each bit of coursework. 588 more words


Game Breaking Bug in Animal Crossing Found Years Later

Back in 2013, Nintendo published a game for their latest portable platform the 3DS titled Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Now we are finally hearing of a game breaking bug that has been in it since its’ launch. 326 more words


Still Life

I’m feeling a slight touch of mood kill slithering through my veins. My head is still heavy, slumped to one side of the pillow – the warm side of course. 448 more words