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The Silent Girl

A slow smile crawls up,
Unable to touch her eyes-
Lifeless and empty.


A little less for trying

Every single night i shed a tear
I fall onto my knees without any reason why
Embracing myself afraid of the coldness of the night… 338 more words

Anthony Anderson, Sterling K. Brown Speak Out On Racial Tension In America

As Anthony Anderson celebrates his first Emmy nomination for his role in “Black-ish”, the actor isn’t forgetting the ongoing conflict between police and African Americans, a topic which has dominated the headlines of late and which has served as inspiration for the series. 365 more words


Daily Thoughts 

As the hot sun continue to glair down on me, my blood begins to boil. And the frustration begins to get to me. I was meant to be great, but here I am. 56 more words



Led by foreign madness, we
– to long expected sleepless graves –
will swim to sink and drown in numbers
weighted down beneath the waves… 171 more words


Daily Thoughts

In despair I began to see what my eyes wanted to see. Frozen in time, I was broken. With my heart now close. I became consume with perfection. 27 more words


☁ A cloudy mind on a cloudy day ☁

You know those weeks when everyday just falls, one after the other, and you cant seem to catch your breath. But at the same time, everything moves so painfully slow, each day the same monotonous routine, engulfing your thoughts. 491 more words