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Infuse them with the heat of passion,
a transfusion for the anemic soul;
Ignite the spark, leading to the
eternal flame of embers that burn everlasting… 49 more words


Tears of oppression

O rise you brave indignant souls
enough of lifeless tears
drained from hidden wells.

Come forth to share the light
and bask in open truth… 106 more words



Stopping the pain doesn’t just stop future pain, it also prevents future happiness. I’m here painless but also a tad hopeless. because i don’t try for more i will never have more or less. 68 more words


More Missing :'(

It’s so hard. When you miss someone so much, you keep thinking about them and you have to stop yourself every time before you call him or text him. 70 more words

Break Up


I wish I could just take a bunch of pills and end it all. So I don’t have to keep going through life, living lifelessly feeling like I have no control of my life. 157 more words


From 16 Year Old Me

Cleaning out boxes in the garage can be a good thing. Good when you come across a poem that you clearly remember once writing, ever so long ago. 58 more words


What do I want that is any different then? Nothing

What do I want that is any different then? Nothing. I don’t want anything and I don’t want anyone. I just want to watch the traffic passing below me in the Kurfürstendamm… 41 more words