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SoSC December 2, 2017

Linda G Hill’s Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cramp.”  348 more words


I stand here lifeless as the water beats down fast and hard on my skin
Getting hotter and hotter as it turns my flesh from peach to red… 94 more words


An Excerpt from the Diary of a Nineteen Year Old Depressed

It hits you, all of it, all at once, on a normal Saturday evening, while you sip the green tea under the sky so vast and the one with the perfect concoction of blues and violets.

675 more words

Once and for all

Something that’s been untouched for years

I picked it up and raised it

For it’s known to wield mighty powers

A friend of mine, that’d been deserted… 121 more words

The First Son

A neglected wanderer

Lost himself in pills and drugs

3 sons

None of them wanting to see him again

What does a man live for then… 31 more words

Haiku Tuesday: Lifeless

why do we lash out

when at the end we’ll all be

lifeless heaps of dust?

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Last Night in the Morning

Leftovers from the drunken night
Food in the tinfoil some sort of tamale
A gummy worm package beside the empty cardboard
That used to carry cigarettes… 212 more words