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Life without him

1st December, 2014, we were given the shock of our life. We didn’t know how to react to the situation. Crying was one of the options, but the formalities were also to be done. 61 more words

Fatal Reality

The Art Of Ruining My Precious Life

For a minute, the house was hushed! He left, like all the others did. Like all the others will. It didn’t hurt, It doesn’t hurt anymore. 433 more words

De Los Muertos

Los ojos de los muertos I see them with my eyes
Los ojos de los muertos they stare as I walk by
For me there is no hiding from the eyes of the dead… 175 more words


what to say, what to say 

not much to be writing about…im ugh and it’s not so much over my friends passing…it’s just not much to say…

trying to remember how to be a mom for more than a weekend…got my lil guy for the spring break…with the way my mood has been, i’m feeling bad that it may not go well. 270 more words


His rejection pierced her lifeless







To be

The only one

That never leaves you

So you left me here

Right but broken and hurting… 23 more words


Anxious Ramblings Entry #5 - Taking a Toll

My throat is very tight and I am experiencing a sharp pain in my upper back and shoulders. I feel a dull headache fading in and out…I cannot tell if it is from my teeth grinding through the mouth guard I wear at night, or if it is the depression taking a toll on my body. 348 more words


Have I achieved anything yet ?

No matter what I do, this question haunts me every time and I am sure there are many of us to whom this question might be giving night mares. 295 more words