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Lifelong Learning Resources in Western MA

Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Resources in Western MA

It’s back to school season for many. Some families are buying school supplies and adjusting to new schedules. 414 more words


1. A learning attitude

Congratulations! You have completed the first Thing by being open to learning ….. 

This free online professional learning series will help you to :

The Road to Knowledge

The road to knowledge has twists, turns, roadblocks, and ramps. It is never an easy path, but it is well worth it. The road to knowledge, that is–not to school, a piece of paper, or a checkbox on the automated application screening tool. 1,577 more words

Jeremiah Shepard

Going Back to College? 2 Resources You Need Now!

It’s been 20 years since I’ve read an algebra word problem. I haven’t had to decide between commas and semicolons in over 10 years. Why am I subjecting myself to this madness? 316 more words



What do you do when negativity finds you?  How do you deal?  How do you combat it?  What are your remedies, methods, approaches?

Please share with each other, and me, so we can learn and live more enriched yay-saying lives together…

À la tienne,



Poetry Saturday—Is It Raining?

Is it raining, little flower?

     Be glad of rain;

Too much sun would wither one;

     It will shine again.

The clouds are very dark, it’s true; 41 more words


Teacher Development Program/ Continuing Professional Development or Professional Learning Communities

\Whatever is the appropriated term, it all means one thing and that is the enhancement of knowledge, skills, techniques and strategies, well being, attitudes and perceptions or the teacher individually and/or with the help of peers or colleagues.  660 more words

Reflections, Insights And Realizations