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The Maxwell Leadership Bible (book review)

Hands-down the best book for any aspiring, developing, or seasoned leader is the Bible! John Maxwell is a mentor of leaders that I have come to greatly appreciate over the year of my leadership development. 252 more words

Study Tips

I’m excited that this Monday I will be chatting via Snap Chat to premeds and med students via MEDtakeover (@medtakeovers) about my training and career. Similarly, I had a request a while back from another instagram user @medicine_bh to talk about my tips and strategies for studying and how I organise my time, so I thought I’d put a bit up here and try to make it a little generic rather than solely medically focussed- we all need to learn! 1,326 more words


Day 6| Find Something Every Day

Today, I am grateful for the variety of free information available.

Over the years I have learned about personal finance, social media marketing, hair care, nutrition and so much more without having to pay anything. 39 more words

Find Something Every Day

Choosing a medical specialty... and adding in academia

Apologies that it’s been a while since I’ve added to this blog. I’ve been rather swamped with some highs and lows of the job! I thought I’d talk a bit about choosing a specialisation in medicine and why I decided to add in academia. 1,666 more words


Book Review: A Book to Read on Your Honeymoon 

Need a funny book about marriage– book to read on a romantic get-away or just before bed? Melanie Shankle unpacks the “realness” of marriage in a way that makes you laugh and be releived that you are not the only one feeling crazy. 215 more words


Do You Have a Learning Culture?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but notice how cultivating a ‘culture of learning’ is growing in importance in our organizations.  The formats available cover the gamut from one-on-one coaching and traditional classroom to ‘on demand’ online training, team-based, learning management systems, net forums, and blogs. 744 more words


Run Today’s Race (book review)

It’s amazing the thoughts you can think if only the right “seed thought” is first planted in your mind. In Run Today’s Race that’s exactly what Oswald Chambers does for us. 266 more words