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Adapting Communication

Upon reflecting on the question “Do you find yourself communicating differently with people from different groups and cultures?” the answer is absolutely, yes.

I feel as though everyone does in one way or another, and it can easily by interpreted negatively if it’s done in a way that is not sensitive or culturally appropriate, however I do think it is important to be responsive in the way you communicate with different types of people in different groups or cultures. 327 more words

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Traveling Again

Soon I will be traveling again. Heading to Puerto Rico. My Dads first DNA hit was a Taino in PR. I cant wait to see this beautiful Island. 18 more words

Lifelong Learner

Embracing the terror

Yesterday evening I presented to a group of teachers and kicked off a big STEM project at the school where the collaboration of our local ‘feeder’ primary schools, and specifically their year 6 and 7 teachers, is going to be vital. 520 more words

The Great Communicator

We can find that many world leaders tend to be great communicators. It’s how they get a group or a country to buy into their vision and direction and how they make people around them feel. 344 more words

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Just a Stay at Home Mom

One Little Word

A pastor in our sending community often shares his distaste for the word “just.” We use it without meaning it. We say, “I just want some quiet.” Then as soon as everyone quiets down, we say, “Now, I just need to finish this page.” Well, you got what you asked for, quiet, but you were not satisfied. 461 more words

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Robot Framework Headless Testing

A common scenario for Front End testing is to setup the automation suite to run against a specified set of browsers.  That approach is very common, and has its merits, but how do you tackle that same scenario when the System Under Test (SUT) does not have an output display, such as a Continuous Integration (CI) environment? 148 more words

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To Know Better...

A lifelong friend used to always coin the adage “To know better, is to do better!” ┬áPrimarily, that advice was meant in ways to improve upon being a better parent, Husband, and maybe someday grandparent! 302 more words

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