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12 Quotes From “Think On These Things”

John Maxwell’s books always inspire me to think differently. In Think On These Things—the first book Maxwell wrote—we get to see the seed thoughts that would appear in fuller form in his later books. 417 more words

Learning to Drive Stick

Have you heard people talk about how we should teach children to be lifelong learners? I’ve certainly used that phrase before in interviews and “big thinking” about teaching. 745 more words

Overcome Writer Burnout By Becoming a Life-Long Learner, by Lori Ann Palma

September is traditionally a time when school comes back to the forefront of our lives. Whether it be shuffling your own children to the bus, returning to teaching, or settling into a new project, our focus shifts away from summer fun to books and schedules. 587 more words

The Gospels Side-By-Side (book review)

I love reading. But hands-down, without a doubt, my favorite book to read is the Bible. So I’m always intrigued by any resource that can help me get more out of my time in the Scriptures. 169 more words

Lifelong Learning Resources in Western MA

Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Resources in Western MA

It’s back to school season for many. Some families are buying school supplies and adjusting to new schedules. 414 more words


1. A learning attitude

Congratulations! You have completed the first Thing by being open to learning ….. 

This free online professional learning series will help you to :

The Road to Knowledge

The road to knowledge has twists, turns, roadblocks, and ramps. It is never an easy path, but it is well worth it. The road to knowledge, that is–not to school, a piece of paper, or a checkbox on the automated application screening tool. 1,578 more words

Jeremiah Shepard