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I Write.

I’ve never been an exceptional reader.
I am a reader though. But more so, I am a writer.
I write to attempt at answering the questions that most are too afraid to ask, 335 more words

Tired girl in trouble?// Mallorca pt3


here I am with the third part of my Mallorca trip.

Last post ended when I came to Deiá so today I’ll tell you about how I broke my camera, got lost by the coast and my bedroom in park. 645 more words


How I got my own Hand Lettering Style

A lot of  people, most especially my friends– thanks to y’all– have been asking about how I started with this hobby of lettering, and how I became actually quite so good at it. 1,073 more words


Journaling Since Forever

My journal has been my very best friend for the past months. It has held so much of the stuff I do everyday as well as the dreams that are going on inside my silly head. 733 more words


Manchester x Marawi

My thoughts regarding the ongoing war in Marawi, bombing in Manchester and terrorism in all parts of the world:

First off ofc I am deeply saddened with all of these news and these attacks. 452 more words

Missing Manila

It’s been about two weeks since I came to my hometown, and in those two weeks the most saddening news I received was the siege going on in the nearby City of Marawi. 682 more words


Worthy 💫

Don’t you ever dare telling yourself you are of no worth. People will take advantage of that and treat you exactly the same way. You are of value and of strength, you matter and the universe recognizes you. 86 more words