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Lowkey travels only, please!

Hi everyone! It’s been a month since I’ve uploaded anything here on this blog account, and while I was out for a trip to a farther city, I’ve gathered more ideas of what to talk about and what inspired me in between those travel trips. 733 more words


Sam Smith Music Haul

Sam Smith is up on the billboard again with his soothing and cold voice, with deep yet very relatable lyrics. His music with the song title “Too Good At Goodbyes” has brought many Sam Smith fans once again together, all hauling on the media about his new release. 693 more words



Bio: I was born in Cornwall, England, on September 9th 1985 and am of Scottish and English heritage. I was mostly raised in Devon, England, by my Father who was an ex professional Photographer and Artist and my Mother who was a creative homemaker.  491 more words


Coming Home

Coming Home is a pop music released in the year 2013 under the album Don’t Look Down. Performed by Skylar Grey, she’s also the lead singer of “Words” released in 2012 which both made top hits on those years as much as both have deeper, deeper meaning about Life and Loss respectively. 267 more words


Come Back 

Hello, people of the internet!

This is me, again. And I’m back… kind of. I admit I’ve gone hiatus for the last two months. I realized I did when I opened my wordpress blog and tadah, my last post was July 26, 2017 and it was about a heartbreaking moment of the band Paramore… I admit one of my reasons why I haven’t gotten online is that, I didn’t have much inspiration around me… I woke up for days and I felt almost nothing, just the pressure in my head and hands about a day’s, if not class, exams then exams then duty on hospitals. 259 more words


I Write.

I’ve never been an exceptional reader.
I am a reader though. But more so, I am a writer.
I write to attempt at answering the questions that most are too afraid to ask, 335 more words

Tired girl in trouble?// Mallorca pt3


here I am with the third part of my Mallorca trip.

Last post ended when I came to Deiá so today I’ll tell you about how I broke my camera, got lost by the coast and my bedroom in park. 645 more words