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I'm a-readin...

…a huge mish-mash of things as illustrated below. Those most recently finished included two that left me just plain wrung out.

Hillbilly Elegy was painful as it challenged the remembered ties to “my people” in Appalachia and a personal history unconnected to the present, I suppose. 131 more words


My word in my world

For May Ali invited us to look through our photos and see how our word was showing up for us. It was quite delightful to search through my photos and see what I’d captured so far this year. 19 more words


Whatcha readin'?

That may be my favorite go to question to my family and friends; and especially to new friends. It’s a peek into their inner world. 263 more words


Circling back to the beginning...

Dear Honore and Laura: for enjoyment now and analysis later. As I dig out items for Shimelle’s Challenge this month, I keep finding little gold nuggets. Like this. 2010? Really?


When worlds collide...

Since our mid-May hoe-down here on the Eastern Shore, I’ve been trying to keep/nurture the thoughtful, reflective practice we enjoyed so much. It ain’t easy. Each morning, I surface from sleep already going over the list of who, what, where for my work day. 75 more words


7 things I miss about my Dad

My dad was born in 1925 and his birthday was on Monday—he would have been 92. He grew up in Hamilton, Ontario; fought in WWII for the RCAF; he was the youngest of five and enlisted at age seventeen after his elder brother died overseas. 62 more words