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Loving Neighbor is Really Loving God

The readings in today’s Liturgy are very gut-wrenching and really give us a wake-up call for Lent and the rest of our lives. Leviticus in the Old Testament… 856 more words

Life's Actions

Re-post of "The First Day Without Ashes"

This was originally posted on 2/14/2013, but I felt that rather than being referenced, it should be re-posted. Its’ words still ring true.

Here we are at the outset of Lent. 760 more words

Life's Actions

Our Wake Up Call

Where are we? Where are you? What do we think is going on? It’s time for us to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts. 1,299 more words

Life's Actions

Embrace Life: Embrace God

Who are we…REALLY?? We want. We need. We crave. We are definitely part of the “ME” generation. Everything revolves around us….or, at least, so we think. 640 more words

Life's Actions


If you enjoyed this post, the thread is continued in the posts listed below in yellow. They continue the thread. And Please pass this on to those you love. 852 more words

Life's Actions

About US

Put yourself into this short story. Seriously, this is about YOU, the reader. Actually, it is about all of us, but read this as if these are your thoughts… 977 more words

Life's Actions