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Week 24 - MKMMA - Gift of the Gods

Week 24 from Florida.

This weeks chapter 24 in the Master Keys actually made me cry. It was an odd feeling, but I realised as I read the chapter that these things it talks off, I knew all along. 128 more words


Mirror reflecting back at me

They say that those who judge others find those same fault within themselves. Your words and opinions are a mirror image of yourself – of your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. 129 more words


Vital Signs


blind drive
stop sign
one way street
dangerous intersection
yield right of way
no u turn
soft shoulder
caution children slow
gas food lodging… 8 more words


Take me away...

I never knew how therapeutic train rides could be until I had to sit in one for over 24 hours. The slow rocking of the train carriage as it sped through the countryside really invoked a sense of calmness and tranquillity. 122 more words


A message to deliver

There’s an old Jewish tradition that God sends each of us into the world with a special message to deliver and with a special act of love to bestow, which only we are equipped to do. 122 more words

Life's Journey

Faith in What's to Come

They say they built the train tracks between the Alps and Venice before there was a train to use them.  They just knew that it would come… 322 more words

Life's Journey

Week 23 - MKMMA The Law of Least Effort v Positive Mental Attitude

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill.

This week, week 23 of the Master Keys is all about really just letting it go. 317 more words