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We have some news...

Hello hello!

If you are reading this then we have shared our AMAZING news!!! I am PREGNANT! It has taken me a while to post this because I have extreme anxiety over every little thing that happens to my body during this process. 557 more words

Baby Journey

from a line by Wang Po: for Mike Harrison

where the road forks
my feet went left
yours right
decades past
miles seas continents apart
lost to each other
now found again
where the roads meet
in space

Other Writing

Passion comes with doing what you love

There’s a lot to be said about doing what you love as your profession. Not everyone does just that or is lucky enough to find a way to make a little money as they progress through life by doing something that excites them and keeps them motivated. 426 more words

Life's Journey

PROUD BREEDER MOMENT seeing my once “puppy” competing in this relatively new dog sport. Kudo’s to his owners, Larry & Michele for doing all they do with their dogs!

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Life's Journey

It's The Little Things

Puppy Vee has all sorts of toys she can play with but what does she prefer? Shredding newspaper used to wrap some recent purchases. Boxes are a favorite thing to gnaw on too; she can spend quite some time gnawing on the corners of a box that I let her chew (especially if I don’t have the need for the box in the future; why not let her chew on it?) 206 more words

Golden Tails

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Life with a 3-month old puppy means: chaos, more cleaning, and wiggly joy and wet kisses. Life is good!


Bending but not breaking

Adapting despite adversity

Possibilities through pressure

Opportunities instead obstacles

Strength from storms



Creative Writing

Seeking Serenity

Construction noise overrides the ripples of the river

Traffic sounds pulse over the chirping birds

I long for silent serenity

Not deafness to the world around me… 151 more words

Refind Nature