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Stop time. 

Do you ever wish you could go back in time? Or stop time altogether and catch up/correct all the problems you’ve created?

Life is a journey that’s sometimes heartbreaking. 34 more words


I Gave Away That Kid

Where does our youth go when they are beginning to move toward adulthood?  War, professional sports, college, or a job come to mind.  They are making their lives.   333 more words

A most unusual colouring book

At last it is over – three highly stressful weeks. On the Richter Scale of my life events, it counts as about 4. No, make that 6. 1,219 more words

Life's Journey

Change In Puppy Plans... Big Time.

As my readers are well aware, I have been on a waiting list for a border collie puppy through a breeder in Tennessee.. I’ve been waiting and waiting and WAITING for the puppies to be born. 505 more words

Life's Journey

Lost But Not Found

It seems I have lost something.
It appears my train.
That thought process that inspires me.
The one that keeps me on track.

I had it that last time I looked. 116 more words

Lifes Journey

It's Cloudy Outside

It doesn’t take long,
But years may go by.
You will learn it quickly,
But you will be old when you understand.

It is cloudy but it doesn’t rain, 188 more words

Lifes Journey

What Am I Thinking?

Let me just tell you how much I’ve been scrambling my brain these past two weeks with this whole puppy situation. The litter that my name is on (that was supposed to be due the second week of April) is still NOT BORN YET. 476 more words

Life's Journey