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An Oddity of Coincidence

I profoundly dislike this sort of thing.  It’s the sort of thing that kindles paranoia.

But let me explain.  Recently, I took out a subscription for Crave TV, which is like Netflix but more limited.   629 more words


Restarting. Letting Go. Moving On.

Over the past few weeks I have had the hardest time of letting things go. Specifically the concept of fear. Granted, fear is a necessary evil but to let go of fear linking to things that have happened in the past is a little different. 554 more words

Health And Wellness

Me and HP: Some Thoughts.

I have in the past admitted that I am a fan of H.P. Lovecraft.  I have even, during one story announcement, made rather nervous shufflings about the implications of my fan status– “if I like him, am I… 2,627 more words


The first letter of the alphabet

As a letter and language lover I simply HAD to participate in this week’s Photo Challenge featuring the alphabet. The alphabet accompanies us on a daily basis. 553 more words


Confession of a Concerned Father

It is something of a cliche in modern drama to show a father who slowly discovers that his son is not quite what he’d expected.  Denial crumbles before mounting evidence, until a dinnertime explosion of pointless injunctions shatters the family forever.   1,264 more words


Living in the Past

This is the sort of thing I more usually do in my other, non-fiction, existence, and indeed did do not too long ago when I commented about how much we can infer about the inward state of people from their outward appearance… if they’re dressed like  961 more words


The Master of Disguise

This is not a story.

Well, it is a story, because I’m laying it out in a narrative structure, with intent to entertain (or, as the courts say, malice aforethought).   794 more words