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Life and How it answers...

So many times especially through our teenage we have friends that we fight with, where misunderstanding ruin it all and yet somehow you get back together with them and they come to stay for life… Such things happen for so many of us and so often it confuses us that how can it be that this person who we are with, who we hated at some point of time is now not just a friend but one of your closest confidante… Herewith, I give an account of a day out of my own life… an experience that really made me see life and really helped me come to terms with how such things can be…. 493 more words

I'll Yet Rise


Dropped down into abyss—

No elevator button pressed.

Lord God keeps vigil—

I’ll yet rise victorious.

©Widow Beach, 2014

Ghost Love Harbor

Chickens who never leave the coop

These days I do a lot more thinking than I used to. Sometimes it can be too much because I start thinking about how stuck I feel because I live in the third most expensive state in the country, as well as live in the city with the highest taxes in the nation. 570 more words