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The Path to Paradise

The path to paradise

is lined with leaves

dried by the warmth

of life.

The path to paradise

is filled with rocks

fallen from mountains… 38 more words

Why, Oh Why?

You did not choose where, how and to whom to be born. You did not choose your looks, gender and physical build. You did not choose your race, tribe or family members. 492 more words


Father and Child

The love of a father

is cherished by all

no matter how old

nor child is too small.

For when his smile appears

and his eyes twinkle with joy… 40 more words

The Abyss

I stand alone

Looking skyward

Into the abyss above.

Millions of stars,

Millions  of galaxies,

Yet only one blue planet.

And even here Amongst the sea of humanity… 53 more words

Fashion Blogger

Every Family

There is no greater love

than that of a family

a gift given,

through birth

through friendships,

through loss,

over long periods of time,

short periods of time… 13 more words

Those Who Called Her Maggie

She said something mysterious the other day.

She is Margaret, and while most people call her by her given name, Maggie flows well, there in the title. 527 more words



Spring brings a fresh,

clean, clear view

of past debris

waiting to be moved

into the compost pile

to break down




greeted by the earth… 19 more words