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Living in the Past

This is the sort of thing I more usually do in my other, non-fiction, existence, and indeed did do not too long ago when I commented about how much we can infer about the inward state of people from their outward appearance… if they’re dressed like  961 more words


The Master of Disguise

This is not a story.

Well, it is a story, because I’m laying it out in a narrative structure, with intent to entertain (or, as the courts say, malice aforethought).   794 more words

Life's Mysteries

Thinking Spot and the Mystery Lens

We all have a thinking spot; some ponder life’s nuisances while trying to fall asleep – good luck with that – some think during a daily commute, while others have legit spots in a garden or atop a porcelain throne. 279 more words

Life is a Mystery

Life is a mystery…

Where did I put my keys?

Have you seen my purse?

Can you help me locate my phone?

Where are those darn shoes? 16 more words

Mental Health Topics

Take Time to Refresh, Renew and Wonder!

“For me, rain brings a feeling of renewal. A cleansing, a scrubbing away of yesterday’s woes.

For a child, its one more thing of joy and wonder!” ~ Plh… 30 more words

Why - The Inspired Word

Art du Jour 66

Here are some serious Saturday morning doodles. Inspiration comes from Jill at Jill’s Art Journal 192 more words


I talk, I sleep, I eat, I breathe; like most other human beings. But I doubt who else would have such volumes of thoughts racing through his head at the same time. 415 more words

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