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L o s t 

It’s hard to know where to go, when you have no idea where to begin.

Feeling -lost-

Is it part of being my age?

I don’t know what I like, enjoy, want anymore… 21 more words

Taking risks

Ever heard that voice of yours inside your head that said: don’t do it…it’s too dangerous…

And what did you do? NOTHING!

I realized that we are all cowards. 577 more words


What's wrong with self-help books?!

We all know what self-help books are right?

And we all read one or two or we at least wanted to.

I decided that I’m going to start this year with a bunch of books because I was pretty much fed up with the life I was living. 542 more words


Where In The World

Is Carmen Sandiego?

It was a show on PBS and is also a series of computer games and books teaching kids geography.

However, this post is not about Carmen Sandiego, but it is about geography, learning more about other countries, and exploring the possibilities. 626 more words


Looking Back to Look Ahead

A couple of weeks ago, I finished my third semester of grad school. 3 semesters down, 1 to go. And while this next semester will be light on coursework, it will be busy with my assistantship, internship in the Office of Diversity Affairs, Job Search and Comps. 682 more words

Student Affairs

It Just Happened

You wouldn’t think Dr. Seuss would come up when a 60 year old is looking back on the year almost gone by. Being just out of the hospital for but a few days I actually haven’t gotten all the way home yet. 344 more words



Hope can mean trust, reliance; desire accompanied with expectation of what is desired or belief that it is attainable; one on whom hopes are centered; a source of hopeful expectation, or promise; something that is hoped for, or an object of hope.

218 more words
Biblical Reflections