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Personal development is the key to a successful living. Without self-discovery, there is no self-actualisation and without self-actualisation, there is no self-esteem. Self-esteem gives you the confidence to overcome your worst fears and pursue your best dreams, dreams that when achieved, bring peace, prosperity and happiness. 53 more words


Washed Away

Everybody talks about finding yourself, figuring out who you are when you’re young. I think that’s a big part of college, and in some aspects, I believe it’s bigger than the academics alone. 308 more words

College Life

Unanswered Questions

This past week was filled with a bunch of unanswered questions that I couldn’t get out of my head regardless of how hard I tried.  I don’t know if it was because this was my second Thanksgiving without family or if it was just another week in the journey of trying to uncover who I am.   620 more words


Time's Theory

So with the theory of time as Dr. Callender describes, there is an “A” theory of time, and then there is a “B” theory of time. 250 more words

The Aerospace Department

Does My Life Have a Purpose?

Do you ever wonder; why are we here?‘What is the purpose of life?’ well you are not alone. Millions of people have continually asked the same question. 1,414 more words

Simplist Life

Talking to yourself

If you’re reading this then you must be the same as I am…you’re talking to yourself.

I was reading blog posts and I decided to check my site to see what was the last thing I wrote. 333 more words


It is not just the struggle and the strain that kills you.It is also lack of support and the morale to move on.The hard and painful feelings that make your heart give up. 65 more words

Life's Questions