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Talking to yourself

If you’re reading this then you must be the same as I am…you’re talking to yourself.

I was reading blog posts and I decided to check my site to see what was the last thing I wrote. 333 more words


It is not just the struggle and the strain that kills you.It is also lack of support and the morale to move on.The hard and painful feelings that make your heart give up. 65 more words

Life's Questions

Why spontaneity is better

Ever since I was a little girl I wan’t glad when I was told what to do. I listened to my parents and overall I was a good kid, however when it came to things I didn’t want to do, I became angry and stubborn. 806 more words

a pause for thought...

There are many things in the world, which I do not understand. And the older I get, the more I realise there are more things that I don’t understand, than that I do understand. 589 more words


Musings Of An Old Salty Seadog...

If You  Get Caught with a Bag of Sea Weed, Would You get Arrested??

Ask Yourself

Ask Yourself

Ask yourself , why? 

Ask yourself,   when?

Ask yourself , how?

Ask yourself, who?

Ask yourself, where?

The answers may not readily appear. 27 more words


Loving self to the core and back...

Loving myself

I don’t know what is more annoying, loving someone too much and allowing them to run your life. And been by yourself and planning your life all the way and not allowing anyone in.  257 more words