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Anxiety's a bitch.......but my business is a lifesaver!

In my mid twenties I started having issues with anxiety. I didn’t realise at the time that that was what it was but I would have these horrific thoughts at nighttime (nights were the worst!) & in the daytime I would periodically have spiralling thoughts, it would start with any situation, for instance when I was about to cross the road, then within a millisecond I could see my family getting hit by cars & imagining my life without them & the consequenses of this…..I know this sounds dramatic but this is the reality for people with anxiety and how their own mind can go at a million miles an hour in a matter of seconds & start making you feel like utter shit for longer & longer each day before it eventually takes over completely, because we don’t know how to stop it.Then the panic attacks start, they are particularly fun while driving!

What a Lifesaver

Just a fore warning, this story is very strange and a little funny, but more on the weird side for sure. Father’s Day 2003. I was five years old and just spending my day with my parents after eating traditional Sunday lunch with my grandmother. 399 more words

The worrying

It’s 11:00pm on a Saturday night and I can’t sleep.

How do I say that I am nervous? Nervous for everyday that, that scream is going to come bellowing out of Ehrens mouth. 220 more words


Wednesday Reviews #1

If you are clumsy like me you are going to love this product. I’d been thinking for quite a long time on the subject of my first review. 738 more words


Who is your lifesaver?

While on vacation to attend a wedding in June, I was strolling the beach one day, thinking of God’s beautiful creation in making the ocean.  Beautiful water, teeming with life, was created for so many uses.   306 more words

The little sling bag 

She comes in with a sling bag hanging beside her belly . She takes a sit right across of me as she struggles to position her bag while getting sitted. 167 more words


10 iPhone DIY/Hacks

Now you guys have been asking me for so long to post an iPhone hack video and now… I’ve found one that I totally love!!!!!!! 37 more words