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No 156 The Lifesavers Chair

As we say goodbye to the tumultipus “Trom” series, it is time to give you guys this “Lifesavers Chair” strip. This is leading into the unbelievablic “Red Dog” series. 111 more words

Illogical, So What! Part 3

At this point Festus interrupted Paul’s defense, “You are out of your mind, Paul!” he shouted. “Your great learning is driving you insane.”

“I am not insane, most excellent Festus,” Paul replied.

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Biblical Truth

Baby Wearing is the Best!

So I never thought I would be the kind of mom that would be posting about baby products and how great some are but here I am with my first post. 505 more words

Ready or Not

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! (Proverbs 6:6 NIV)

As a child, in the early evening, a favorite game at family gatherings with our cousins was “Hide n’ Seek”.

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Biblical Truth

Wednesday Wanderings: Lifesaver Lightning, Spacewalk, Whale Photos, and Oldest Photos of New York City

We have all heard that biting into a wintergreen Lifesaver makes lightning, right? Well, here’s a slo-motion video of that effect- called triboluminescence- that is quite cool: 315 more words

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