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The worrying

It’s 11:00pm on a Saturday night and I can’t sleep.

How do I say that I am nervous? Nervous for everyday that, that scream is going to come bellowing out of Ehrens mouth. 220 more words


Wednesday Reviews #1

If you are clumsy like me you are going to love this product. I’d been thinking for quite a long time on the subject of my first review. 738 more words

Wednesday Reviews

Who is your lifesaver?

While on vacation to attend a wedding in June, I was strolling the beach one day, thinking of God’s beautiful creation in making the ocean.  Beautiful water, teeming with life, was created for so many uses.   306 more words

The little sling bag 

She comes in with a sling bag hanging beside her belly . She takes a sit right across of me as she struggles to position her bag while getting sitted. 167 more words


10 iPhone DIY/Hacks

Now you guys have been asking me for so long to post an iPhone hack video and now… I’ve found one that I totally love!!!!!!! 37 more words

A Zsebmester - Pocket app

Gyakran járok úgy, hogy találok egy érdekes cikket, de abban a pillanatban nincs időm elolvasni. Ennek áthidalására korábban 2 féle fapados megoldást használtam, úgy hogy ne csapjam szét a böngésző könyvjelzőimet: 268 more words


Squirt the Lifesaver

I like to post amusing stories about my children because I like to entertain, but they’re not always like that. About 18 months ago, just after Squirt had turned 4, we were at the swimming pool when he did something pretty impressive. 320 more words