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Our Lifesaver

Tribulation, you have been here many times before but this time it’s different. The waves are stronger and the current is rough. Time keeps passing and you’re drifting farther away from the shore. 111 more words


Week 11 - Making process

I am finally starting on the turning of a wooden bowl. After consulting Wendy at FabLab, she suggested that I turn the bowl in my design before producing the lid and “motor box” which serves as a casing to encase a 6V electric motor and 4 AA batteries. 532 more words


Melatonin is a LIFE SAVER! 

How many of you have a hard time falling asleep/staying asleep??? I used to struggle as well until I heard about Melatonin. I buy Naturol Mealtonin and take it an hour before bed. 62 more words

30 day writing challenge |Day 1

So, this is me, yours truly. This month I am starting a 30 day writing challenge, today just so happens to be a picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about yourself. 205 more words

About Me

Acne: My Story and Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone I’m back!

It’s taken me so long to post as I’ve written this entire post once and took me ages and my app decided to crash and delete everything I did! 1,357 more words


Oregon, Washington Take on Distracted Driving Epidemic with New Campaigns, Tougher Laws

In Oregon, 75 percent of drivers admit to driving distracted. Nationally, at least that many drivers are eating, shaving, putting on makeup, texting, reading the newspaper … while driving a vehicle. 366 more words